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Cyclo training plan (100km) in 12 weeks: week 1

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Cyclo training plan (100km) in 12 weeks: week 1

Threshold test | Total time spent on the bike: 3h40-4h40

Week 1


Day off :

It may seem strange to start the plan with a day off, but it will give you a chance to make sure your bike, kit, and clothing are in good shape.

Take the opportunity to tame the first type of warm-up.

Warm-up #1 : 10-15 minutes of gradually more intense effort, varying the speeds to bring the heart rate towards the Target Zone at the start of the session.


Outdoor/indoor 1h00

Focus: get out on your bike and get used to riding at a constant and comfortable pace.

An easy ride at your own pace to get you back in the saddle. Choose a flat route and ride at a pace that will allow you to have a conversation.

Use your equipment to keep your cadence at 90 rpm .

Keep your upper body as stable as possible, try to limit upper body movement.


Day off

Today's rest day is especially important because tomorrow you have the Threshold Test.


Threshold test 1h10

Focus: rhythmic effort of 30 minutes as uniform as possible. Don't start too hard and try to finish with an empty tank.

Warm-up #1:

· Ride as hard as possible for 30 minutes.

· After 10 minutes, start monitoring and recording your average heart rate for the last 20 minutes.

· Maintain a pace of 90 to 100 rpm throughout the test.

· Record your average heart rate from the last 20 minutes of testing.

· 10 minutes of complete recovery (almost zero resistance, let the legs rotate until completely cooled).

To calculate your Heart Rate Zones following the test, go here:


Cross training

Bonus session : this session is not essential, add it to your training week if you have time.

Choose an activity that will help you develop your fitness and flexibility. If you already do this type of physical activity then continue to incorporate it into your week. If not, try something new like a gym class, swimming, running, or other similar activities. Remember to start all new activities slowly, don't overdo it. You can opt for gentle and restorative activities such as Yoga or Pilates.


Flexible day

You will probably need to adapt your training program according to your work and family life.

A flexible day like this serves to give you more flexibility to adapt. So if you have to move the sessions, try to keep the following structure: 1 day of training on the bike followed by a day of rest or another activity.

Do not ride two days in a row.


1h30 bike ride: improving running endurance

Focus : By your third ride of the week, you should feel more confident and comfortable on the bike. Keep your upper body relaxed.

Warm-up #1:

· Rhythm is key.

· Stay in Zone 1-2.

· This may seem very easy to achieve at first, but be disciplined and stick to your zones.

Practice your nutrition and hydration strategies during these hikes.


And our nutrition advice to help you perform:

30 min before each session, take Stimium® PreWorkOut Max (2 spoons diluted in a shaker or a large glass of water). It will help you improve your muscle work and resistance to exercise capabilities. (You should see the effects in week 3).

During each outing, take Stimium® boost Powder (1 measuring spoon in 1 bottle, drink a sip every 30 min) or alternatively our Stimium® boost gummies (one gum every 30 min), essential products to provide you with energy, boost whip and good functioning of your metabolism in general (muscles, nervous system, production of red blood cells, etc.) .

For your long outing, it's time to test Stimium® Pro-Nrj caps (up to 4 capsules 30 min before the race) to give you all the explosiveness and energy you need.

Within 1h30 of your outing take Stimium® Rgn3 Clean-Up (1 measuring spoon in 1 bottle, drink a sip every 30 min) to replenish your glycogen, vitamin and mineral reserves

If you have some cramps, take 2 sticks of Stimium® Mc3 after your outings and 2 in the evening. Continue for 2, 3 days.

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Threshold test | Total time spent on the bike: 3h40-4h40 Week 1 Monday Day off : It may seem strange to start the plan with a day off, but it will give you a chance...

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