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Protein, one of the key nutrients linked to muscle building and recovery.

If proteins, whether whey, concentrated protein, protein isolate, casein or even amino acids, were previously mainly used by bodybuilding enthusiasts, fortunately this is no longer the case at all. case now. Protein powders and BCAAs are still used today with a view to bodybuilding and increasing muscle mass, but for almost all athletes, whatever the sport practiced. Do a workout with protein isolate without carbohydrates, nourish your muscles with BCAAs, consume a vegan soy protein, whether you are a cyclist, runner, triathlete, swimmer, judoka, this type of food supplement has become a standard in the support for training to improve performance. With the Stimium range, protein powders are easy to digest, mixed in a Shaker, with perfect assimilation, rich in essential amino acids, with well-defined portions to have the most accurately calculated calorie content. Protein intake can also be done by taking PreWorkOut or as a snack, with protein bars.

Discover our range of proteins to help you achieve even greater performance.