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Stimium Iso Carb Soy Recovery Vanilla 1Kg
Stimium Iso Carb Soy Recovery Vanilla 1Kg

Stimium Iso Carb Soy Recovery Vanilla 1Kg

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    Product Purpose

    Iso Carb Soja Vanilla was developed for the largest professional sports clubs in France. It is a mix of Isolate of proteins of soya concentrated at 95% minimum and of carbohydrates . We have chosen an exclusive mix of glucose and fructose in a very particular ratio, and above all with a completely unique speed of absorption. This product is mainly used in recovery , after major training sessions, over a minimum period of 7 days. With a concentration of 95% soy protein isolate, you can develop your muscle mass more quickly, while regenerating your muscles thanks to a specially studied glucose/fructose intake, which will combine with the branched amino acids (BCAA), glutamine and arginine naturally present in our mix. Stimium Iso Carb Vanilla also stands out for its speed of absorption, making it the number 1 reference protein in the recovery segment. This is the product used by professional clubs and athletes, including one of the largest European football clubs.

    Thanks to its unique formula combining soy protein isolate, glucose and fructose, Stimium Iso Soy Carb promotes both muscle reconstruction and glycogen storage. Thus, Stimium Iso Soy Carb is the ideal partner:
    • To regenerate your muscles, sculpt your body thanks to the proteins it contains.
    • Immediately replenish muscle glycogen stores, thanks to the carbohydrate it contains.
    • Replenish hepatic glycogen stocks sustainably, thanks to the fructose it contains.
    Taking Stimium Iso Carb after your long and intense efforts is the assurance, first of all, of an early recovery of glycogen reserves, a determining factor for good recovery and, also of a lasting reconstruction of muscle fibers. , a mandatory factor to increase performance.

    -Provides 20g of protein isolate per serving. Mixes without lumps in your shaker with an excellent vanilla taste.
    - Ideal for vegans and/or lactose intolerant people.
    - Unique carbohydrate complex for ultra-fast recovery.
    - Concentrated in Glutamine and BCAA, essential amino acids,
    - Ideal for anyone looking to increase their protein intake as part of a healthy and balanced diet.
    - Ideal for muscle energy – it is important to nourish our muscles after training or competition thanks to the BCAAs and other essential amino acids present in our formula.

    With ultra-fast assimilation thanks to optimized solubility for increased effectiveness, with a formula allowing easy digestion, Stimium Iso Carb Soya Vanilla will become an essential partner in training and competitions after your running sessions, on your 10km, 20km , Semi , marathons , trails , triathlons , athletics, your cycling outings, your cross-country skiing courses, your squash/tennis/badminton sessions, your football matches, rugby , handball , basketball , volleyball, ice hockey, your football matches judo...

    Stimium is a French brand dedicated to sports nutrition and health. Our products are manufactured in France or in Europe, with the highest quality standards.

    All our products comply with WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) regulations.
    Stimium Laboratories, the French expert in Health & Sports nutrition.

    Net weight: Available in bulk at the Paris 8th showroom and in 1kg)
    Taste: Vanilla.

    Immediately after a long and intense effort, take 75 to 80 grams to mix in your shaker. Available in bulk, in 1kg.
    Taste: Vanilla.

    Nutritional Information

    / 100g

    Daily portion: 75 g

    1 serving: 75 g


    385 kcal / 1636 kJ

    289 kcal / 1228 kJ

    289 kcal / 1228 kJ

    Total fats




    Of which saturates






    < 51g

    < 51g

    With sugar

    < 65g











    Soy protein isolate, Glucose, fructose, vanilla flavor aroma

    Keep out of reach of children. Does not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding or have a health problem, seek the advice of a healthcare professional. Store in a dry place, at room temperature (between 15°C and 25°C) and protected from light.


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