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A complete pack to be at the top!

Go with our complete pack and reach new heights!! This pack contains boosters to support you at all stages of your race.


At Stimium, we have decided to support you in your training whether it is for a running outing, a marathon, a trail, a big bike race, muscle development or any other outdoor or indoor sporting challenge. So, we have created packs adapted to your sport. Indeed, we offer a Marathon pack, a recovery pack, a slimming pack and an immunity pack. Our marathon pack is made up, for example, of products that can include our Mc3 gel sticks, a famous recovery product composed of citrulline malate and magnesium, but also our boost effort gums to consume during preparation or during a race. After training, all athletes need nutrition or food supplements to firstly replenish essential resources: water, glycogen, proteins, vitamins, but also to reduce cramps, muscle tension, micro tears, etc. . Our recovery pack has multiple advantages (practical, pharmaceutical quality ingredients meeting these nutritional needs).

We also want to take care of your health and offer you the opportunity to be full of energy. So we have created an immunity pack whose products have complete characteristics to stimulate your vitality. And finally, sometimes in life, we can let ourselves go a little. We also offer a slimming pack offering a mix of easy-to-take products that will be the best partners in your diet.
We also offer sports advice on our site so that your training is at its best, so that you are number one!! with this you will heat up your connected watch whatever the brand (suunto, garmin…), so give us your opinion!! All our packs have prices adjusted by Stimium, a company based in France offering free delivery from 60€.