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Ginseng is a perennial plant traditionally used in Asia for more than 5,000 years, with multiple benefits for the body, particularly in the treatment and prevention of different pathologies (decreased tone, altered dynamism, repeated infections, memory, concentration, etc.). ). It is one of the so-called "adaptogenic" plants. It is also a plant widely consumed by athletes in their nutrition due to its numerous beneficial properties on the physical, physiological and cerebral levels. There are several species of Ginseng in the world, the best known of which remains the Asian species which corresponds to Panax ginseng (Panax comes from the Greek "panacos" which means "remedy that cures everything"), the one found in Stimium KG (Korean red ginseng, with properties superior to American ginseng or white ginseng) rich in ginsenosides, contained in the root, the most active part of the plant. Ginseng is an adaptogenic plant, just like other products from Stimium Laboratories ( Stimium® Ashwaganda , Stimium® Bacopa , Stimium® Gingko ).

Having a very rich composition, ginseng contains numerous micronutrients such as calcium, copper, iron, zinc, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, etc., as well as vitamins C, E, group B, essential amino acids (arginine, etc.) , saponins (ginsenosides) with multiple virtues.

According to various studies carried out in the US, Asia and Europe, Ginseng has recovery-enhancing properties. Thus, Ginseng will reduce muscle damage linked to exercise thanks to its anti-oxidant properties, while delaying the effects of muscle fatigue induced by exercise. Several studies have demonstrated that ginsenosides in ginseng increase the production of nitric oxide (NO), which facilitates muscle oxygenation, explaining its success when it is used in sports nutrition. Not to mention the known toning effect of Ginseng.

One of the best-known beneficial health effects of ginseng is its action on the immune system. With regular ginseng supplementation, during training or competitions, an improvement in the resistance of athletes to various winter or spring attacks and infections, which can alter their homeostasis (health, internal balance, natural defenses, etc.), has been demonstrated. .

But that's not all, Ginseng also has properties demonstrated for many years on cognitive performance, particularly through the presence of ginsenosides. As part of an overall improvement in performance, the athlete must also, in addition to his purely physical training, take care of and improve his attention, concentration, memorization, or reactivity skills, for example. Ginseng will help improve psychological parameters, for example by promoting a reduction in reaction time, which could be beneficial for sprinting (swimming, athletics) but also obviously in combat sports, or even tennis, basketball, handball, etc.).

Ginseng is not only good for athletes. Lack of energy and vitality, slight temporary stress, psychological fatigue, concentration problems or even periods of convalescence, Ginseng may be relevant for non-athletes, and in particular for students during exams, overworked people, lack of attention… Taking ginseng helps the body adapt to an active modern life, by strengthening its general resistance and increasing its physical, mental and cognitive capacities.

The icing on the cake, but not necessarily the number 1 objective, ginseng also has properties to combat erectile dysfunction according to several meta-analyses for men, as well as a significant improvement in sexual function in women during menopause.

In the end, Ginseng (in reality the Ginseng extract from the roots) based on traditional Asian medicine, is not an active ingredient that will directly save you time, strength or endurance, but it will contribute to protect your immune system (while being ill necessarily impacts training and competitions), to stimulate cognitive abilities (and being more concentrated or resistant to effort directly and indirectly improves results), or even to promote recovery. You will always need a dedicated muscle building product like Stimium® PreWorkOut Max or to nourish your muscles like Stimium® [C] Whey , Stimium® Iso Hwy or Stimium® VegPro . You will always need to hydrate with Stimium Boost Powder for a complete nutrient recharge or a Stimium® Mc3 or Stimium® Mc3 powder to better recover and fight cramps. But with 2 to 3 Ginseng cures, in autumn, winter and spring, you should strongly strengthen your immunity, improve your concentration, and feel a very pleasant general tone! Note that the European Commission and the WHO recognize the use of ginseng to maintain normal cognitive performance, enable greater responsiveness during intense intellectual exercises and improve memory.

Ginseng, the type of product you need to have in your cupboard, to improve your health in general, and optimize your physical, psychological and physiological performance. To be consumed during periods of intensive training, during exams, during the winter season, during an intensive period at work, ginseng will be a very interesting ally.

Stimium KG  is a food supplement without side effects, without adverse effects, for consumption as a treatment, or all year round, with a dosage to be adapted according to the needs of each individual, from 1 capsule per day, and registered with the competent authorities .

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Ginseng is a perennial plant traditionally used in Asia for more than 5,000 years, with multiple benefits for the body, particularly in the treatment and prevention of different pathologies (decreased tone, altered dynamism, repeated infections,...

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