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The historic range of sports nutrition, supplementation for athletes, simple amateurs or athletes, for specialists in marathons, triathlons, trail running, cycling, cross-country skiing, swimming, boxing, for training or competition. The idea is to supplement the contributions contained in the 3 daily meals low in lipids and regulating the metabolism, including a determined number of calories, with supplements adapted to sports practice, including ingredients such as vitamins and minerals among the essential nutrients. , BCAAs for bodybuilding exercises, proteins for muscle strengthening, plants for physiological and psychological benefits, creatine for muscle mass, glutamine, amino acids to provide muscle energy, in stick , powder, capsule or gel. To perform well in endurance, our goal is simple, to strengthen your ability to exert effort over a long period of time, without loss of efficiency, and to help you recover as easily and quickly as everyone knows, Endurance sports are addictive, and we tend to do it again very quickly!

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STIMIUM is the number 1 brand in endurance sports in France. Since the appearance of the Covid crisis at the beginning of 2020 in Europe, there has been greater awareness than ever of the need to take control of one's health, to take care of oneself and in particular through physical activity. . Joining a gym represents a real expense, but it allows you to stay in good physical shape. If the annual price of a sports hall is too high, it is possible to take out a license in a sports club (collective or individual) with generally a slightly lower annual price. Finally, it is also possible to do sports without constraints, this is particularly the case for endurance sports and mainly for running, cycling, swimming. We take our things and we exercise, nothing could be simpler. Because of or thanks to the Covid 19 crisis, the practice of running has become very trendy, in cities, parks, river embankments, are taken over by joggers morning, noon and evening. Excellent for your health, jogging is the main endurance activity because it is extremely easy to do. What are the other endurance sports most practiced in France and Europe? We will cite walking (fast, Nordic, etc.), hiking or its more sporty expression trail running, cycling, swimming, fitness, rowing, cross-country skiing. These sports are practiced alone or with others, in town or in the countryside, and are ultra complete because they generally allow you to work a lot of muscles. Whatever your age, practicing an endurance sport is excellent for your health, and we could even say that the older we get, the more essential it will be to continue to keep our mechanics working, both for our “mechanical” and “mechanical” health. physiological”.

Practicing an endurance sport allows you to obtain multiple benefits for the body: (1) cardiovascular health, in particular because practicing an endurance physical activity helps improve blood fluidity and reduce the heart's oxygen needs. during exercise, generally lowers the heart rate and will reduce hypertension, (2) respiratory health, because swimming or running will lead to faster breathing with a much greater quantity of air processed by the lungs, (3) joint health, because by practicing regular effort, the body becomes denser, the muscles are firmer and certain ailments of the modern world, such as back pain, will tend to disappear thanks to the appearance of muscle fibers making us more mobile and less prone to certain joint pain, (4) mental health, because practicing an endurance sport allows you to produce a specific hormone, endorphin, promoting, among other things, good mood, better concentration, easier sleep... Incidentally, a sport like swimming among the best sporting activity, even the best, for weight regulation and loss.

In physiological terms, an endurance effort mobilizes numerous resources, mainly nutrients from our diet, which will be converted into energy so that the muscles can contract and relax during a race, and properly recover after an effort. In endurance sports, a balanced diet is essential to provide sufficient amounts of nutrients necessary for a practice that remains beneficial to health. It is in this context in particular that food supplements can be consumed, both for the practice of sport itself, and to maintain good health.

Without necessarily seeking to become a champion in an endurance sport (it is in any case a little late for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games), the idea with the practice of an endurance sport is to respect the Latin adage “Mens sana in corpore sano” (a healthy body in a healthy mind). To do this, it will be useful to take supplements in addition to training. Why take a supplement without being an athlete and when you only practice your activity 2 to 3 times a week? Quite simply to continue to progress and to take care of your health, both before and during or after exercise during recovery. Some will take proteins (whey, isolate, or vegan proteins, see bars) because it is the nutrient that builds and repairs our muscle fibers, others will choose amino acids (mainly BCAAs) to provide more energy and have better performance during exercise, or even Preworkouts based on caffeine or even creatine to gain strength. Others will rather take products which will help them during training or competitions such as races (marathon, trail) after 1 hour of effort, when difficulties appear, this is the case of effort booster gums, which allow obtain a boost of energy without the often deleterious effects of intestinal gels, isotonic drinks, exercise drinks based on maltodextrin, vitamins and minerals. Finally, some will favor the so-called recovery phases after training series, for example by consuming citrulline to reduce muscle pain and cramps, or even the products to take for maintenance, that is to say as a treatment. over periods of 45 days to three months, this will be the case for people taking vitamin supplements (including vitamins, minerals such as Magnesium, iron or zinc for example), this type of product is absolutely necessary in case of regular practice because food provides less and less relevant active ingredients while physical activity will require a significant contribution, spirulina for all the nutrients provided, omega 3 for cardiovascular health, collagen for the joints, etc.

Stimium, a Made In France nutrition brand, therefore allows athletes, and in particular specialists in endurance sports, to find supplementation adapted to their practice, before, during or after sport, and possibly for maintenance. To place your order, it's very easy, just go to the website , choose your products, place an order on our secure payment platform, select your delivery method, and we will immediately send you our premises in France your selected products. Then all that remains is to give us your opinion!