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Stimium Boost, Cardio Endurance Effort Gum for maximum energy
Stimium Boost, Cardio Endurance Effort Gum for maximum energy

Stimium Boost, Cardio Endurance Effort Gum for maximum energy

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    Tired of gels that hurt sales? Thanks to its original formula, Boost effort gums help you maintain your energy until the end of your resources. Stimium Boost is composed of 12 sporting ingredients:
    • L-Arginine , precursor of creatine, and maltodextrin are sources of energy for the muscle, supporting prolonged effort for better performance.
    • L-Arginine allows the body to produce nitric oxide (NO), a molecule promoting vasodilation of vessels and therefore better circulation of blood flow. This valuable benefit helps increase the supply of nutrients to the muscles and the elimination of waste.
    • Vitamins C, B6 and B9 help reduce fatigue and therefore maintain effort.
    • Caffeine helps improve physical performance and alertness: essential assets for staying focused on your goals.
    • Vitamins B6, B9 help the proper functioning of the nervous system. Essential asset for good nerve-muscle communication. They also contribute to the production of oxygen-carrying red blood cells. Good oxygenation of the muscles allows them to function better: a plus to get to the end!!
    • Coenzyme Q10 is involved in energy production and has an anti-oxidant effect: a crucial advantage to help your body better fight muscle and joint inflammation.
    • Vitamins A and E are necessary to maintain energy and general vitality (immunity and cellular respiration): key elements for lasting performance.
    • Vitamin D is necessary for good muscle and heart function, better immunity and plays a role in maintaining good bone mineralization: important actions to support effort.
    • Vitamins B6, B8 and C contribute to normal energy metabolism to enable the body to provide the necessary effort.
    Stimium Boost is therefore the partner of choice for all sports requiring long and intense efforts.

    To fully understand the importance of taking your time and chewing our gum diligently, do not hesitate to read our dedicated article here .

    With a maltodextrin /pectin formula base optimized for increased effectiveness, with a vegan formula allowing easy digestion , Stimium® Boost will become an essential partner in training and competitions during your endurance sessions, on your 10km, 20km , Semi, marathons , trails , triathlons , athletics, your cycling outings, your cross-country skiing courses, your squash/tennis/badminton sessions, your football matches, rugby , handball , basketball , volleyball, ice hockey, your judo fights ...

    Stimium Boost does not cause any side effects, unlike gels which tend to cause gastrointestinal problems.

    Stimium is a French brand dedicated to sports nutrition. Our products are manufactured in France or in Europe, with the highest quality standards.

    All our products comply with WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) regulations, including the new NF EN 17444 standard.
    Stimium Laboratories, the French expert in Health & Sports nutrition. Boost comes from Stimium R&D.

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    Active ingredients

    Intake for 5 gums / Day

    Nutritional Reference Value (%)


    969 mg


    Vitamin C

    60 mg



    50 mg



    18.75 mg


    Coenzyme Q10

    10 mg


    Vitamin E

    8.02 mg


    Vitamin B6

    1.4 mg


    Vitamin A

    3.75 mcg


    Vitamin B9

    200 mcg


    Vitamin B8

    100 mcg


    Vitamin D

    3.75 mcg


    Vitamin A

    3.75 mcg


    Net weight: 300g

    50 erasers

    Taste: orange.
    When to use Stimium Boost?
    Stimium Boost should be taken before and during daily training and competitions (before and during the race)
    How to use Stimium Boost?
    1 chewing gum as soon as the need arises.
    Recommended daily dose: 5 gums.

    Nutritional Information / 100g


    248.0 kcal / 1037.6 kJ

    Total fats


    Of which saturates




    With sugar


    Including polyols

    0.0 g







    Energy for 5 erasers

    74.4 kcal / 311.3 kJ

    Glucose syrup, sugar (sucrose), water, maltodextrin, gelling agent: pectin, acidifying agent: citric acid, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), acidity regulator: trisodium citrate, coating agent: coconut oil and palm, caffeine, coloring: paprika extract, DL-alpha-tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E), natural flavors, L-arginine, coenzyme Q10, anti-aggregating agent: carnauba wax, pyroxidine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), cholecalciferol (vitamin D), folic acid (vitamin B9), biotin (vitamin B8), retinyl acetate (vitamin A).
    Keep out of reach of children. Does not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding or have a health problem, seek the advice of a healthcare professional. Store in a dry place, at room temperature (between 15°C and 25°C) and protected from light.


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    Why buy from us ?

    Stimium Laboratories have existed since 2016 and rely on the expertise of doctors and pharmacists to offer the most effective products but above all the best for your health.
    Our products are effective and above all comply with the latest anti-doping standards, from WADA as well as the AFNOR FR EN 17444 standard.
    Our products are tested for each production by an independent French laboratory to guarantee the best.
    We are passionate about sport and nutrition and we do everything we can to help you discover our articles!

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    • A team of pharmacists, doctors and engineers to offer healthy and effective products

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