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Drainers & Fat burner

Stimium's goal is to provide products to support weight loss by boosting metabolism, improving fat mobilization for energy purposes and reducing appetite. These products will be all the more effective if they are used as part of a balanced diet with a healthy diet, rich in proteins, reduced in carbohydrates and saturated fats with a determined number of calories and above all associated physical activity. . If our products work perfectly with athletes, they also work very well with non-athletes! To lose weight and achieve this slimming goal, it is possible to take a fat burner to burn fat cells and accelerate fat burning. It is also possible to use food supplements acting as drainers, also very effective as part of a balanced diet, helping to combat cellulite. Ketones, caffeine, carnitine, green tea, Stimium products only include healthy active ingredients, causing no digestion problems, and helping to lose excess pounds. ThermoShape as a fat burner, and Hydro Off as a drainer are extremely effective when the objective is to lose weight.

Discover our new products on drainers and fat burners

We are all different, with a different body type and with different reactions depending on the diet we eat or the sport we practice. We all have around us people who can eat a lot without gaining a single gram and, on the contrary, people who are very prone to weight fluctuations.

Why a drainer? To be able to combat water retention, that is, the accumulation of water in certain parts of the body, generally in the lower limbs. If water makes up 60% of our body, this water can, under the influence of certain factors, accumulate in the tissues, causing swelling (edema). The feet, ankles, calves and legs are therefore the areas most affected by water retention. Several factors are responsible for this accumulation, including prolonged standing, a diet that is too rich (especially prepared meals), certain hormonal fluctuations, or drug treatments. If the lymph, like the blood, will participate in the drainage of water in the tissues and the evacuation of waste and toxins, only the movements of the body, the contractions of the muscles and the walls of the blood vessels make it possible to keep it in place. movement. Without physical activity, water retention will therefore be even greater.

This water retention causes daily discomfort and variation, or even more often, weight gain. This is why in addition to a suitable diet and regular physical activity, it is generally useful to turn to supplementation to combine greater effectiveness to obtain a greater draining effect.

Drainers generally mainly target the kidneys, which are part of the emunctory organs, responsible for eliminating toxins. They promote renal elimination of water, facilitate weight loss associated with water retention and contribute to fat control and weight control. Drainers can also help reduce watery cellulite, which results from lymphatic or venous circulation problems caused by water retention.

What food to facilitate the action of a drainer? The first reflex to adopt, to limit water retention, is to consume fewer carbohydrates which have a high glycemic index (rice, pasta, sugars and processed foods) because glucose retains water. A simple but longer recipe will be to prepare what you eat yourself. As a corollary of limiting sugars, it is advisable to adopt a varied and balanced diet, favoring proteins, fibers and good fats. But this good new diet will have little effect without optimal hydration. Many people think that by drinking very little they will reduce their water retention concerns when in reality it is quite the opposite. The equation is simple, you have to drink all the time to stay properly hydrated, and drink even more to promote renal elimination, during meals, but also outside of meals (green tea or infusion will be your best friends in the morning or the afternoon).

Are you looking to eliminate excess water and drain your body? Here you will find with Hydro Off, a draining food supplement, promoting the elimination of metabolic waste. Drainer or burner, come and discover our selection of products dedicated to slimming on our website Why a drainer within the Stimium range? It is a slimming solution to eliminate all toxins contained in the body. Most of the time, this type of solution is used as part of a slimming program to help the body purify itself and thus better prepare it for weight loss, either for an athlete (as part of a dry for example), or for a more sedentary person. More precisely, Hydro Off helps activate the emunctories, the areas of the body dedicated to the elimination of toxins, which are mainly the liver and kidneys. Hydro Off is a drainer with a diuretic, fat-burning and detoxifying action on the body, based in particular on plant extracts. Among them, green tea, dandelion and horsetail extract are favored. Indeed, green tea helps with weight control, while dandelion supports the body's natural purification mechanism and promotes the elimination of toxins.

Although composed of ingredients of natural origin, drainers for water retention are not suitable for everyone. It is therefore essential to seek the advice of your doctor or pharmacist before using a drainer if in doubt.

How long does it take to feel the effects of a draining food supplement? A drainer is used for at least 4 weeks to be able to feel the effects, but not beyond 8 consecutive weeks.

To complete its offer, Stimium has also launched a fat burner and any since the latter contains forskolin and is today used by many high-level athletes! Please note, we are not totally responsible for this weight gain. Our lifestyle, with the use of prepared meals that are very poor in nutritional terms, the opportunities to snack in front of screens, and fast foods to eat quickly, promote the accumulation of fat, including among the youngest. To lose weight, and combat this excess adipose tissue, a balanced diet will be essential, but taking fat burners will help you lose weight more easily, more quickly and, above all, more sustainably, by reducing the risk of regaining weight. quickly the hard-lost pounds. These fat burners have to facilitate the fat burning process. To increase the caloric deficit, it will be appropriate to practice physical activity which will generate a significant caloric expenditure. The best combo will be a balanced diet, a training program with cardio (in the gym, squash or the best sport for losing weight, namely swimming) and weight training, and a fat burner!

If you want to improve your performance, refine your figure, get rid of your unnecessary pounds, you need to burn your excess fat. As part of a balanced diet, rich in proteins, low in carbohydrates and lipids, burning excess fat is the ideal strategy. Thanks to the power of its active ingredients, Stimium® ThermoShape will help you achieve your goals with a unique formulation composed of green coffee extract (chlorogenic acid) acting on blood sugar and reducing the feeling of hunger (satiety), caffeine, Indian nettle extract (forskolin), ketones with bitter orange extracts (p-synephrine) and ALA (alpha-lipoic acid) to boost fat metabolism and help with their elimination. Cayenne pepper (capsaicin) is added to improve thermogenesis by lipolysis (destruction of fats) and therefore calorie loss, Garcinia Cambodia extract (HCA: hydroxycitric acid) to stop lipogenesis (production of fats) and the accumulation of lipids in the body, black pepper (piperine) to reduce the effects of oxidative stress caused by diet.

Stimium, a Made In France nutrition brand, therefore allows athletes and non-athletes to fight against excess pounds to finally obtain an effective diet, always within the framework of a balanced diet. To place your order, nothing could be simpler, simply go to , place an order on our secure payment platform, simply choose your delivery method, and we will immediately send you your products from our premises in France. selected. Then all you have to do is give us your opinion!