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Bodybuilding Pack: Dry and Muscle Consolidation
Bodybuilding Pack: Dry and Muscle Consolidation

Bodybuilding Pack: Dry and Muscle Consolidation

  • €62,35

    This bodybuilding pack is designed for those who aspire to achieve optimal results in their fitness journey. Combining three key elements, it offers comprehensive support for muscle reduction and consolidation.

    1. OMG3 - Increases Protein Synthesis: This supplement promotes muscle building by stimulating protein synthesis. By providing a solid foundation for muscle development, OMG3 optimizes your training results by facilitating better protein utilization.

    2. Kolaflex - Muscle Development and Joint Support: Kolaflex goes beyond increasing muscle mass. By reducing fat mass while promoting muscle growth, it helps to sculpt the body in a balanced way. Additionally, this supplement actively supports the joints, providing essential protection during intense workouts.

    3. Probar - Enriched with Essential Amino Acids: Probar completes this pack by providing a complete aminogram, essential for muscle recovery and growth. Without added sugars, it guarantees rapid and optimal absorption of amino acids, thus favoring muscle recovery after exercise.

    This bodybuilding pack is the perfect tool for those who aim to optimize their performance, sculpt their figure and consolidate their efforts in the world of bodybuilding. By combining these three products, you get complete support for your lean and muscle building goals.


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