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Discover the inspiring trajectory of Antoine, a 28-year-old man serving the Air and Space Force, whose passion for sport has burned brightly since his childhood, nurturing a deep affection for triathlon.

For Antoine, sport transcends physical exercise. It represents a way of life, a source of sharing, emotion and self-transcendence. His journey is marked by an exceptional victory: that of having participated in the IRONMAN world championships, a feat all the more remarkable given that he overcame cancer in 2018.
This difficult chapter in his life only strengthened his determination and dedication to his sporting ambitions. Antoine always aspires to new challenges, driven by the desire to push his own limits and explore new territories.

Following Antoine's journey means immersing yourself in a story of resilience, perseverance and passion, which embodies the fundamental values ​​of commitment and accomplishment specific to the spirit of sport.


Immerse yourself in the exciting world of Christophe, a true virtuoso of running and trail running, where each kilometer is an epic of determination and ardent passion.

At 49, he embodies the essence of endurance and perseverance, having been a volunteer firefighter for a decade.
Professionally, he has been shaping the environment as a road operator for 20 years.
On the trails, Christophe takes on the most daring challenges, from the steep trails of the Trail des Templiers to the merciless rigor of the CCC.
His unyielding commitment lights the way for all who aspire to push boundaries.
Every step is an adventure, every kilometer a thrilling saga to live and share.


Discover the dynamic profile of Jenny, lifeguard and mother of a 14-year-old boy, living near Lyon.

Since the age of four, sport has been an integral part of Jenny's life, and she pursued studies in this field. Refusing to limit herself to a specific discipline, Jenny explores her desires of the moment, whether in trail, on the road, in cycling, in raids or in triathlon.

For Jenny, the main thing lies in conquering challenges that seem insurmountable, in surpassing herself and in the intense pleasure she finds there. She digs deep within herself to finish each event with the satisfaction of having given everything.
Traveling the globe, Jenny has had the chance to participate in numerous races abroad, from Sri Lanka to Peru, from Marrakech to Munich, via Rome.

And its appetite for new challenges is only growing, with already the excitement of choosing the destination of the year 2024.

Follow Jenny's journey, an inspiration to anyone looking to push their limits and live their passion for sport to the fullest.