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Stimium, expert in health nutrition, invites you into the world of sports nutrition and food supplements. Stimium Laboratories are professional teams developing unique products, with the right nutritional intake, to help you perform in your sport, or quite simply, to help you feel better in your body. Muscle development, performance improvement, enhanced recovery, optimized endurance, products to take before, during or after sport, but also products to simply take care of yourself, in the right dosages and respecting an extremely strict quality charter. Appropriate nutrition obviously begins with a varied and controlled diet, that is to say a healthy diet, with a defined carbohydrate intake, a number of calories per day beyond which one should not go, to respect its nutritional profile. You do not necessarily have to limit your intake, but you must above all eat quality products, rich in Omega 3 or fatty acids, in nutrients, dairy products combined with fruit rather than with sugar. Each meal must always bring the pleasure of eating, simply within a defined framework. With a good diet, regular physical activity, and a strong mind, your performance is up to you.

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