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Muscle Recovery, supplements to better recover after intensive efforts

MC3 remains the number 1 food supplement in France in sports nutrition in the recovery segment, used during training and in competition by professional athletes and amateurs alike. At present, it is a neglected category, wrongly, and only high-level athletes pay attention to their recovery with particular contributions to fight against muscle catabolism, to their muscle gain. However, it is imperative, and even more important, for a beginner athlete to stretch well and recover well in order to prepare for the next session. Gel or powder, citrulline or isotonic drink with carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other essential nutrients, we hope you will benefit from our star range. Our products are not anabolics acting on testosterone levels, but on the contrary a balanced and varied supplementation, acting depending on the case on muscle recovery or muscle growth, ATP production, development of nitric oxide, repair of muscle fibers with harmonious muscle development, in particular with the product developed for the largest French football club, on a base of isolated proteins and glucose and fructose. It's not over, in this segment of preparation and recovery, Stimium will soon develop a lipid-based product, allowing a targeted calorie intake to accelerate the metabolism and already anticipate the next training or the next competition.

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The Covid crisis has highlighted in France and around the world many things that we no longer even paid attention to: the need to practice physical activity, the importance of human relationships, listening to your body (analyzing symptoms), respect for basic hygiene standards, the obligation to ventilate the body and mind. We don't always recover so well from an illness, which means that when we can, we might as well try to do prevention and adopt actions that will allow us to avoid problems.

There is actually not much in common between sports recovery and recovery following an illness or injury. There are of course common sense actions, in both cases, it is advisable to be patient, to sleep regularly (the expression restorative not just an expression), to hydrate very regularly because a dehydrated organism will always be weaker

It takes time to change habits. There was a time when athletes considered taking a product during their competition, then came the period when athletes said to themselves that it could be interesting to achieve more results by taking products during their training and preparations. We have now moved to the “modern” era where we know that if we want to perform, we must take care of our machine, that is to say our body, by maintaining it regularly (which is what we will call maintenance products, such as vitamins, minerals, products for immune defenses, vascular health, joint care, etc.) but also helping it to recover more quickly. Recovery refers to the techniques and actions that each athlete or amateur sportsman will undertake to optimize muscle, joint and mental repair. This will involve rest, stretching or massages but also nutrition. The objective is to take supplements to ensure that your body will start each training session in optimal conditions. Let's not dream, we've all done sessions while still having the aches and pains from the day before, or with a lower level of motivation or with slightly rusty joints. It is important for athletes wishing to preserve their health to be involved as much in their recovery program as in their training program; rest phases are very important if we wish to progress and set ambitious goals.

Stimium is number 1 in the endurance recovery segment because of its product MC3 , a sugar-free gel stick, combining citrulline malate and magnesium, to reduce fatigue and relieve cramps. Citrulline malate, allowing the body to produce nitric oxide (NO), a molecule promoting vasodilation of vessels and therefore better circulation of blood flow, in order to increase the supply of nutrients to the muscles and the elimination of waste. The muscles are efficient for longer and the waste produced during exercise is better eliminated.

In endurance sports, recovery also involves hydration and the consumption of isotonic recovery drinks in particular, these drinks whose formulation is as close as possible to the concentration of minerals in our blood, easily absorbed and not causing digestive discomfort. This type of drink will include, in addition to water, carbohydrates to ensure an energy supply to promote the continuity of physical effort, sodium to recover the salt losses contained in sweat, group B vitamins which facilitate the transformation nutrients in energy and help fight fatigue, potassium, magnesium and antioxidants to help the body defend itself against certain toxic waste produced by the activity of our cells.

Perhaps less traditional, supplements like creatine , an ATP (energy molecule) booster, will be interesting because taking creatine will improve the recovery of muscle cells. Consuming creatine regularly allows you to recover faster and have a more sustained training frequency.

A bit in the same vein, BCAAs made up of 3 amino acids, leucine, isoleucine and valine will be interesting because they are used to synthesize and repair muscle, improving recovery since our body does not produce them. not. Taking BCAAs before and after training increases protein synthesis, improving performance and rapid recovery.

Stimium Iso Carb, which we developed specifically for one of the biggest European football clubs, is a recovery drink with a mix of protein isolate (classic Isolate or Vegan Isolate with Iso Carb Soya), Glucose and Fructose, taken as a recovery drink after each workout, to replenish these glycogen and protein sources.

After very long series, material tests, intensive training, the joints can also, like the muscles, be subjected to very severe tests. It is therefore very strongly recommended to take preventive doses of Joint Flex (capsules) or Kolaflex (powder) in order to best nourish the tendons, cartilage and joints.

Recovery is not only physiological, it is important not to forget the mental aspect. No one is safe from psychological fatigue, whether an athlete or a sedentary person. It's very difficult to be on top 365 days a year. We are starting to see mental trainers appear on staff, and it is indeed absolutely necessary. What would be the use of a training course of several weeks at altitude in Font Romeu or in Kenya if from the first competition, the strength of character crumbles, the brain is no longer capable of processing information and concentration fades? evaporates. Stimium Bacopa will not make you superhuman with the wave of a magic wand, but will help you to be even more focused than usual, by acting on strengthening concentration, allowing you to manage stress, increasing motivation in order to intensify efforts and increase the speed of information processing. Staying focused to anticipate the dangers of driving in the rain is obviously more than necessary.

Without recovery, there is no performance and this is even more true as we age. The older an athlete gets, the more he will take care of his recovery. Yoga, stretching, relaxation, sophrology, massage, cryotherapy, compression socks, there is no one way to recover well but there is only one person responsible, you.