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Cardio, Increase your cardio thanks to its perfect formula

The key system of our body, cardiovascular health, is essential for maintaining general well-being. This is why at Stimium, we offer you products and supplements that are good for the heart and blood vessels with relevant and scientifically proven active ingredients to combat cardiovascular problems. The idea is that our food supplements can play a protective role against these risks of heart problems, always as part of a balanced diet with fruits and vegetables for a regular intake of vitamins and minerals and a healthy lifestyle. and without (too much) excess! You will find fatty acids with our highly dosed Omega 3 enriched with vitamin E with a very interesting EPA and DHA dosage, or even Stimium GABA which increases cardiac output. We invite you to test the range of supplements from Stimium Laboratories, an expert in health nutrition, composed in particular of sports nutrition products, such as protein powders, amino acids and many other nutrients with optimized bioavailability and facilitated absorption for athletes practicing endurance or strength sports, as well as health nutrition products, such as vitamins such as vitamin C and minerals, such as calcium or zinc, in tablets or capsules, ensuring the proper functioning of the defenses immune and providing the elements necessary for a good nutritional balance.

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Stimium Laboratories support you on a daily basis to make you an actor in your health, thanks to active prevention, and thanks to our advice and products offered by our nutrition experts, but always in support of your own actions and your choices.

The heart is the most precious organ in our body. Look at the ultrasound of a fetus at 2 months, the first clear images will be the heartbeat and blood exchange. The heart is at the center of everything we do, the blood leaves the heart via the arteries (then the arterioles), it will then cross the capillary network either to the lungs or to the other organs, then it returns to the heart through the Venules then the veins. It is therefore vital to do everything possible to keep it in shape and preserve its proper functioning. Under the impulse of the heart, the vessels ensure the transport of blood, essential to our entire body, allowing in particular the organs, cells and muscles to receive the oxygen and nutrients which are essential to them. The heart contracts very regularly and it is this continuity of beats that allows us to live: a cessation of the heartbeat is obviously one of the most obvious clinical signs of death, the sad flat electrocardiogram. These pulsations allow fresh, oxygenated blood to irrigate our organs, these pulsations must not stop, even for a very short period: if certain organs will be able to survive a brief interruption of cardiac pulsations, others will not. will not be so lucky.

The brain, for example, is extremely sensitive to any circulatory abnormality and 5 seconds of interruption of its irrigation is enough to reduce its oxygen content to the point of causing loss of consciousness or what is called an ischemic vascular accident, after 10 minutes. interruption of its irrigation, the brain will be damaged irreversibly, without the possibility of rehabilitation. For all these reasons, it is therefore necessary to take care of our main organ if we wish to live normally and enjoy an active life. As in many countries, in France, one of the leading causes of mortality remains cardiovascular diseases. This category brings together different heart diseases due to an accumulation of fatty deposits on the walls of the arteries which will gradually harden and form plaques, this is what we call atherosclerosis.

This type of disease is progressive because we do not necessarily identify associated symptoms at first, but more and more quickly, the narrowing of the arteries becomes a reality, not only for the elderly, but also for the youngest now. , due to a sedentary lifestyle and a reduction in physical activity, blood circulation slows down, ensuring less good oxygenation of the organs and increasing the risk of thrombus or clot formation. This scenario is the cause of a cardiovascular accident (myocardial infarction, stroke). Even if it is often too late when the first symptoms appear, we can see certain premises of the cardiovascular accident appear such as heart pain, palpitations or arrhythmia, dizziness, oppression, shortness of breath. When these appear, you absolutely must consult your cardiologist. Certain factors can be the cause of a cardiovascular imbalance such as a sedentary lifestyle, being overweight, certain bad habits such as smoking, stress, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess cholesterol, respiratory problems (COPD). ), age, sex or even hereditary factors.

If we must accumulate several of these risk factors, the cardiovascular imbalance will be even more significant. Supplementation can then be useful and beneficial for your cardiovascular balance, in addition to your treatments prescribed by your doctor, and especially in addition to a healthy diet and regular physical activity. Our food supplements will help your health function properly and prevent heart disease. In order to avoid increasing certain cardiovascular risks, you can purchase the supplement that will meet your needs and expectations on our site.

This supplementation will be all the more effective by adopting the right actions for a better lifestyle, this will ideally include stopping smoking, reducing bad cholesterol (cold meats, processed foods, sugary drinks, etc.) or monitoring your diabetes. If necessary, ask your pharmacist or a healthcare professional for advice. To maintain good heart health, a healthy lifestyle including a healthy and balanced diet is essential. Numerous studies have shown the benefit of certain nutrients and food supplements for preventing cardiovascular pathology, such as GABA with Stimium GABA which notably allows an increase in cardiac output or Omega 3 with Stimium OMG soft capsule with a dosage high 1000mg of omega 3 allowing a reduction in triglycerides in the blood thanks to EPA, providing an improvement in blood pressure in people suffering from hypertension with EPA, providing DHA, a key constituent of the brain, as well as vitamin E, the most powerful antioxidant, to protect cells against oxidative stress - which can oxidize good fats (LDL) - and generate the appearance of atherosclerosis, a risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

Find among our other products food supplements, to preserve cardiac functions, intended for people wishing to maintain good cardiovascular functioning. On our website , you will find a selection of cardiovascular supplements, with fast delivery. These do not replace the treatments prescribed by your doctor or cardiologist of course.

To preserve your cardiovascular health, there are no secrets: you must eat healthily, exercise, listen to your body and, if in doubt, be followed by a specialist. To support you in the prevention of this type of pathologies, food supplements, if they are well dosed (in particular a regular intake of omega 3), will be of precious help. Another interesting medium has become very popular in recent years, and is no longer a simple gadget: connected watches. Even if certain measurements may be questionable, regularly measuring your heart rate will be interesting, and your watch can also help you detect an arrhythmia, or heart rates that are too low or too high, and thus alert you before the occurrence of an arrhythmia. irreversible events.