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Performance Objective: Increase sports performance

There is no performance without regular training, without a mental match to the physical, and without an awareness of the importance of nutrition to progress. Nutrition is obviously not just taking food supplements, it is respecting a balanced diet (and not necessarily strict) with obvious nutritional qualities, without deficiencies, possibly enriched with nutrient supplementation. such as vitamins like vitamin D, minerals, amino acids like carnitine, proteins (concentrated, isolate or vegan) for muscle mass gain, omega 3 for cardiovascular health, plants like Ginseng to strengthen your immune system or Spirulina with a nutritional profile rich in trace elements and antioxidants... Performance is therefore achieved thanks to (1) the regular practice of one's sport (or activity, for example chess), (2 ) has a mental preparation allowing you to push your limits and stay focused longer, (3) a balanced diet for weight loss allowing you to reach your ideal weight and (4) a regular intake of food supplements to optimize your abilities.

A single objective, to develop sports performance

Are we born champions? To become a very good athlete, a champion, to be at the top of the rankings and win competitions, must we have a gift? There is no single answer (as is often the case), it is very often a mixture of innate skills and especially training.

From a very young age, the gymnast Nadia Comaneci amazed the crowds on the floor and on the beam, Richard Gasquet returned the ball on the tennis courts and won the Petits As tournament, Laure Manaudou went from one length to the next, while Léo Messi already knew do everything with a ball despite its small size. However, how many young champions have never finally become adult champions even though their early abilities predestined them to the top? We all know this type of person in our circle, and this is not only linked to the sporting environment, this type of analogy is also true in many other environments (artistic or professional for example). You are not born a champion, you become one, because intrinsic talent will not be enough. All the specialists predicted many Grand Slams for Richard Gasquet, he was (and still is) a magnificent player, but not the champion we imagined. Hatem Ben Arfa was probably the best football player of his generation in France, and he never had the titles that were predestined for him. Success is of course due to a "luck" factor; the athlete's abilities must first be detected, which will not always be the case. But that is not enough, because to reach the high level, in addition to physical qualities, it is the mind and the thirst to win that shape a champion. However, training will never create a champion without certain prior predispositions! It's the story of Cristiano Ronaldo in football, a very naturally gifted player who became a champion, seeking performance through meticulous training, a controlled lifestyle and an extraordinary thirst for success.

Striving for performance means seeking a result which is not unattainable, but which is far from easy.

Performance in bodybuilding will mean, for example, going for series on weights of 102kg, which is starting to become serious. In bodybuilding, to seek performance, we start with strength training with weights allowing for 1 to 6 repetitions, in muscle building, we will start with weights allowing for 8 to 12 repetitions and in muscular endurance with weights less high allowing you to train for 15 repetitions. For bodybuilding performance, consume Stimium® [C] Whey protein powder , or Stimium® VegPro or in bars to maintain a good protein intake sustainably during the training phase and better muscle regeneration. For those who are looking for something dry, performance will come from a protein isolate. Stimium® Iso Hwy and a fat burner . Conversely, those who are looking to gain mass will rather combine creatine with carbohydrates, for example.

As the champions demonstrate to us, the search for performance requires a well-structured training structure, with preparation products (such as PreWorkOut ) or Boosters to be taken before training, supplementation also to be taken during training. or competitions, such as exercise gums or exercise or isotonic drinks , and finally supplements to take after physical activity, for recovery, in order to avoid cramps, muscle pain, and above all in order to already prepare the body for the following sessions.

The athlete practicing an endurance sport will have a routine quite similar to other athletes (fitness, crossfit, combat sports, strength, etc.) Training, balanced and controlled diet, optimized recovery and sleep. With the right supplementation, this is indeed a recipe for performance. Performance requires hours of training, rehearsals for the construction of the physical body, as well as for the correction of certain gestures (correction of posture, improvement of aerodynamics, etc.), it is necessary to take care of the muscle fibers of the long-distance runner , like those of the sprinter, with BCAAs for example (notably Stimium BCAA Instant , L-leucine L-isoleucine L-valine L-glutamine to help muscle development, muscle recovery by helping to reduce fatigue linked to exercise ), it is necessary to hydrate the runner or the trailer who seeks performance against the clock, to help him recover better and combat cramps, this is the objective in particular of Stimium® Mc3 or Stimium® Mc3 powder for the production of NO and ATP allowing increased oxygenation of the muscles.

And performance comes through invisible training. These are adapted diets with a diet selected to maintain a healthy weight and consume unprocessed products. These are afternoon naps and nights of at least 8 hours. And finally it is nutrition adapted to each person's efforts, vitamins and minerals to compensate for training loads. Omega 3 to prevent any cardiovascular problems. Collagen-based products to prevent joint pain. Immunity-boosting products to prevent colds such as multivitamins or Ginseng. Products to combat heavy legs after big training sessions like Gingko. Products like Ashwagandha to manage stress and doubts, because they are an integral part of the search for performance, have I done enough today, will I achieve my goal….

And finally what will ensure that we achieve the desired performance, the mind. Even without trying to win the Tour de France, the Paris marathon, the UTMB, the World Cup, the 100 meters final, we all need a mentality that matches our ambitions, our objectives, to go for performance. The best training in the world will be of no use if our concentration does not follow the D-Day, if our mentality is not up to par when entering a stadium full of spectators. And to do this, Stimium Bacopa will not make you superhuman with the wave of a magic wand, but will help you to be even more focused than usual, by acting on strengthening concentration, by allowing you to manage your stress, by increasing motivation to intensify efforts and increasing the speed of processing information. Performance is as much about the physical as the mental.