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A complete Black Friday pack to be at the top!

Go with our complete Black Friday pack and reach new heights!! This pack contains boosters to support you at all stages of your race.


At Stimium we also have a bodybuilding range and for Black Friday, we decided to make packs at crazy prices, delivered everywhere in France to allow you to know our brand!! come quickly and take advantage of a great promotion!! Better than on Amazon!! Ready !! take out your gym card, visualize your training program and let's go for a crazy fitness session!! What do you start with today, bars, dumbbells, weights, traction machine, elliptical, cardio exercises, a bike warm-up... Whatever your program, your level or your objective, we offer suitable offers. With our packs, you will have the power, a developed rib cage, abs of steel, a dream body!! In the gym, with your workouts, others will be jealous to see you take the biggest plates on the rack or take the biggest dumbbell!! you're going to leave them all on the bench. So be sporty and offer them the opportunity not to stay on the ground, take them on your train, don't leave them at the departure station!! tell them about your secret: our Stimium packs, the best accessories for all sports, even training at home. Besides, they will see, it is not a product but quality products which will help you on all the bodybuilding machines or all the Cardio equipment even the treadmill.