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Gainer Mass Gainer, The ideal solution to increase your performance and your muscle mass

A Gainer is a powdered food supplement which aims to increase energy intake and which generally contains proteins, carbohydrates and lipids, the aim being to increase the daily caloric load in order to boost mass gain, in accordance with the programs and objectives that have been defined.

Gainers will also very often contain vitamins, minerals, as well as ergogens such as creatine or arginine.

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As we do not all have the same metabolism, not all athletes will respond in the same way to a mass gain goal. People called ectomorphs are those who will consume this type of product, because they have a basic metabolism that does not allow them to capture enough nutrients to gain mass (it's our friend who annoys us all the time to say that she eats everything without ever gaining an gram!). For these people, an “extreme gainer” will allow them to add, simply and quickly, many calories to their pre-existing diet to optimize muscle building. These are very caloric products, and rich in carbohydrates, allowing to maintain a positive nitrogen balance, in order to strengthen muscle fibers. As these mega gainers are also very rich in carbohydrates and amino acids, protein synthesis and muscle development will be improved.

We have seen the profile of ectomorphs, let's move on to the other 2 types of individuals. Mesomorphs are the most common, they easily gain muscle mass by practicing a sport with training, but just as easily gain fat by eating poorly or consuming high-calorie supplements.

The 3rd profile …generally hates ectomorphs! This is the endomorph, a person who unfortunately gains fat very easily, at the slightest deviation, and who in addition, will have difficulty burning calories and fat despite all his energy, monitoring his weight is a real subject.

If to gain mass, some will therefore prefer to take Gainers, within Stimium Laboratories , we have chosen not to offer them initially because these products are misused, or used by bad people (notably mesomorphs and endomorphs, i.e. the majority of the population), they will have the opposite effect sought, causing you to gain fat, to the detriment of muscle mass.

We prefer to direct our consumers who wish to gain mass through bodybuilding, fitness and crossfit exercises mainly, towards solutions that they will master, DIY, do it yourself, make your own gainers. Thus, the athletes we support prefer to opt for our classic proteins ( Stimium® [C] Whey , Probar , Stimium® Iso Hwy or Stimium® VegPro ) without added carbohydrates, by concocting their own mix with good sugars and good calories according to the training phases and the final objective.

Concentrated whey and isolate are preferred because they are digestible, low in lactose, and can therefore be used several times during the day without overloading the digestive system. For people who have difficulty burning calories, or those who are not sure because of their schedule, for example, of doing the 3 or 4 weekly sessions necessary for their program, we would therefore rather recommend moving towards a whey isolate which only contains proteins and avoid gainers which will be too fatty and therefore too risky, as well as more generally all food supplements rich in carbohydrates.

In terms of use, a gainer is used like a protein powder taken after each training session, possibly as a snack between meals (in a shake if it is powder or in a bar). It can also be consumed for breakfast since you will concoct your own tailor-made Gainer.

We will therefore recommend different products which are extremely relevant in the context of mass gain but which everyone must be free to adapt according to their metabolism and their objectives: (1) a protein, whether concentrated, isolate or vegan, (2) carboyrates ideally already combined with vitamins, to nourish the muscle, this is the case for example with Stimium Boost Powder which includes Malto + Vitamins, (3) amino acids, alone as in BCAA Instant (L-leucine L-isoleucine L-valine, immediate release associated with L-Glutamine for muscle development and recovery), or an amino acid mixture + malto as in Stimium® Mc3 powder with citrulline to better oxygenate the muscles ( 4) creatine which helps to gain strength thanks to muscle gain, (5) possibly a hormonal booster, such as Stimium GABA which will significantly stimulate the secretion of growth hormone (HGH = Human Growth Hormone) thus helping with mass gain , i.e. booster + vitamins as in Vital LLR , the only product existing on the market combining vitamins, minerals, ginseng and tribulus, a hormonal booster, and releasing its active ingredients in 5 minutes, 45 minutes and 8 hours! and possibly (6) a PreWorkOut like Stimium® PreWorkOut Max with creatine and beta alanine in particular, and (6) a mix of Isolate and glucose and fructose as in Stimium® Iso Carb , initially developed for a top European football club to reconstitute these sources of glycogen and proteins and which adapts perfectly well to mass gain. In maintenance, Omega 3 as in Stimium OMG could be interesting for cardiovascular health, good brain functioning (concentration, memory) but also muscle gain.