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Bodybuilding food supplement, scientifically proven to improve performance

This new range of bodybuilding fitness food supplements from Stimium truly responds to the diversification of exercises for all our athletes. Single activity training no longer exists, it has become relevant to vary your training, vary your exercises, to work all your muscles. We therefore offer you Pre, Intra and Post work out products, for supplementation in the form of powders, capsules or tablets in order to optimize muscle development. In this specialized nutrition, for athletes seeking strength, endurance, flexibility, explosiveness, we will obviously find proteins dosed with vitamins and amino acids for muscle building, BCAAs enriched with glutamine for muscle growth, creatine for muscle mass, PreWorkOut to gain strength and resistance, or even GABA hormone booster to increase testosterone levels. Essential products today for all athletes who wish to improve their performance, with a diet low in lipids, control of carbohydrates and above all rich in nutrients, combined with natural products, in particular plants such as ginseng, bacopa, gingko, ashwagandha and even Omega 3.

Discover our new products in the bodybuilding range

Bodybuilding is both an “aesthetic” sport, which we practice for ourselves, with the aim of modifying our physical appearance, but it is also a sporting practice at the heart of most physical preparation programs, in team sports, in individual sports, in combat sports... The goal of bodybuilding can be to stimulate hypertrophy in certain cases, to strengthen general muscular strength in other cases, or even to target a muscle group that is too weak tending to trigger muscle or joint problems. As in many sports, it is possible for the athlete to see relatively rapid effects by practicing bodybuilding, with targeted training, provided that our body is properly nourished, that is to say with balanced meals and a adapted supplementation, with all the nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Thanks to Stimium food supplements, the right doses, at the right times, will provide the essential nutrients for performance and muscle development.

What products should you take to achieve great performance?

The base with proteins, whatever its level. Whey is to bodybuilding, what olive oil is to salad, a basic that can only be used . You prepare your whey in a shaker for muscle strengthening or you can take it through protein bars as a snack or meal replacement.

Unlike classic whey (very often called WPC), whey isolate is filtered to reduce its fat and lactose content, mechanically increasing its protein percentage. It is generally a product presented in powder form, typically to be mixed in a shaker or possibly to be used in your own recipes (smoothie, cake, with yogurt or kefir, etc.). Isolate is especially recommended for people who have intolerances or difficulty digesting milk products.

Both Whey and Isolate are interesting for several reasons, and in particular for (1) developing and strengthening muscle mass, (2) gaining mass by combining it with a suitable diet, (3) overcoming nutritional deficiencies for example, in particular after forced cessation following an injury and (4) facilitate muscle recovery, ideally in combination with other products, such as MC3.

In addition to classic milk powders, so-called vegetable proteins are also available today, such as VegPro . A plant-based protein will have the same benefits as a standard whey protein, with generally a slightly longer absorption time.

The second necessary product in bodybuilding is not unknown, BCAAs are in fact essential in bodybuilding (but no longer just in bodybuilding). A little basic reminder about amino acids which are the building blocks of proteins. Some of these amino acids can be made by our body (they are called non-essential), while others must be provided by our diet (they are called essential) or by external supplementation. Three of the essential amino acids, leucine, isoleucine and valine, are branched chain amino acids, these are the famous BCAAs. These amino acids will be useful in the production of energy (they are converted into glucose during sport) and the support of the muscle mass of athletes (in particular leucine which is a muscle building booster). Many athletes, not only in bodybuilding, now resort to BCAA supplementation to prevent fatigue, gain strength, improve and accelerate muscle recovery by optimizing protein synthesis in the muscles.

Third flagship product in bodybuilding, creatine , to gain strength. If our body produces its own creatine from certain amino acids (mainly methionine, arginine and glycine), the quantity of creatine that we generate naturally remains low and above all is very quickly consumed by our muscles. If red meat and fish are among the foods containing interesting quantities of creatine, their consumption in “normal” proportions would be far from providing the quantity available in creatine powder or tablets. In the body, muscles will convert creatine into creatine phosphate, which is then transformed into adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the fuel for our muscles. At Stimium, we have opted for a very effective creatine monohydrate because it has a very rapid release in the body without degradation.

The fourth standard in bodybuilding, boosters, otherwise called PreWorkOut , which can be compared to stimulants for bodybuilding, and which are now used in most sports, including endurance. A PreWorkOut aims to provide necessary nutrients just before exercise (they are generally taken 30 minutes before training or competition), it will develop strength, congestion, resistance, but also concentration and more generally increase energy tenfold. The vast majority of them come in powder form, to be mixed with water, with or without carbohydrates, but generally with creatine, amino acids (arginine or citrulline for example), caffeine, the objective being that the formula is easily digested and with excellent bioavailability, that is to say that the product once ingested is not totally degraded, erasing all the benefits of the supplementation.

Other products are also very interesting for sports practice, for example fat burners associated with taking protein isolate, particularly in the context of cutting, or even hormonal boosters such as GABA , to facilitate and boost the muscle mass gain.

Perhaps less classic in the arsenal of the bodybuilding specialist, vitamins and minerals are nevertheless essential. These essential micronutrients are nevertheless necessary for athletes and particularly for those wishing to work on their muscular structure, precisely because of high activity levels, that is to say training and competitions which will proportionally increase their needs for vitamins and nutrients. minerals versus a sedentary person. A deficiency of vitamins and minerals is therefore likely to harm performance, as well as overall health. This is why Stimium Laboratories have developed and will recommend Stimium MVM with its 13 vitamins and 12 minerals as well as Vital LLR , the only product on the market combining vitamins, minerals, ginseng and tribulus, a hormonal booster, and releasing its active ingredients in 5 minutes, 45 minutes and 8 hours! For bodybuilding practitioners, it will be necessary to look for products with good contents of water-soluble vitamins (B and C), fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K), essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus. and manganese and with trace elements such as zinc, selenium and molybdenum. Do not hesitate to compare the nutritional tables by identifying in particular the Recommended Daily Intake (or Reference Intake) corresponding to the quantity of vitamins, minerals and trace elements that the product contains compared to a standard daily intake defined by the health authorities . Be careful not to look for overdoses of products (for example of magnesium or iron) which could on the contrary cause you certain problems, particularly digestive ones, if the active ingredients are not correctly dosed (overdose) or released into the body.

There are no tips in bodybuilding, there is only one basic advice: Diet, Training, Sleep and good supplementation. It can be useful to get help from a specialist, especially at the start, to avoid bad postures and possible injuries.