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TRAINING IN FEBRUARY - Opportunities and challenges

Posted by Jean Baptiste on

TRAINING IN FEBRUARY - Opportunities and challenges

Training in February means seeing the end of the tunnel, at least for mainland France. For what ? Quite simply because we have just passed the traditionally coldest month (January) and the days really become longer again from February (1 hour 15 minutes more compared to December 21, the shortest day of the year). ).

This beginning of softening, these longer days allow us to have a longer window for outdoor training. Of course, for fans of nightlife (mornings or evenings), gloves are often required, even if the lucky ones along the Canal du Midi in Toulouse, along the banks of the Garonne in Bordeaux or the Mediterranean will sometimes be able to do without winter equipment (I don't know about you, but a top, shorts and sneakers remains the most pleasant outfit for doing sports and feeling light).

Why is February important? Because whatever your sport, it's probably not the month of important competitions, so it's a month of transition where you have to "check out", that is to say a month or so. We must work on the endurance/power couple. However, the approach in February is very linked to the calendar and the races that we can set. In running, the first major races arrive in March (Paris half-marathon or Montpellier marathon for example). In cycling, with events that start very early for amateurs, sometimes even as early as this famous month of February, it is already too late whereas it is frankly difficult north of the Loire to have had coherent training to train in December and January (even if seeing your little friends lined up at the terminals on Strava can generate additional motivation, even in the cold, humid and windy countryside of Brittany or Normandy for example!) So-called “reasonable” cyclists will then consider February as a month of transition, where we will be content to maintain the pedal stroke, while waiting for better days to change gear. For runners, there is still the gym and the treadmill, just as for cyclists the home as a fallback solution, but the difference generally remains significant with real outdoor training.

In February, at Stimium, we also see in terms of our sales that it is a month of transition. Already, this month follows January where with the sales, we have often sold well (and at a loss for certain products!) and therefore our athletes have often stocked up on products. But February often marks the restart of our endurance range, we start selling Stimium® Mc3 and Stimium® Mc3 powder again to reduce the risk of cramps, to combat muscle fatigue, after your sessions and your training, Stimium® Rgn3 Reload or Stimium ® Rgn3 Clean-Up as an isotonic exercise drink to replenish vitamins and minerals after exercise as well as our Stimium® Boost and Stimium® Pro-Nrj Gums and the Stimium Boost Powder exercise drink. But we also continue to sell the bodybuilding range very well, mainly our Whey ( Stimium® [C] Whey , Stimium® Iso Hwy or Stimium® VegPro ) and we feel more and more that even fans of endurance sports understood that muscle building requires this type of product. With Stimium BCAA Instant , these are the 3 star references for the month of February to build the famous physical body and develop your power endurance. In our health range, we continue to sell well our Stimium MVM vitamins with its 13 vitamins and 12 minerals as well as Vital LLR , our tri-layer tablet, Stimium KG for the immunity part of the product probably and above all still Stimium Thermoshape the best burner of fat and/or Stimium Hydro Off – certainly the combat sports events continue (we think of our ambassador Lucas in judo for example), but we also think that the consequences of the holidays (but also probably of Candlemas – yes, we like all the pancakes!) play on our sales for our fat drainers and burners.

It's up to you in February to resume training more actively, enjoy the joys of skiing for those who are lucky enough, and build a good physical base for the upcoming events! And for those who still want to lose a little weight, when you are really hesitant to go out, remember that we expend more energy when practicing physical activity in the cold, so it is not a big deal. bad calculation to go out early in the morning or late in the evening to go and sweat a little!

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Training in February means seeing the end of the tunnel, at least for mainland France. For what ? Quite simply because we have just passed the traditionally coldest month (January) and the days really become...

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