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Kite Surfing, an ultra complete sport

Posted by Jean Baptiste on

Kite Surfing, an ultra complete sport

If the presence of kite wings (literally “kite” in English) often creates pretty colored spots on the water, to the delight of walkers and beach users (the multicolored sails at Crotoy in the Somme , in Port Leucate, in Arcachon, in Grau du Roi or on the Giens peninsula are always magnificent), kiting remains a very technical sport, quite easy in appearance, but quickly difficult and potentially at risk if the rider does not does not have the necessary knowledge and loses control of his equipment.

Without being an expert in trigonometry and fluid mechanics, it is possible to understand the basic functioning of a kite, with wind control (a zone of full power when the wind axis is centered on the sail, and a zone of minimum pressure on all the edges of the piece of sphere) or even the control of the kinetic energy induced by the movement of the wing, but to go further and manage to increase the energy tenfold to go faster and above, there are no secrets, hours of practice will be necessary. Fortunately, we reassure you, it is possible to have fun after 1 or 2 hours of introduction with a qualified instructor.

Even if the harness is obviously important, we should have no illusions, kiting remains a physical sport, and good physical condition will be essential to ride safely. You can see riders of all ages on the beaches, preparing their equipment according to the wind and the body of water, but if you observe them closely, you will see that even those over 65 are generally in very good physical condition. , with a minimum of strength required (upper and lower body) as well as excellent endurance, because it is not uncommon to do sessions of 2 hours or more, if the wind conditions are right and if the tide allows it for those who are not in the Mediterranean. The best riders in the world spend around 1.5 hours in the gym 5 days a week, considering that they will also train on the water every day. This will give them a physical condition combining the endurance of a marathon runner or triathlete, with the strength of a crossfit or bodybuilding enthusiast, which means that we are the face of an ultra complete sport, combining strength and endurance . Not to mention adequate cardio, considering runs lasting more than 1 hour in the water, much superior to home cardio exercises.

So don't hesitate if you are an accomplished sportsman to take advantage of a stay by the sea to do a training course of a few hours over 2 or 3 days. You should quickly have fun, have aches in muscles that you use less often during your usual sessions, and above all, you could catch the Kite virus, a very contagious virus, be careful!

Among our Kite customers (Mainly Hauts de France, Normandy, Brittany, New Aquitaine and Occitanie), most have ordered Stimium® PreWorkOut Max from us as a priority. in preparation almost all year round, taken in the morning, notably to improve resistance to exercise and strengthen muscles. On this bodybuilding booster part, more than Stimium BCAA Instant , honestly less ordered, kiters take protein treatment several times a year, whether it is Stimium® [C] Whey , Stimium® Iso Hwy or Stimium ® VegPro our hyper-concentrated vegetable soy protein, as well as creatine , Stimium Pwr Creatine or Power Creatine Tabs , for more strength. On the endurance side, many take Stimium® Mc3 powder in preparation before and before their session to reduce the risk of cramps, and combat muscle fatigue for good recovery.

Don't overestimate your physical condition!). And then, as they say, Enjoy the Ride!

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If the presence of kite wings (literally “kite” in English) often creates pretty colored spots on the water, to the delight of walkers and beach users (the multicolored sails at Crotoy in the Somme ,...

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