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Exercising as a couple – Why? For who ? How ?

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Exercising as a couple – Why? For who ? How ?

Doing sport as a couple: what if this was THE secret to motivating yourself? Mutual motivation, harmonization of schedules, shared moments of complicity...: doing sport together has obvious advantages.

But what should you pay attention to when practicing sport as a couple? What are the best sports to practice as a couple? Here are some answers…

Why do sports as a couple

“The other”, this ideal coach

Who better than your “half” knows your strengths and weaknesses? Who better than your partner knows what words to use when you are going through a period of doubt?

Doing sport as a couple means you have the company of a coach who knows you inside out. He or she knows exactly what your desires, your motivations and your limits are. Caring and honest, your partner is also your best source of motivation.

As a team, you encourage each other to achieve your goals. In competition mode, you create healthy competition to accelerate your progress.

Get out of the daily grind

What's worse than routine for a couple? By opting for sport as a couple, you can easily get away from the daily grind. Improvised fitness sessions, weekly cardio challenge, jogging outing in discovery mode... There are many possibilities to surprise each other.

You can also set common goals, whether daily, monthly or longer term such as a competition (trail, marathon, obstacle course) or a sporting trip (trek, mountaineering).

It's good for morale !

Numerous writings today document the link between sports practice and the production of endorphin or endomorphin. This hormone produced by the body (or endogenous) is known for its relaxing and euphoric effects 1 .

Doing sport with your “half” also boosts the morale of the couple. Without forgetting that by taking care of your physique, you put all the chances on your side to maintain – or even strengthen – your power of attraction.

What sport to practice as a couple?

When you decide to do sport as a couple, the choice of the discipline(s) to practice is of course essential. For the pleasure to be shared, you must move towards a sport in which the difference in strength, speed, flexibility or technical level will not cause frustration. It is also important to set a common goal and to remain attentive to your partner at all times. The goal is to share the moment and progress together, not to crush each other, even if a little competition can sometimes add a welcome dose of adrenaline.

Here are some sports that we recommend you practice as a couple.


Complete, accessible and trendy sport par excellence, running is one of the first disciplines we think of when we want to do sport together.

Running allows the couple to easily set common goals: weight loss, preparation for a distance or training for a specific race. There are also more and more relay races which allow real duo work to be promoted.

If the difference in level is significant between you and your partner, take advantage of “slow” outings to spend as much time together as possible, or make the most of the first warm-up kilometers and the essential stretching session.


Approaching, coordination, anticipation, reading movements and… sensuality! Dancing is the perfect sport to practice as a couple.

Ballroom dancing, salsa, rock, kizomba, street jazz, bachata… There is something for all tastes, all rhythms and all desires.

However, beware of overly jealous characters: to work on versatility, it is common to have to change partners during the session.


Although it offers an essentially solitary effort, climbing is nevertheless a discipline that calls for collaboration.

Firstly because the climber needs to be insured. The notion of trust is therefore essential and can therefore act as a catalyst for strengthening your relationship as a couple.

Then because, from below, the belayer has a better view of the entire route and can therefore guide and advise his/her partner during their climb.

If belaying disappears when practicing boulder climbing, the collaborative side remains important: climbers are never short of advice to help them tackle a new route.


If you are lucky enough to live near a river or body of water, try rowing.

An extremely complete sport, it requires, when practiced as a couple, constant coordination and communication.

Like tandem, rowing allows – literally – to move towards the same objective, without a possible difference in strength or level hindering the progress of your duo.


What if, rather than meeting up at home after work, you met at the gym?

Given the myriad of activities available in modern fitness rooms (or in crossfit boxes), everyone can easily find what they are looking for.

The whole point is that this moment motivates you and unites you around the effort.


Back in fashion, roller skating is another sport that is often practiced as a couple. Good-natured and more physically demanding than one might believe at first glance, roller skating also tends to level out differences in strength and physical power.

Go in search of organized hikes or urban circuits offered in the summer: so many opportunities to (re)discover unexpected places, hand in hand.

Who says rollerblades also often means falls and pirouettes... so laughs guaranteed! As long as you don't forget your protections ;).


If you are both competitive, opt for a confrontational sport. Squash, table tennis, paddel or tennis.

Advantage of the latter: you can compensate for the difference in level by playing on the size of the court, the stronger of the two having to defend the entire court (including the lanes normally used in doubles).

And even if it means doing sports as a couple, it can also be interesting to follow your nutrition as a couple and see the mutual effects on each of you. It is even entirely possible that Madame could have the privilege of being the first to feel the effects of appropriate nutrition, because at equivalent doses, her normally lighter body mass will respond more quickly to appropriate supplementation.

Obviously pay attention to the research objectives - do not take the same doses of Stimium Pwr Creatine for example, unless you stay within very reasonable limits, to simply strengthen your muscular structure and recover better.

On the other hand, do not hesitate to share your bottles of exercise drinks, such as Stimium Boost Powder , or recovery drinks such as Stimium RGN3 Reload or Stimium RGN3 Clean Up .
Do not hesitate Madam to advise your man to take Stimium Bacopa for concentration, because these gentlemen sometimes have more problems than women in being focused – conversely, Sir, be a gentleman and offer Madam Stimium Gingko in case of difficulty especially circulatory if you increase the number of sports.

And whatever your chosen nutrition, don't forget to stretch together after your sport, without forcing yourself to avoid muscle accidents, but rather taking advantage of each other to achieve the best muscle relaxation.

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Doing sport as a couple: what if this was THE secret to motivating yourself? Mutual motivation, harmonization of schedules, shared moments of complicity...: doing sport together has obvious advantages. But what should you pay attention...

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