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What sport at the start of the school year

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What sport at the start of the school year

The holidays are over, your relaxation is perfect and, among your good back-to-school resolutions, sport figures prominently. It must be said that you need to regain a better lifestyle and leave behind the traces that summer excesses have left on your body. Nothing better than physical activity to get back in control! Yes, but which one? It all depends on your needs, your desires and your profile. Here are some tips to help you choose the practice that suits you.

Water sports: to build muscle and relax in depth

If it's been a while since you stopped moving, it's in your best interest to turn to aquatic physical activities if you want to return to sport at the start of the school year. Aquabiking, in particular, is the ideal practice for those who want to rediscover the taste for gentle effort.

In water, your joints are protected and venous return is encouraged 1 . Your body becomes toned. By pedaling underwater, you work your abdominals in depth and promote better fat burning. Your figure thanks you.

If you don't like cycling, you can always just swim or choose to swim with fins. These two sports are complete and make all of your muscles work in harmony. They also allow you to relax intensely and can be used in all seasons.

Indoor sports: for the most homebodies

Do you have little time to devote to sport at the start of the school year but you really want to practice physical activity in order to maintain or regain your shape? Why not get moving without leaving your house?

The skipping rope is a great companion. With it, you take overall care of your body. The heart becomes invigorated, venous return improves and you burn many calories because jumping rope is an intense activity. It is not without reason that boxers practice it regularly. They know that ten minutes of rope is equivalent to thirty minutes of running. 2

The exercise bike – or home trainer – is also a good idea for an activity to put on the back-to-school menu. This fitness machine is great for maintaining your muscle mass and working on your cardio. You can control the intensity of your work by increasing the resistance of the bike.

Outdoor sports: for adventurers

Adventurers and those who need some fresh air often prefer to escape for running or trail sessions. These activities are excellent for the cardio-respiratory and promote better self-esteem, because they offer the opportunity to constantly push one's limits.

Running and trail running are easily done alone but it is recommended to do them in a group. For what ? It can be difficult to go for a solo run in the middle of winter or in the rain. Having a group of friends allows you to motivate yourself and improve your performance. You might as well not deprive yourself of it!

Climbing sharpens the senses and the mind, works flexibility and coordination of movements. This outdoor activity can also be done indoors. It is therefore accessible all year round and whatever the weather conditions. A real plus!

Combat sports: ideal for inner balance

Do you need to let off steam? Combat sports are made for you. Boxing, Aikido, Karate, Judo, Taekwondo, Krav Maga, Ju-Jitsu or Kung-Fu: all allow you to tone up while helping to free you from the stress and tensions of the day.

Thanks to them, you evacuate bad vibes and you learn to control yourself. They act as great self-esteem boosters and gently lead you to give only the best of yourself.

Zen sports: for gentle rebalancing

For those looking for well-being, the sports to practice are yoga and Qi Gong. These two practices relax you quickly and contribute to the harmonious development of your personality. They are particularly recommended if you have difficulty managing your stress.

Thanks to movements executed very slowly and precisely determined postures, these practices unify the body, mind and breath. They also allow you to breathe correctly and relieve tension while working all the muscles in your body. They gradually lead you towards better shape. Their little extra is that they are recommended for those who suffer from joint or muscular discomfort as well as for those who wish, as part of a competitive activity, to improve their recovery.

There are physical practices for all profiles. Make a list of your needs and wants and see which activities suit you best. Water sports, Zen activities, indoor or outdoor activities, ask yourself what you prefer and find the sport that you can/want to practice from the start of the school year, in any case, it will be good for your health!

However, don't forget to carefully determine your current form and the objectives you wish to set for yourself with your new sporting activity. Written objectives are always followed more closely. Nothing is worse than registering in a gym in September, and only doing 2 or 3 months diligently, before starting to reduce the frequency of visits to your gym in January and finally hardly going there anymore from March !

To support you in your back-to-school goals, you will always find products in the Stimium Range capable of supporting you in achieving your new goals:

  • Stimium GABA , which will notably allow an increase in cardiac output,
  • Stimium GINGKO , which in addition to improving circulatory functions, stimulates sports performance, via an increase in blood flow allowing an increase in nitric oxide (NO) concentrations,
  • Stimium KG , which in addition to its properties on the protection of the immune system, will increase the production of nitrogen monoxide (nitric oxide - NO)
  • Stimium Pwr Creatine and Power Creatine Tabs , which increase the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate).
  • Stimium® Pro-Nrj Caps , which increases oxygen transport to the muscles
  • Stimium® Mc3 or Stimium® Mc3 powder for the production of NO and ATP allowing increased oxygenation of the muscles.
  • Stimium® PreWorkOut Max to improve resistance to exercise and prepare organisms for muscle strengthening loads,

  • Stimium® Pro-Nrj Caps , for extra energy and vitality.

  • Our Stimium® [C] Whey , Stimium® Iso Hwy or Stimium® VegPro proteins to maintain a good protein intake sustainably during the training phase.

  • Stimium® Iso Carb , initially developed for a top European football club leader in Ligue 1 but which also lends itself very well to recovery in all sports, to replenish these sources of glycogen and proteins.
  • Stimium® Joint Flex as a treatment to avoid joint problems, during your biggest training sessions, to prevent any joint or cartilage problems.
  • Stimium Bacopa to help athletes by strengthening concentration, helping to manage stress, increasing motivation to intensify efforts and increasing the speed of processing information.

Swimming, fitness, bodybuilding, yoga, walking, cycling, boxing, golf, badminton, running, crossfit… there are so many possible activities that it is difficult to choose. As always, several elements must enter into the choice, rather indoors (cardio, elliptical bike) or rather outdoors (endurance, running, etc.), alone or rather collectively, to develop your muscles or rather improve your flexibility, a session per week or several possible training sessions, in a club or just for fun, to lose weight or on the contrary gain muscle mass... so many criteria specific to each person which mean that the best choices will be made by you! Back to school is not an easy time, especially if the vacations were pleasant and relaxing, everyday life returns very quickly, children, work...but if you look closely, there are similarities, defining family goals to the next few days, for the next vacation, preparation for the week (meetings, homework, etc.), there is no ideal sport for the start of the school year, there are physical activities that we will manage to fit into our diary, and what must be achieved, for the benefits on the body and mind, on health and ultimately for ourselves and for all those around us.

It's up to you to find the right sport for this new school year, with the right combination of Stimium products, while being able to manage child, family and work, which is not always the easiest!

1 Effect of Nordic Walking and Water Aerobics Training on Body Composition and the Blood Flow in Lower Extremities in Elderly Women. (Ryszard Jasiński, Małgorzata Socha, Ludmiła Sitko, Katarzyna Kubicka, Marek Woźniewski, and Krzysztof A. Sobiech)

2 Comparison of Rope Skipping and Jogging as Methods of Improving Cardiovascular Efficiency of College Men (John A. Baker, Murray State Unniversity, Kentucky – USA)

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The holidays are over, your relaxation is perfect and, among your good back-to-school resolutions, sport figures prominently. It must be said that you need to regain a better lifestyle and leave behind the traces that...

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