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Immunity Food Supplement, Strengthen your immunity!

What is immunity? It is the property (of an organism) to resist a cause of disease. Developing your immunity therefore means helping your body respond to an attack (mainly viral or microbial) via different means: a balanced diet, regular physical activity, constant sleep and possibly taking food supplements. Immunity is what protects each individual from external attacks and in particular from viruses and bacteria that cause diseases. Immunity maintains vitality and energy, sustainably preserves tone and fights against fatigue. If the essential elements for the constitution and maintenance of the immune system are mainly provided by food, our meals, even balanced, are not always sufficient to cover all of our needs. Taking a dietary supplement can then be an effective method for strengthening the immune system and getting back in shape.

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Why is it important to strengthen your immunity? Whether athletic or sedentary, our immune system must protect us against external attacks that can threaten our body and its proper functioning. Apart from that, our immune defenses can sometimes falter and be weaker, this can be due to temporary fatigue, occasional stress, the weather (cold, immunity), a time of year (spring and the appearance of pollen) or even due to pollution, or possibly due to certain dietary deficiencies, and unfortunately, due to certain drug treatments which can make our immune defenses weaker (notably a number of chemotherapies). Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is therefore essential because permanent stress, a sedentary lifestyle and lack of activity or repeated insomnia will necessarily impair the proper functioning of our immune system. Concerning sleep for example, you must ensure that you have sufficient rest time and take naps on weekends if necessary because a lack of sleep will promote oxidative stress and will be harmful to immune cells. It is these small everyday events that can unbalance the natural immune defense mechanisms and make our body more vulnerable to infections, whatever the season, particularly in autumn/winter but also in spring with allergens or in summer with excessively strong air conditioning. For example. If our immune defenses decrease, we therefore open the door to certain micro-organisms which will seek to interfere in our cells

Food plays a key role in providing the nutrients necessary to maintain our good health, but it is sometimes difficult to have all the necessary intakes, which can trigger certain deficiencies for our body. A balanced and varied diet is one of the keys to maintaining good health, from breakfast to dinner. You should avoid processed products, not overdo it with cheese, cold meats...and eat fatty fish rich in omega 3 when possible (mackerel grilled on the barbecue in summer will be excellent for your health...if you avoid sauces that can accompany them!). Common sense will recommend favoring seasonal vegetables, for example in winter squash, pumpkin or pumpkin rich in provitamin A or in summer fruits such as melon or peaches naturally rich in vitamins, always use vegetable oils rich in fatty acids or dried fruits and nuts sources of zinc and iron.

In addition to eating habits, other daily actions can be modified. In the morning in the shower, it is possible to start with a few seconds of cold water (while the shower heats up), then alternate hot and cold to activate blood circulation in particular. In the evening, you should avoid staying on your screen until you turn off the light because it will then be more difficult to fall asleep. For individuals more prone to stress, it has been shown that learning a relaxation method (meditation or sophrology for example), in addition to the benefits on stress, had a real added value on the number of annual infections experienced – by being more relaxed, we help our body to concentrate on preserving the immune system.

Training for several weeks only to be reduced on the day of a competition by a cold, nothing is more frustrating. Likewise a student who prepares for an oral exam and finds himself in the morning with a loss of voice or an employee who has a big presentation worked on as a team for a long time and who finds himself without energy on the big day after having spent several sleepless nights finalizing this project. It is for all these reasons that Stimium Laboratories launched a Health range, taking advantage of the long years spent in the pharmaceutical industry.

If our Gummies (we're not really talking about Gummies) Stimium® Boost (vitamin complex, caffeine, L Arginine, Coenzyme Q10) and Stimium® Pro-Nrj (guarana, vitamin C, zinc) for immediate energy for athletes, they are also regularly used outside this sporting context due to their formulation that increases energy and boosts immunity. Likewise, our ProNrj Caps Booster is an incredible complex in a capsule including beta-alanine, rhodiola rosea, ginseng, caffeine, taurine, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and chromium to take our body on the royal road to regaining shape.

Herbal medicine and superfoods are also very interesting for their action on strengthening immunity. This is particularly the case of Ginseng from Stimium®KG which can be an ally for your natural defenses and the proper functioning of the immune system, of Stimium Gingko with the power of anti-oxidants to fight against free radicals, or even Stimium OMG , Omega 3 dosed at 1000mg, for the protection of cells against oxidative stress thanks to vitamin E and of course Stimium SPIRU , organic Spirulina 500mg for the “Super Food” with highly bioavailable vitamins and minerals to improve performance, recovery, tone and vitality.

In addition to plants, for immunity, among the necessary standards, vitamins and minerals are part of the mandatory panel for energy and immunity. These nutrients are important and will contribute to maintaining the immune system and improving the body's resistance to fatigue. Among these, vitamins C and D are interesting for example because they prevent infections and fatigue and stimulate lymphocytes (immunity cells), thus strengthening the production and renewal of antibodies. Vitamin C also has an antioxidant action, preventing cellular aging and fatigue. For a complete supply of vitamins, we recommend Stimium MVM with its 13 vitamins and 12 minerals and whose opinions are unanimous on its effectiveness as well as Vital LLR , the only tablet existing on the market combining vitamins, minerals, ginseng and tribulus and releasing its active in 5 minutes, 45 minutes and 8 hours! Please note, these vitamins are not intended for children and have been specially formulated by our laboratory for adults.