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Weight loss, another effect of Omega 3

Posted by Jean Baptiste on

Weight loss, another effect of Omega 3

We knew the benefits of Omega 3 for their ability to reduce triglycerides in the blood (responsible for heart disease) thanks to the EPA, for their effectiveness in the management of blood pressure in people with hypertension thanks to EPA, for the benefits on brain functioning thanks to DHA, for the reduction of joint discomfort, or for improving the quality of the skin, but we will see in this article that other virtues are attributable to Omega 3.

As a reminder, omega-3 fatty acids are polyunsaturated, composed of several double bonds in their chemical structure. Omega 3 contains 3 fatty acids: ALA (alpha-linolenic acid), DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid).

But in reality, that's not all! Certain lipids promote weight loss and help fight obesity. Thus, several studies have demonstrated that Omega 3 is essential to the body. We must not forget that the body does not know how to synthesize them even though they are involved in numerous metabolisms and participate in the structure of cell membranes. By analyzing the bibliography, it clearly appears in the groups having benefited from Omega 3 supplementation a weight loss, so there is a real cause and effect relationship. It is a bit as if each organism was saying: “ I have my dose of essential fatty acids, I can trigger their combustion for energetic reasons.” This memory of the body is called epigenetics. Epigenetic phenomena in the field of nutrition are called nutrigenomics (but let's stop with the complex terms). In the context of essential fatty acids, it has been demonstrated that the latter are capable of modifying the structure and activating proteins capable of removing methyls within the genes regulating the production of enzymes responsible for fat burning! The gain in weight and fat mass is not only “immediate” but also in the long term – omega 3 allows you to maintain a healthy weight over a longer period of time, so there is a very interesting residual effect.

By regularly taking Omega 3 through food (consumption of fish, oil, nuts or seeds, important sources), either Stimium OMG , or fatty fish (such as mackerel, salmon, sardines) or oilseeds, you stimulate your “lipolysis » you will be able to burn fat. The effect is obviously interesting as such, particularly in the context of diets to lose weight, but it is even more so in sports, and particularly in endurance or in sports where a weight limit is taken into account. . You can get your energy from your muscle glycogen stock but also from your fat stock (we are working at Stimium on a new product based solely on very specific fatty acids!)

The conclusion is therefore quite simple, not all fats are bad! Omega 3s are “good fats”, polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA), essential constituents of (cell) membranes and instruments of cellular communication. So obviously, to lose weight, Omega 3s are not everything, products like Stimium Thermoshape the best fat burner and/or Stimium Hydro Off to combat excess pounds and have an interesting draining effect, will be just as relevant in the quest for slimness, alone or in combination, but to lose weight, it is especially important to pay attention to your diet, eat a balanced diet with a suitable diet (little or no alcohol, little or no sweets, do not skip meals, etc.). ), a balanced dietary intake and of course practicing sports, both outdoors and indoors, for example through home cardio exercises. Omega 3, in food supplements, or in foods, are definitely a product to recommend for athletes, as well as for people who simply want to take care of their health for a short, medium and long term effect!

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We knew the benefits of Omega 3 for their ability to reduce triglycerides in the blood (responsible for heart disease) thanks to the EPA, for their effectiveness in the management of blood pressure in people...

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