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Gaming booster, your best ally for esports

SKILLOOT is the ESport and Gaming brand of Laboratoires Stimium, one of the main nutrition laboratories in France and leader in sports nutrition. The world of nutrition in the gaming and E-sport ecosystem is often associated with products whose composition may seem irrelevant to young people and especially to their parents. Skilloot from Laboratoires Stimium puts the scientific expertise built up over many years at the service of players, so that they can benefit from products that obviously improve their performance, but above all while taking care of their health.

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The periods of confinement in 2020 linked to the COVID-19 pandemic have shaken up many preconceived ideas regarding the video game industry. Indeed, beyond an increase in the practice of online video games during these periods when an external social connection was more than complicated, the craze for online competitions grew stronger. Several hundred thousand fans regularly connect to streaming platforms including Twitch in order to follow live matches or take an interest in streams offered by influencers or even athletes.

Like sport which is available in several disciplines (athletics, team sports, swimming, individual sports, etc.), E-Sport also has its own ecosystem of games: sports games of course like Fifa, Grand Turismo or NBA 2K, MOBAs (for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) like League of Legends or Dota, FPS (for First Person Shooter) like Counter Strike or Overwatch, RTS (for Real Time Strategy) of which Starcraft is obviously the emblematic game.

The use of the formula E-sport includes the word sport, some will still find this completely irrelevant, but even if the section is still very weak, even the newspaper and the LEQUIPE site which have almost exclusivity on the information sports in France, are starting to publish articles on major E-Sport competitions (helped, it is true, by certain French teams performing well). E-Sport will mobilize cognitive faculties, muscles such as arms, hands or fingers for example will be constantly used, with a real motor action of the body impacting the actions of the player in his game. The E-Sport player sport, the Gamer therefore responds to visual stimuli, auditory stimuli, and tactile stimuli while developing his motor actions. This is why ultimately, sport is not so far from E-sport in its overall practice, and the two disciplines overlap in many aspects. Anyone who has already played a game for several hours knows this better than anyone, if our eyes are not in good shape when facing the screen, if our reaction speed is slow, if our energy leaves us after 1 hour, there will be no progress, no success and no set up to remember.

There are a lot of similarities between sporting practices and E-Sport practices. Preparation, training, supervision, consideration of the player's well-being, management of rest times, management of stress and emotions, dietetics and nutrition. Many of the staff of large teams are today made up of former high-level athletes, weight training and fitness rooms are integrated into the gaming house, renowned chefs are available to prepare a balanced and relevant diet between competitions. , sparring partners, coaches and physical and mental trainers work with the players every day. The aim here is to give a positive and healthy image of gaming, which is often prey to preconceptions that are well anchored in popular culture, with a lot of sedentary lifestyle, malnutrition leading to excess weight, reduced physical activity which can lead to osteopathic pathologies. Even if it is no longer reality at all, images die hard. E-sport structures have therefore taken the problem head-on, and are working to improve the image of E-Sport and Gaming in general, among their audiences, their partners but also in popular culture.

In addition to regular sporting activity aimed at keeping practitioners in shape but also contributing to their mental well-being, the objective of Skilloot from Laboratoires Stimium is to support the implementation of processes linked to food in order to to bring the culture of high-level sport within the gaming sector with particular attention paid to the quality of products, their nutritional value, and their effects on the body with a view to permanent research for performance. Skilloot food supplements can be used regularly to enhance the benefits of professional preparation, by increasing the ability to concentrate, by providing more energy, by promoting restful sleep, by improving physical recovery, by reducing the stress level, improving vision, increasing hearing abilities, taking care of players' joints, etc. These new nutritional supplements, registered with health authorities, and meeting the strictest anti-doping standards (WADA World Anti Dumping Agency, the world anti-doping agency), as well as to the highest quality standards, manufactured in factories that also manufacture medicines, should be taken in addition to a balanced diet.

All of Stimium's know-how since 2016, developed with the biggest French professional clubs, can be found in our drink powders with incredible taste, our gums, our tablets, our capsules, our sticks. These are not cocktails of sugar and vitamins, our formulas are complex, took several months of development, we failed sometimes, but we continued to believe that players need effective and healthy products, they need understand that their eyes, their brain, their heart, their joints, their ears, their muscles are maintained because they are the basis of performance, and therefore the basis of pleasure. Balanced diet, regular training, restful sleep, and hydration are the keys to success. Skilloot from Stimium aims, in a Gaming spirit, to bring a new energy that will change everything. Casual and amateur players, or professional players, by taking Skilloot, we change the game together, and we push our limits.