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Booster: energy support during your intense workouts

In nutrition, a booster is a food supplement whose objective is to optimize performance, whether sporting, intellectual or even any other (weight booster or sexual booster for example). It is therefore a product providing an immediate effect with a release technique allowing the active ingredients to be activated very quickly. We consume these Boosters before a one-off event: just before a big training session or a competition, before an intellectual test (diploma for example). There are therefore different types of boosters, such as pre-workouts often based on creatine used both in strength sports such as bodybuilding and in endurance to improve congestion and muscular strength, hormonal stimulants such as GABA to boost muscle testosterone production or products based on Tribulus terrestris, as well as endurance boosters such as gummies or exercise drinks generally with caffeine, arginine, beta alanine. You must therefore choose your Booster carefully according to its objective and the expected effects, but always with a view to respecting your health.

In summary, a Booster will give more muscles, but also more energy, while fighting against muscular and mental fatigue! Thanks in particular to our historic ingredient used since our creation in 2016 at Stimium, citrulline, our products offer better oxygenation of the muscles and therefore better preparation and recovery after your sessions for greater performance. This type of pre-workout creates vasodilation while providing you with amino acids useful for your muscle building. For athletes practicing endurance sports, a good Booster will allow, in addition to additional energy, to limit the rise of lactic acid for ever greater efficiency.

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A booster, according to Larousse, is a word coming from the English to boost, which means to increase, stimulate, develop, strengthen. As the name suggests, the booster is a product that we will consume to give a boost. So, one of the first known boosters is quite simply coffee. The objective of a booster is therefore to be more efficient, more productive in training and in competition by increasing your energy, your strength and your determination to achieve greater performance.

If the definition of booster is known, there is not a single type of Booster. There are bodybuilding boosters, endurance boosters, hormonal boosters, immunity boosters, libido boosters, hormonal boosters, concentration boosters…this category of products is actually extremely broad, with totally different objectives explaining that we find very different formulas depending on the type of products sought.

We speak in the broad sense of "boosting the metabolism": the equation is quite simple, the higher the metabolism, the more calories we spend and the less fat we store. In the context of weight loss, it is therefore very important to boost your metabolism As a reminder, we generally speak of two types of metabolism (1) the basic metabolism or “MB” or basal, and (2) the active mechanism The basic metabolism corresponds to the. energy that we spend daily at rest to ensure vital functions (breathing, digestion, brain functioning, maintaining body temperature, etc.), the latter is obviously specific to each individual and will depend on sex, age, height, and weight of each person (around 1,500 calories for a man and 1,300 calories per day for a woman). The 2nd type of metabolism, the mechanism in activity will correspond to the increase in energy need. of our body during training or competitions, and this is precisely where sports nutrition and boosters in particular will come into play.

Indeed, practicing sports activities will naturally stimulate the metabolism, particularly in sports such as fitness or bodybuilding. By increasing muscle mass, we will increase the speed of our metabolism, our muscles will have to have access to more energy, by burning calories during exercise, but also during periods of rest. Hence the need for athletes to consume foods rich in protein (white meat, eggs, fish, etc.) to provide energy to muscle fibers, but also to have appropriate nutritional supplementation ( BCAA , creatine , whey , Pre Work Out …).

Boosters used in bodybuilding, cross training and fitness generally include active ingredients such as arginine or beta alanine which promote, among other things, muscle congestion. But also creatine, which still remains today the fuel most used by the muscle during short, high-intensity efforts, reducing recovery times and therefore making training sessions more productive. These are typically 2 necessary ingredients of a good PreWorkOut allowing intense and qualitative sessions to be carried out thanks to a “boost” obtained just after taking these products for quality Crossfit sessions. Immunity Boosters include active ingredients such as Ginseng, either alone or in vitamin and mineral complexes, but also through the consumption of spirulina, very rich in nutrients that boost immune defenses.

Endurance Boosters will include active ingredients capable of relaunching the athlete in the middle of a long distance event, when these glycogen reserves become really low, to increase the energy level to be more concentrated and efficient during the race. training. For example, we will find certain amino acids such as arginine or citrulline to improve the oxygenation of the muscles, creating better congestion, beneficial for muscle gain, its oxygenation as well as recovery. Thanks to the Boost rubber , you will have all the weapons you need to progress quickly, in the best possible conditions, and achieve ever better results. ProNrj Gums are also not devoid of Booster ingredients, such as guarana, one of the most effective natural boosters on the body when it is well formulated with well-worked bioavailability.

For greater alertness and concentration, there are also cognitive capacity boosters, for example products based on Bacopa , one of the major active ingredients among noortropics, brain stimulants, capable of improving mental performance and cognitive functions (concentration, memory or ability to learn). Among the hormonal boosters, GABA is very interesting, best consumed at the end of the day for greater effectiveness after bedtime. Libido boosters are also used more and more, some using Ginseng , while others on the contrary favor tribulus , which actually has multiple publications proving its effectiveness, both in women and men.

We will also find boosters when the objective is to lose weight and burn fat. For example, forskolin has the power to increase calorie expenditure, and therefore the metabolism of people who consume it, which melts fat. There are also more global boosters, which will generally include caffeine, taurine or plant extracts in order to give a boost and stay focused. Another possible distinction among the different types of Boosters can be made between Boosters before training and boosters taken directly during training.

A pre-workout booster, a PreWorkout, allows you to perform more intense and lasting efforts while fighting fatigue. These PreWorkOut are also taken in case of significant fatigue or calorie deficit during a workout. Taken before or during training or competition, you should perceive the positive effects of the booster very quickly, and notice a feeling of fullness or less difficulty. In gel, powder, capsules, multivitamin tablets, or in the form of gums, these products will improve your sensations and therefore your performance as well as your overall well-being.

Considering that one of the major key ingredients in boosters is caffeine, you will obviously have to pay attention to the total doses ingested from all sources (that is to say including your morning coffee for example) in order not to feel any effects. secondary effects linked to excessive overconsumption of this stimulating substance which is not without danger: heart rate acceleration, dry eyes, etc.