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Trekking in the Seychelles with Stimium!

Posted by Jean Baptiste on

Trekking in the Seychelles with Stimium!

Ok, the Seychelles is not necessarily the number 1 destination we think of for wandering in the jungle and yet this country, this archipelago is not just a paradise for wealthy people. Quite the contrary, in Mahe, the Victoria-Seychelles airport is rather very well served by many airlines, which makes it a destination in terms of flights, rather interesting, because it is quite cheap among the different possible trips. (regularly prices at 500-600 euros return in Eco)

The neighboring southern island that we know well (2000km south) of Reunion is home to one of the toughest races that exist with the Diagonale des Fous (which really lives up to its name with its 165 km with a difference in altitude of approximately 9,500m). If you travel to the Seychelles, the idea is not to reproduce this level of difficulty, but without doing the ultimate ultra trail, there is really plenty to have fun with accessible trekking and a reward at the end of the day with beaches, each more magnificent than the last.

The highest point in the Seychelles is the Morne Seychellois (906 meters) located on the main island of Mahé, but in reality, each of the islands is different and above all very hilly, allowing a very different practice of quiet or sporty hiking depending on the island.

Two of our loyal followers recently did an 8-day trek there, without going through the resort and house on stilts, but rather a guest house and nights with locals, with dinner timed to the sun so quite early, coco as a standard drink, fish and fruit, that is to say excellent balanced meals to leave even better the next day for new adventures on these magnificent hiking trails causing very nice encounters after the 10 to 20km daily, in this park exceptional naturalness.

Stimium is in Seychelles!!!

For this trip, our athletes took MC3 (our old sticks, the new product not yet being released), Pro Nrj gums and R GN3 Reload (in the water bottles for the day and evening).

Hiking in the Seychelles is the assurance of seeing incredible spots with deserted coves with a color of water that you will not find anywhere else, with majestic granite domes, around a bend in the equatorial jungle of Mahé, Praslin and La Digue.

MC3 in Seychelles

And the rather unique thing... is that after each day of hiking on these wonderful trails, we are necessarily entitled to unique swimming, snorkelling with multicolored fish, for even better recovery (a priori the MC3 + water combo at 28 degrees is the optimal dosage)! We would particularly recommend the hike to the Eagle's Nest with a beautiful panoramic view at the summit after a path without great difficulty, the hike to Anse Marron on La Digue, the hike to Morne Seychellois (the famous hike known as “Marre aux pigs” Moreover, local athletes do not generally only do land hiking, there are several islands where to work other muscles, a bike-kayak hike can be offered on the Digue – the island of La Digue. is small (15km2) it is possible to walk/run for 1 hour to 2 hours but the nicest change will be to take mountain bikes to take paths between the hills covered with coconut trees, latan trees and takamakas, up to Anse Patate, located at the northern tip of the island, then down the east coast to Anse Fourmis. Then, it is possible to hike in the lagoon by kayak (be careful, there is always a tide), around the island. for the more energetic it can take 1h30 without stopping (honestly, it's impossible not to stop, at each cove, you are generally alone and can play Robinson Crusoe!).

The Seychelles are not Reunion Island, the altitude differences remain acceptable, but there is really something to have fun with and why not, to convince your children, as part of a family stay, that their parents are not totally crazy, when They go trail running on weekends over crazy distances. In the Seychelles, for those who do not want to spend a fortune in the most beautiful resorts of the archipelago, it will be possible to go on hikes of 5 to 30km per day, punctuated by changes of islands, and unique landscapes that you will not see anywhere else, with or without a guide, but if you have the possibility, we will recommend a Seychellois expert to accompany you, this will be the assurance of unique discoveries. Obviously, with the local heat and humidity, it It is necessary to provide appropriate nutrition from the start. Eat local fruits, stretch during breaks in the lagoons, drink regularly during the day including RGN3 Reload (or RGN3 Clean Up ), contemplate the majestic granite blocks with a ProNrj gum and take your MC3 stick in the evening after a day well-deserved (where we rarely go to bed...after 9 p.m.), see in the morning before leaving!

What is certain is…that it makes you want to go there!

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Ok, the Seychelles is not necessarily the number 1 destination we think of for wandering in the jungle and yet this country, this archipelago is not just a paradise for wealthy people. Quite the contrary,...

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