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Food supplements good for your health, a French brand, is the commercial site of Laboratoires Stimium, existing since 2016.
With its team, Stimium has nearly 100 years of experience in the pharmaceutical field. That
means that Stimium mainly participates in pharmaceutical exhibitions around the world, to
research the best ingredients and develop the best formulas, which will then be manufactured
in France and Europe.

At Stimium, we follow extremely strict applicable regulations
particularly medicines, our products are obviously GMO-free, titanium dioxide-free, and
nanoparticles and our active materials and ingredients, for example vitamin, are rigorously
selected, in a unique context of price increases. Stimium developed a simple idea
that we implement every day: Our Science for your Performance.

Depending on your health, bodybuilding or endurance goals, you will find in our offer
products, the sought-after food supplements, in each of these three main categories,
all these products having been developed on the basis of your experiences and your opinions to provide you with
more in your physical condition, whether you are athletic or not. Powders, capsules, gums, capsules, sticks, tablets, and many other original forms still to come can be found in our
different ranges.

Among our 3 product categories (endurance, health and bodybuilding), we offer several
programs that you can find on the blog section according to your objectives.

We invite you to read these programs and follow them in whole or in part, always within the framework of a
balanced diet and ideally regular exercise.

Food supplements are highly regulated in France and in Europe, including for a simple vitamin, and must be
support you in your daily life, in a preventive approach to maintaining good health.

Our food supplements must be part of an awareness and a desire to
change in your lifestyle, that is to say your eating habits and your practice
athletic. High-level athletes or amateur athletes, you will find among our products a wide choice for everything
type of sports, always in compliance with the latest applicable anti-doping standards.

This specificity of Stimium as a specialist in food supplements for athletes, makes Laboratoires
Stimium the number 1 partner for many clubs and professional athletes, in France and abroad
the foreigner.

Food supplements for bodybuilding, Crossfit, fitness, Cardio or Cross Training are
among the most sought after by athletes, whether your bodybuilding programs are done in the gym or via
home bodybuilding exercises. It is difficult to know which brand to use and take because these
There are many that promise rapid results.

The Stimium range includes the best ingredients, at the best dosages and with the best bioavailability. Concentrated protein (WPC) powder or bar, whey isolate or protein isolate (WPI) without carbohydrates or lactose, vegan protein,
creatine, BCAA amino acids, Pre Work Out, people looking to build mass
optimal muscle, will be able to benefit from unique products developed to optimize and improve

their performance, as part of balanced and regular training. There is no longer really
boundaries today between all sporting disciplines, all athletes seek to develop their
endurance, their cardiovascular and respiratory system, but also endurance and muscle mass,
strength, power, speed, coordination, balance, agility, flexibility and even precision.

Endurance is the DNA of the brand, notably with MC3, sugar-free gel stick with malate combination
of citrulline and magnesium, number 1 in France for recovery and to avoid cramps and
muscle aches. The Pro NRJ and Boost effort and energy gums are also the most
most sold on the market.

There are also exercise drinks with powdered carbohydrates for
bring you essential nutrients, isotonic drinks, capsule boosters,
citrulline powder to increase blood oxygenation, a PreWorkOut with BCAA in particular,
creatine and amino acids, and a unique product Iso Carb, combination of protein isolate and glucose
and fructose, developed especially for the largest French football and handball club.

In addition to these products to improve your performance, you will find a multitude of programs
swimming, amino acid races on foot including the marathon, triathlon, trail running, cycling, and
many more, to compare your own training experiences, with objectives
defined with the greatest coaches of the sports federations concerned to optimize your
physical condition.

There is no performance, nor balanced health, without a “controlled” weight. It is obviously
important to pay attention to one's figure, the best safeguards being those around us and... our

To help athletes and non-athletes, STIMIUM offers a complete “weight loss” range.
fat" including in particular a fat burner with Forskolin, a draining and burning product
100% natural, omega 3 capsules dosed at 1000mg, multivitamins and minerals including
magnesium, but also whey isolate for those who would like as part of their program
bodybuilding, do a dry.

All of these products are extremely effective when used
combined with a balanced diet and the practice of one or more sporting activities. With
Stimium, you can lose weight, while taking care of yourself.

In everyday life or in the life of an athlete, certain disabilities spoil life or prevent
perform. Joint pain falls into this category.

Of course, medications
exist but most painkillers (called NSAIDs in most cases) are not without effects
side effects or risks of addiction. At Stimium, we have designed a unique product composed
among others collagen, chondroitin, glucosamine and hyaluronic acid to reduce and
relieve this joint pain.

In addition to this Joint Flex product, the high dosage of our
Omega 3 also has an interesting effect on this type of pain, just like our product.
Ashwagandha, or GABA, extremely powerful muscle relaxant.

Immunity is the ability of our body to defend itself against external attacks,
especially against bad bacteria and viruses.

The idea we have at Stimium is not to overprotect you by offering you products with unproven properties. On the contrary, we
want to train your immunity, like you train your body during training, or
how you can train your memory.

For this, it is possible to move towards a natural product,
like Ginseng with multiple virtues including those proven to protect immunity, but also
products such as multivitamins including MVM combining 13 vitamins and 12 minerals, or the product
totally unique Vital LLR, from R&S Stimium, combining vitamins and minerals as well as Tribulus,
in a 3-layer tablet releasing the active ingredients in 5 minutes, 45 minutes and 8 hours, avoiding
significant overdoses which may produce side effects.

Without essential nutrients including vitamins and minerals, there is no balance in our body, we
then speaks of dysbiosis. Many ingredients are sources of essential vitamins and minerals,
our goal is not to replace your diet, but rather to supplement the contributions you
take every day, with products with effective formulas to compensate for losses resulting from
daily activities, and help ensure the right intakes.

Concerning vitamins, we forget
Often, with the exception of vitamins K and D, the human body is incapable of producing them, whereas
these substances are necessary for a large number of physiological processes, and that an intake
Regular use is therefore absolutely necessary. Most products in the Stimium range contain
vitamins, whether it is the Endurance range, the health range, or the Bodybuilding range.

If we put the science of Stimium Laboratories into our products, it means that we do not use
that products which have proven themselves, that is to say having demonstrated their effectiveness, as for
example for omega 3. For this, we study the scientific bibliography, evaluate the data
and clinical opinions and we ourselves use effectiveness studies to determine the relevance of
our formulas.

It emerged very early on that among the most documented active ingredients, plants have
certain extraordinary properties, supplanting many “chemical” active ingredients.

That's why
we have included, for example, Gingko Biloba capsules, particularly for heavy legs,
Ashwagandha for stress, Bacopa for concentration, GABA to boost the hormone
growth, Ginseng for the immune system, organic Spirulina for oxidative stress or even
for example rhodiola for energy, always respecting a fair price, for an intake