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Play sports to take care of your health!

Posted by Jean Baptiste on

Play sports to take care of your health!

Have you read the latest ANSES report from February 15, 2022? It can be viewed here. The figures are scary - 95% of the French adult population lacks physical activity and sports, with a possible impact on physical health as well as mental health - the figures are dizzying, we knew that our beautiful country did not have the sporting culture of the Anglo-Saxons, the Nordic countries or Germany, where sport is an obligatory passage during schooling and is highlighted, so that this habit is preserved during the transition to adulthood. With Covid in particular, part of the population has become sedentary and is exposed to a risk of deterioration in health due to lack of physical activity or too long time spent sitting.

As a reminder, according to the National Health Security Agency, you need a certain level of physical activity to be in good health:

  • practice at least 30 minutes, 5 times a week, a cardiorespiratory activity such as climbing stairs, cycling, running, walking at a good pace, etc.
  • carry out muscle strengthening 1 to 2 times a week such as carrying a heavy load (without breaking your back!), playing tennis, swimming or fitness sessions in the gym , etc.
  • carry out flexibility exercises such as gymnastics, dance or even yoga, 2 to 3 times a week.

It even seems that women are even more exposed than men since 70% of them are below all the activity levels identified for good health, compared to 42% of men.

The French problem (but which is not only French, but rather linked to the Western way of life), is the combination of (1) a high level of sedentary lifestyle and (2) insufficient physical activity. This type of behavior will have very clear repercussions on the health of these people, for example, more risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

ANSES, in its role as a public agency, puts these figures into perspective in a more global framework of territorial planning, evolution of modes of transport and organization of time and work or school spaces. We must in reality combine the urban vision (development of cycling, walking, etc.) and the non-urban vision in our countryside, or the car (and not necessarily hybrid or electric!) to develop physical activity. The taste for sport, for effort, develops at a very young age, and our major fault in France is currently located here. If you talk to parents sending their children to school in England, Sweden, Germany or Poland, they will all tell you that afternoons are reserved for extracurricular activities, particularly sports, with a real impact on mental and physical health. ANSES published another report in 2020 on the sedentary lifestyle of young people which also sent chills down our spines: two thirds of 11-17 year olds are at a high level of risk, which can result in being overweight, obesity, eating disorders, psychological disorders or even impaired quality of sleep and life. Social networks are more popular than practicing sports, even though it is entirely possible to do both! With a healthy (or healthier) diet and a little sport or physical exercise every day, it is possible to quickly reduce the risk of a sedentary lifestyle. Hoping that politicians get involved and increase the quota of hours dedicated to Physical and Sports Education (PES), there are a huge number of programs in France to prevent and combat the consumption of alcohol and drugs

We are all, as athletes, ambassadors of physical activity. We must pass on the information and convince our children, but also our parents, our friends, of the benefits of sport, in the short term, but also in the medium and long term for our health capital. Let's try to convince them to take up running (easy and cheap to start) by setting a goal of a 10km, let's try to get them back into swimming, the complete sport par excellence, team sports or judo are also excellent as well. for the collective environment as well as for compliance with the rules. And then it is always possible to take advantage of weekends or vacations, to walk and use our phones or connected watches to exceed 8,000 steps per day, or even do meditation or discover tai chi for example. It's up to you to choose your sport and your goals and to define a new course of action to have a healthy body and mind. You will find for example Stimium Thermoshape the best fat burner and/or Stimium Hydro Off to combat excess pounds and have an interesting draining effect, as part of your sports recovery if you want to lose a few pounds! If you want to build muscle and densify your body, you can take Stimium BCAA Instant , Stimium® [C] Whey , Stimium® Iso Hwy or Stimium® VegPro or Stimium Pwr Creatine and Power Creatine Tabs , possibly following the advice of a coach. And if you engage in endurance sports with those around you, you will be spoiled for choice with our isotonic drinks , exercise drinks or our Stimium® Boost and Stimium® Pro-Nrj gums. And why not Stimium Bacopa to strengthen your mind by acting on concentration, by allowing you to manage your stress, by increasing motivation in order to intensify your efforts and by increasing the speed of information processing in the brain. Finally, Stimium Ashwagandha , the most powerful natural physical stress reliever to combat anxiety.

It is also our responsibility at Stimium, to take care of your health, to listen to you and at your service . We are pharmacists, we do not sell dreams, we offer you serious, well-dosed products, without flashy packaging full of false promises (it's true, our packaging is not the most beautiful!) which can really help you, whether you are a beginner taking up sport for the first time, or a Ligue 1 footballer.

Take care of yourself, play sports!

References : a public health priority Public powers

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Have you read the latest ANSES report from February 15, 2022? It can be viewed here. The figures are scary - 95% of the French adult population lacks physical activity and sports, with a possible...

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