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The TRX Phenomenon

Created by Randy Hetrick, an American Special Forces Commando, TRX is a muscle strengthening method that is attracting more and more followers. Focus on an activity that is intense, functional and varied, intended for all levels.

Strengthen yourself in a fun way with TRX

The TRX hardware consists of 2 adjustable straps, equipped with handles and connected together by a clip serving as an anchor point. Don't neglect the quality aspect: as always, good equipment guarantees safe training!

Door, branch, railing, vehicle… TRX equipment can hang on any solid fixing. The straps, light and very space-saving, can be used both indoors and outdoors. A convenient way to train anytime, at home or on the go.

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Sculpt your body / Regenerate your muscles / Lose fat mass

The exercises can be very varied: standing position for squats, lying down for planks and abs… During a session, the upper and lower body work in turn. You can use the arm, back and pectoral muscles by pulling on the handles. By bracing your ankles there, you can vary the push-up or crunch exercises; or even combine abs and cardio by doing mountain climbers . The abdominals, in fact, are called upon almost constantly because the instability caused by the straps requires you to rebalance and work on your stability. Something to delight fans of sheathing !

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Helps with muscle development / prevents muscle catabolism / helps with recovery

TRX, as you will have understood, is an excellent way to use all muscle groups (back, arms, glutes, legs, abs, etc.). When practiced at a sustained pace, it also allows you to work on cardio effectively. This makes it the perfect complement to many sports, strength or endurance. Although its simplicity allows it to be practiced alone, it has become extremely popular in gyms where people are happy to share equipment, tips and new exercises observed on YouTube or tested with a coach.

A complete sport, for everyone and… everywhere!

Beginners or accomplished athletes: TRX, like all variations of fitness, is aimed at all levels. The basic equipment and wide variety of exercises mean there is something for everyone. You still have to make sure you do the exercises correctly! For beginners, the ideal is to learn this activity in a room. A coach will be able to correct postures, define the appropriate pace and intensity, and offer the most relevant exercises according to your needs, your expectations and your level.

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Increase in work performed, simple and repetitive exercises and muscular adaptation during exercise

You are then free to take out your straps in the most unusual places. From the defense square to the TGV passageways, from the supermarket car park to the hotel lobby, from the office door to the fine sandy beach… We now meet TRX fans everywhere. We are waiting for your most unusual photos onour Facebook page ! 🙂