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Stress, concentration problems, supplements to better understand these problems

Our lives are stressful, at work, at school and for the competitive athlete. It is therefore absolutely appropriate to relax, thanks to natural products with active ingredients known to combat stress, nervousness, relax and become zen again. Our food supplements help restore the proper functioning of your body, coupled with a balanced diet, thanks to the power of plants, particularly with unique and very effective nutritional profiles. Against stress, to fight against insomnia and promote deep sleep and better recovery, the benefits of Stimium Laboratories products will help you find serenity, and reduce the effects of stress to be fitter than ever!

Discover our new products on stress management and concentration

Stress is a natural reaction allowing our body to react to an event. Stress can be positive and will thus allow us to mobilize our energy in order to deal with an urgent situation, during which we must act quickly, for example. There is also negative stress which is of course maladaptive. It occurs when a person is confronted for too long or too regularly with situations perceived as dangerous or, to a lesser extent, with significant pressures or constraints. This is when the person is no longer able to react appropriately. Chronic stress leads to disruption of the body and exhaustion and can ultimately lead to: sleep disorders , variations in appetite (resulting in weight gain or loss), or even a depressive state. .

It is for these reasons that too much stress can harm your general state of health , your ability to concentrate as well as your sports performance. To find balance and reduce your anxiety , it is important to have regular physical activity and to plan relaxation times , this can result in breathing exercises such as sophrology, yoga, meditation. For some people, more dynamic sports (like boxing, trail running, etc.) are also a good way to relieve stress. Generally speaking, the best stress reliever remains physical activity, allowing you to decompress and focus on something other than the stress-generating situation.

Contact with nature may be very important for some people and be a source of relaxation . According to scientific studies, interactions with nature contribute to:

  • reduce blood pressure and heart rate
  • lower cortisol levels (allowing stress reduction)
  • An increase in parasympathetic nervous activity (creating more relaxation)

This explains why we agree that city dwellers are more stressed than people living in the countryside. Daily life in big cities can be a source of stress, because it will be necessary to reconcile family life and professional life in a framework that is not always simple, with very long transport times for example, noise, pollution... This is also why many city dwellers go to recharge their batteries in peace and quiet, to find a certain zenitude totally lost in these large cities.

Food supplements in the form of capsules, capsules, tablets, powders or even gums can be a solution to combat stress and improve concentration. It will be necessary to move towards a formula based on active ingredients such as:

  • Minerals and in particular magnesium, the interest of which has been scientifically proven. Be careful not to overdose on magnesium, however, at the risk of having some digestive problems.
  • Vitamins, such as Stimium MVM with its 13 vitamins and 12 minerals as well as Vital LLR , the only product on the market combining vitamins, minerals, ginseng and tribulus and releasing its active ingredients in 5 minutes, 45 minutes and 8 hours!
  • Plants such as hawthorn, passionflower or even adaptogenic plants such as rhodiola , ashwagandha as in Stimium Ashwagandha , the most powerful natural physical anti-stress, with antioxidant properties, restoration of physical energy, improvement of endurance and resistance, Ginsing as in Stimium KG which helps fight against inflammation and oxidative stress - a plus to complete the effort or even spirulina as in Stimium SPIRU and our organic spirulina dosed with 500mg, with highly bioavailable vitamins and minerals

With stress removed and emotional balance regained, you will feel positive effects in your daily life and in your body . Serenity allows you to focus your attention better (especially at work or during physical exertion) and for longer. Your physical performance of your body will be increased tenfold as well as your physical resistance . Team sports, individual sports, combat sports, motor sports, skiers... a lot of champions today practice sophrology and/or yoga, to channel stress and turn it into an advantage during the competition rather than suffering this stress. For those who feel the need, consulting a sophrologist for a few sessions can prove extremely useful.

Once stress is under control, it is important to train your mind. Indeed, the best physical training will be of no use if the mind itself is not up to the task. We all know people around us who are extremely gifted in their field (sports or professional) but who do not have or will not have a career that matches their ability, because their level of concentration does not match their talents. Having the right concentration means being able to put your mental faculties at the service of your activity, at the right time. In the sporting field, we are always excellent in training, without pressure, and without us being able to explain why, on the day of the competition, with or without an audience, we will be less good, less efficient when we had just do an excellent rehearsal the day before. In terms of mental preparation, there will be no better than Bacopa which has extremely interesting properties by acting on strengthening concentration, by allowing one to manage stress, by increasing motivation in order to intensify efforts and by increase the speed of information processing. Stimium Bacopa will not make you superhuman with the wave of a magic wand, but will help you to be even more focused than usual, by acting on strengthening concentration, allowing you to manage stress, increasing motivation in order to intensify efforts and increase the speed of information processing.

Regular courses of micro-nutrition products will allow you to maintain a balanced body . In addition, you will realize that these cures have positive effects on your health, for example on your skin and hair.

Stimium laboratories offer you a range/products adapted to stress and concentration at reasonable prices . This range with a complete formulation contributes to a return to balance of body and mind.