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Circulatory Comfort, intended to promote venous circulation and fight against varicose veins and heavy legs.

For a sports-oriented brand, we could not fail to offer a solution to combat poor circulation which can manifest itself in multiple ways, circulatory problems, feeling of heavy, swollen legs, capillary fragility, always cold extremities (feet and hands) or even headaches, ringing in the ears, hot flashes, dizziness and dizziness. It is therefore imperative to take care of our circulatory system, at the risk of disrupting our entire body. Stimium Gingko, a food supplement based on Gingko Biloba, is the most complete product for these circulatory problems, allowing in particular to eliminate toxins, promoting good blood circulation, limiting the appearance of cramps and venous return. The effect of Gingko Biloba does not stop only at these circulation problems in the veins or arteries, Gingko also improves cognitive functions, fights against free radicals thanks to its high concentration of antioxidants, stimulates sports performance , via an increase in blood flow allowing an increase in nitric oxide (NO) concentrations for better muscle comfort, improves memory, concentration and attention and finally reduces the symptoms of anxiety. It is therefore an ultra-complete product to treat problems of restraint and painful circulation, but not only that.

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Athlete or sedentary, everything often begins in summer with a feeling of heaviness in the legs, swelling in the calves and feet, tingling, we suddenly find ourselves compressed in our shoes which until now fit us very well. The symptoms of venous insufficiency are numerous and disabling on a daily basis. There are many possible causes for the appearance of these swellings, such as heat, prolonged standing (trampling) or sitting (at work, during a long plane or car journey) or for women during the pregnancy…

These blood circulation problems are commonplace since more than a quarter of the French population suffers from them in France.

To regain light legs, practicing a sporting activity is a solution that should not be neglected. Walking or hiking helps stimulate venous return.

Blood circulation disorders (heavy and swollen legs, capillary fragility, varicose veins, cold extremities) and cardiovascular disorders, memory disorders or intellectual overwork are problems that can occur at any age, even if the prevalence increases with age. . Food supplements can often prove to be valuable allies in the fight against this pathology. Ginkgo biloba promotes peripheral circulation and helps preserve memory and cognitive functions, vitamin C participates in the normal formation of collagen to ensure the proper functioning of blood vessels, while hawthorn harmonizes cardiovascular functions...

The main causes of circulation problems in the legs

When blood circulation in the veins is poor, what we call venous return does not take place effectively and the blood can then tend to stagnate in the legs instead of rising towards the heart. The legs become more sensitive to fatigue.

Even before the symptoms of heavy legs appear, several warning signs can be identified as symptomatic conditions of poor circulation, such as tingling, numbness, itching, or even swelling especially at the end of the day, until have difficulty putting on your shoes. In terms of physical activities, simple exercises such as walking can quickly become difficult, and even visually, we can observe small red and dilated vessels on the thighs or calves, which we call varicosities, and which can precede the appearance of heavy legs.

There are multiple causes and risk factors for the occurrence of circulation problems, often linked to lifestyle, such as a sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise, being overweight, smoking and prolonged standing or sitting (long trips by car, train or plane).

The prevalence is significantly higher since 3 out of 4 cases concern women, circulation problems often manifesting themselves more pronounced a few days before menstruation as well as during menopause, or during pregnancy in particular hormonal variations, which have an effect on tone, as well as on the elasticity of the veins.

A little science:

  1. Do you know the valves, these internal valves necessary for good blood circulation? They act as valves to prevent the blood from going down and thus allow it to rise up the legs thanks to the blood pressure towards the heart. When the valves function poorly, they are no longer able to properly block the reflux of blood, which tends to fall under the effect of gravity and is then concentrated in the legs.
  2. The elasticity of the vein wall - The vein walls are made up of several layers with, on the internal side, endothelial cells which will control the contractions of the smooth muscle. In the event of loss of elasticity of the wall of the veins, circulatory problems will be exacerbated because this wall, which no longer functions, will no longer be able to manage the blood pressure inside the veins, thus preventing effective circulation.

What solutions for blood circulation problems.

Several factors inherent to lifestyle contribute to the appearance or on the contrary to combat the inconveniences linked to poor blood circulation. Heat and prolonged standing or sitting promote the feeling of heaviness, which often increases at the end of the day. People who work mostly on their feet all day (for example people working in shops) very often feel the symptoms of heavy legs from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m., due to almost constant standing during the day. For these people, it is then recommended:

  • to avoid exposing yourself to heat for too long, as the heat increases the swelling of the lower limbs in particular,
  • to lose weight, to facilitate blood circulation, in particular thanks to products like Stimium Thermoshape to burn fat and/or Stimium Hydro Off for the draining effect while knowing that these products are only really useful in the context of of a varied and controlled diet.
  • to stop smoking because tobacco is an aggravating factor, including this type of symptom.
  • to practice physical activity every day, active walking or other (especially static positions and trampling should be avoided). Swimming is also particularly interesting for blood circulation via the contraction of the calves.
  • In the evening, ideally in the event of high heat or a long day on your feet, raise your feet in bed, or simply your feet using a pillow, to relieve the pressure exerted on the veins of the legs, improving blood flow. in the veins of the lower limbs. Sleeping with your legs elevated also relieves muscle tension in the legs and feet by removing pressure from the veins and improving blood circulation throughout the body, decreasing the risk of swelling while alleviating the symptoms of varicose veins and lymphedema. , reducing the risks of inflammation and venous thrombosis
  • Wear compression socks (or support stockings) to support the structure of the veins and improve their elasticity. This mechanical support helps blood flow upward toward the heart despite the effect of gravity exerting a downward force.

In addition to all these good habits, it is sometimes necessary to take food supplements to combat the symptom of heavy legs and swelling of the lower limbs. Thus, certain active ingredients, mainly plant extracts, have demonstrated real effectiveness, with numerous studies published on venous health. As these plants are not part of the common diet, supplementation may be necessary. For example, many laboratories choose the horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum) which in this case comes more from Greece and the Mediterranean basin. Others have chosen hawthorn extracts, or even grape seeds or even witch hazel. All these plants are indeed valuable allies and can be a real asset in relieving painful legs, but we did not choose these plants within Stimium Laboratories because if they are indeed effective, they are only useful on heavy legs. On the contrary, the extract of Gingko Biloba which has greater effectiveness on heavy legs is effective both on circulatory problems and on:

- maintaining good nervous balance and reducing anxiety symptoms.

- maintaining good cognitive function and preserving cognitive function (improvement of cognitive performance, particularly concentration, helps maintain memory with age decline)

- overall peripheral circulation, particularly useful for the eyes and ears (contributes to good hearing and vision).

- Fight against free radicals thanks to a high content of antioxidants.

- stimulation of sports performance, via an increase in blood flow allowing an increase in circulating concentrations of nitric oxide, a gas responsible for the dilation of blood vessels