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First post-COVID race, take off the mask

Posted by Jean Baptiste on

First post-COVID race, take off the mask

Frankly, the cancellation of all races for several months is really starting to take its toll, and it is logical to have ants in your legs at the end of a period of abstinence never seen before in sports competitions, indoors and outdoors. . After such a long wait, it is obviously important not to rush into your first race like crazy, and not to mix speed and haste. The approach to these next races must respect a certain method and certain Apps can help us to choose these races precisely, thank you Kavval for example (I had planned to resume with the 10km of the 14th, missed, like many races in the Covid context, the organizers had to resolve to cancel it!). Aware of the risk of cancellation linked to new possible outbreaks of contamination, many organizers promise a refund of the registration in the event of cancellation, which is clearly not an easy thing, whether you are an ASO or an association managing an race in your village. We would possibly advise for the most stressed among you, to target events not located in large urban centers, and therefore to choose smaller races in the mountains, countryside or seaside, combine this new discovery event with a family weekend! Regarding the distance for this recovery event, we still need to not be too ambitious despite the accumulation of milestones for several months. We will understand a certain frustration after this long period without competition, but lining up directly for a marathon or a mid- or long-distance trail is perhaps not the most appropriate choice. Reason imposes a minimum of caution for the amateur that you are, simply to respect the increase in power and the respect of a certain progressiveness, both in terms of the distance and the chronometric objective. If you want to be reassured about your level as well as the pleasure you always take in running, the simplest thing is to start with a first 10 km, this will allow you to regain sensations and get your bearings back (the ritual of preparing for your equipment, your bib, the little ball in your stomach at the start…), Normally everything should go well, and it should then be possible to move on to the next stage, and therefore line up at the start of one of a longer race, in order to promote the weekly mileage that you will have achieved during these long weeks of “not friendly” Covid and promote the 40 or 45 minutes that you will have completed on your first 10km!

Afterwards, we can only understand your frustration, and if the desire to run a half-marathon, a marathon, or a long-distance trail is necessary despite everything, and that from your first race (many Ile-de-France residents go for example probably resume with the Paris half-marathon at the beginning of March) you will have to approach the event with no other objective than to reach the finishing point with the strictest respect for your physical integrity (which is no longer quite used to competition, remember your last race, it was probably a few months ago...) The Chrono is normally your main objective, in a normal race and in a normal period, but in the current context, it is perhaps necessary to be going back to some fundamentals! So obviously, the objective could also be to validate during a competition the times and averages that you think you have mastered with your GPS watch but don't forget that your monthly averages for months have been achieved outside of competition, on routes that you have mastered. and are therefore perhaps not an accurate reflection of your real level of performance. Running in competition is organized around precise benchmarks, a time objective that's true, but also a target pace, defined equipment, refreshment points, a starting time different from your usual training, and probably different weather too. .

So don't set your goals wrong! The first Post Covid race (or intra unfortunately always because we are not completely free!) is quite similar to the first post injury race (after a sprain or a muscular problem) - you have to start again gradually, even if you don't you've never been so enthusiastic and you've never wanted to “devour asphalt” so much!

Don't forget for this first Post Covid competition, eat properly before, during and after the race, as always. Keep your good habits. - Stimium® PreWorkOut Max to improve resistance to exercise and prepare your body for muscle strengthening loads to better support the approximately 900 steps per km during your race, as well as Stimium Pwr Creatine and Pwr Creatine Tabs , still in preparation, for muscle strengthening and increased ATP production, Stimium® Pro-Nrj Caps , before your race, to start the first 5 kilometers perfectly, your Stimium® Boost or Stimium® Pro-Nrj gums for energy during the race, and Stimium® Mc3 or Stimium® Mc3 powder to reduce the risk of cramps, and combat muscle fatigue, after the race, even 10km, since your goal will already be to take the next step. During this winter period, we will also recommend a course of 1 month before your first race, of vitamins, either Stimium MVM with its 13 vitamins and 12 minerals, or Vital LLR , the three-layer tablet combining vitamins, minerals, ginseng and tribulus and releasing its active ingredients. in 5 minutes, 45 minutes and 8 hours!

Make the most of this first race, try to throw your mask in a dedicated trash can before the start, and free yourself for the first kilometer, without getting into the light, even if we wouldn't be surprised to see a lot of athletes being at home. above in terms of cardio, exhilarated by the feeling of freedom found with our bib and the return of our adrenaline shot! Enjoy the Ride!

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Frankly, the cancellation of all races for several months is really starting to take its toll, and it is logical to have ants in your legs at the end of a period of abstinence never...

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