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Protein bars made in France, fat-free, carbohydrate-free and lipid-free, rich in nutrients

We are super proud to present to you our protein bars made in France, without fat, without carbohydrates or lipids, rich in nutrients such as amino acids and vitamins, with a very short production chain, strongly limiting our environmental impact. But the cherry on the cake, these bars containing 10 grams of protein are above all excellent, practical and easy to use and will accompany you both in your workplace and in your training areas! Made with French proteins from French milk, and...yes, it's true, Belgian chocolate (our French chocolate supplier no longer wishes to work with small companies)! The perfect protein bars for those who want to enrich their diet with premium proteins, and best of all, our peanut bar is vegan and gluten-free. Like our chocolate, vanilla, coffee, and coconut bars, all these bars have excellent nutritional qualities, fat-free and sugar-free (we're talking about low carb), are low in calories and will be the ideal partner on a trail for example, or to complete your daily dose of protein, or simply to enhance a light meal with dried fruits or chia seeds or even oat, almond or walnut cereals. Don’t hesitate to take a look at the nutritional values ​​of our high-protein bars, we’re quite proud of them!

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Why consume proteins?

Fuel for our body! As a simple reminder, it is recommended for athletic people to consume between 1.5 and 2 grams of protein per kilo depending on whether the objective is more bodybuilding or endurance oriented. Thus, a 70 kg athlete will therefore have to consume 140 g of protein, all sources combined, that is to say including food (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Considering that the 3 meals of the day provide approximately 120 grams of protein per day, this will mean that it will “simply” be necessary to provide an additional intake of 20 grams to reach the necessary daily dose. Typically, taking a low carb bar will then be the perfect complement to a balanced meal. It will of course still be possible to consume Stimium® [C] Whey the Stimium WPC, Stimium® Iso Hwy the high-end isolated protein or even Stimium® VegPro our vegan soy protein, but all these products are available in powder form. , vanilla or chocolate flavor, to maintain a good protein intake sustainably during the training phase and better muscle regeneration, and are therefore not as easy to consume as Stimium ProBar. Why ProBar Protein? Because it is already a French protein, therefore very low carbon footprint, defense of made in France! Our Whey Protein helps build muscle, develop strength gains, maintain muscle mass while improving recovery, because it effectively rebuilds muscle fibers possibly damaged during heavy training sessions. Formerly reserved for bodybuilding practitioners, all athletes consume it today, including endurance sports. This is how the ProBars have become an almost essential reference for Trail and Ultra Trail events.

The benefits of protein bars

Protein bars are a very convenient way to consume more protein every day, without the need for a shake or special preparation. Stimium ProBar offers vegan protein bars (chocolate, coffee, coconut, peanut, caramel flavors), palm oil-free, but also low-carb and fat-free protein bars to help you achieve your goals. It is incidentally the ideal product for those who wish to cut down, and/or who tend to snack between meals. Protein bars are a simple and tasty way to bring additional protein into your diet, either in addition to your morning 30/40 gram shake, or simply as a simple gourmet pleasure. Before training, at the 10 a.m. break in the morning or as a snack, or even after training in your sports bag, the ProBars will provide you with a shot of protein when the need arises. No more guilty pleasure of the ultra-sweet bar which compromises all the efforts you have just made during your bodybuilding, fitness, zumba or body attack session, with ProBar, treat yourself without calling into question the efforts of your last session training. Our bars are healthy, that is to say good for your health because they are very low in sugar and contain very little fat, so they can fit perfectly into your daily diet. They are richer in certain nutrients (vitamins, fiber and amino acids in particular) which are good for your body. ProBar Stimium allows you to achieve satiety fairly quickly thanks to their significant contribution of protein and fiber, which can allow you to lose weight even more quickly as part of a diet, combined with a fat burner for example. . It is one of the basic principles in nutrition, to avoid gaining weight and even to lose it, one of the first rules is to limit your consumption of sugar and favor the consumption of proteins.

ProBar therefore stands out as the easy solution, to take anywhere, to avoid falling into the traps of highly sugary products in the event of a small craving or snacking. They allow you to have a snack on the go and treat yourself without guilt and without having to take an anxious look at the nutritional value table which is generally very scary! ProBar protein bars, without sugar, are ideal for athletes looking for performance with a diet rich in protein and low in carbohydrates, to stay in shape and nourish their muscles. A Probar protein bar has the advantage of being able to be eaten at any time of the day. Whether you are in the office, outside, in a meeting, on your bike, at home, in transport, at the gym, in the car, nothing is simpler and quicker than consuming a protein bar. You can enjoy a protein bar when you wake up in the morning as a snack, before or after work out. Our bars will provide your body and your muscles with the essential nutrients they need to boost your energy, nourish your muscles and improve recovery for those who eat them after work out.

Definitely the healthy and balanced solution for a healthy and tasty snack. Thanks to their low sugar content, Probar makes it easier for you to lose weight, while maintaining muscle mass. The idea as always is to lose the bad fat, and to consume the muscular bone that we will have developed during all these months of training. To choose the best protein bar, you must therefore identify your needs. Certain products are more or less dosed in amino acids, proteins and carbohydrates in order to meet your specific needs and effectively transform your figure. Taking an interest in the nutritional values ​​of your food supplement will help you choose your protein bar carefully.

With the 11 grams of protein in our bars, made in France, with proteins also coming from France and a chocolate, coming from Belgium, you are certain to make the right choice and to submit to your taste buds a product that is good for your health. healthy, but above all good with a delicious chocolate coating covering our bar!