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How to progress in trail running?

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How to progress in trail running?

Trail running is attracting more and more fans. Every year, a number of runners switch from road to trail running. It must be said that in the great outdoors, the feeling of freedom is enormous and the sensations are heightened. But we also discover new difficulties because a trail is not run like a competition on asphalt . On uneven terrain, the body must constantly adapt and concentration never fails, this is also one of the major criteria for choosing a trail, the succession of climbs, descents to ultimately obtain a overall elevation gain on the race. The distance and this difference in altitude will then determine the training sessions to be carried out during the preparation, a succession of running at a moderate pace, in VMA, work in the muscle strengthening room, cardio exercises, technical work for the climbs …

How to progress in trail running? Follow our advice!

A little bit of technique

We do not run a trail in the same way as we walk a road, the technique is quite different and the muscles used are not quite the same, for example, the arms are much more important on a trail or a ultra, as they are on classic running. Going faster on trail hiking trails requires that you know how to take into account the diversity of the terrain and that you have a perfect understanding of when to slow down and when to accelerate. For that, nothing better than a little technique!

  • Is this your first Trail ? Favor a pace 75% of that you practice on the road, your average speed will be much lower than your average in road racing, because of the differences in altitude, the uneven course, passages where walking will be necessary even if certain passages are more rolling may allow you to have a maximum speed on the race which may be higher on certain specific parts of the race.
  • Keep your back straight . The slope tends to pull you forward. Fighting this process allows you to fill your lungs with air and therefore be more efficient in your strides.
  • Anticipate the terrain. Observe the ground and surroundings, especially when going downhill. The secret ? Look about five steps in front of you and trust your brain. He knows where you should place your feet to avoid falls. Regarding the brain, we can never recommend Stimium Bacopa enough to help you be even more focused than usual, by acting on strengthening concentration, by allowing you to manage your stress, by increasing motivation in order to intensify your efforts. and increasing the speed of information processing.
  • Shorten your stride and avoid jumping. You get less tired, whether going up or down. Trail running is very different from running, where the rhythm is much more linear, and it is much easier to match breathing, heart rate and stride to the same symphony. In trail running, with hilly courses, and positive altitude difference for example, we will rather do ascending vma during a minimum training session per week, during which we will do series of maximum aerobic speed on a positive altitude difference, this that is to say uphill or uphill with trail training directly on this type of route, or if you are a city dweller, on stairs for example.

A hint of room

Fitness, Crossfit, bodybuilding, all these physical activities are beneficial for the trail runner, whatever their objective. They allow him to strengthen his muscles and optimize balance and coordination . Training focused on the legs is an excellent way to prevent the risk of injury by strengthening the muscles. If necessary, during the weeks of preparation, if you put a lot of strain on your joints (knees and ankles in particular), do not hesitate to take Stimium® Joint Flex as a treatment to relieve joint problems, during the biggest training sessions, to prevent any joint or cartilage problems.

Which exercises to favor? Lunges and squats are obvious, but it can be interesting to add cycling or planks to develop the core. The stability ball, an essential accessory for practicing Pilates, is perfect for strengthening the ankles, knees and preventing loss of balance and bad reflexes.

In the Stimium range, for accompanying CrossFit/Bodybuilding exercises, we would particularly recommend Stimium® PreWorkOut Max to prepare the organisms for muscle strengthening loads Stimium® [C] Whey , Stimium® Iso Hwy or Stimium® VegPro to maintain a good protein intake for the muscular fibers put under severe strain during trails, Stimium BCAA Instant , to help development muscle and finally Stimium Pwr Creatine and Power Creatine Tabs , which allow an increase in the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) and develop strength.

New shoes

Having well-shod feet is essential when traveling on sometimes difficult trails. Don't forget about this equipment if you want to progress! How to choose the pair of shoes that will best accompany you on all your outings?

  • Make sure it is adapted to your practice and the paths you take. You will feel more confident if you know that your shoes have good grip and will not cause you to slip.
  • Consider the shape of your foot . Supinators and pronators do not have the same needs. Do not hesitate to seek professional advice, if necessary.
  • Choose good cushioning . The variations in the terrain on the paths will put your feet, ankles and knees to the test. If you want to avoid too much physiological stress and the resulting injuries, opt for specific shoes.

Time for a break

It's impossible to progress if you don't recover, that's obvious. In trail running, as in all sporting disciplines, a break is essential! Force yourself to take a day off, even if it's harder for you than training.

Recovery is a key element of progression. You must therefore ensure that your sleep is long enough to allow your body to repair itself and impose less intense activities in your training program. To help with this relaxation segment, you can use Stimium Ashwagandha , the most powerful natural physical anti-stress, with antioxidant properties, restoration of physical energy, improvement of endurance and resistance.

For recovery and regeneration, we recommend Stimium® Mc3 or Stimium® Mc3 powder, number 1 product in France in the recovery segment, to reduce the risk of cramps and combat muscle fatigue, Stimium® Rgn3 Reload or Stimium® Rgn3 Clean-Up to restock with vitamins and minerals and finally our Stimium® Iso Carb Mix , to replenish these sources of glycogen and proteins.

Take advantage of this day off to go for a walk or sign up for a yoga or Pilates class. These disciplines offer you the opportunity to develop your flexibility and concentration while promoting complete recovery through appropriate use of breathing techniques and gentle, prolonged stretching.

A careful diet

Eating well is essential to make progress, in trail running as in any other sporting discipline. It is not a question of diet here, but rather of adapting your diet to the sport you practice and some common sense advice.

Do not hesitate to seek medical advice : a complete check-up can help you identify unexpected deficiencies or reorient your way of eating. The advice of a nutritionist can also be valuable if you want to take a complete look at your eating habits.

Snacks are important. Don't plan a training outing without bringing your supplies. Don't hesitate to bring Stimium ProBar , the protein bar for strength, energy and vitality during exercise, made in France, low in sugar and fat-free. Even if, on most organized trails, refreshment stations are provided, plan your own. You can, at any time, miss one of these stations (an itinerary error can quickly happen). In addition, it is preferable to rely, as a priority, on foods that you have tested during your training and which you are sure do not risk disrupting your digestion - and therefore your performance.

During the race, Stimium Boost Powder for a complete recharge in the bottle with carbohydrates and vitamins and our Stimium® Boost and Stimium® Pro-Nrj Gums will, as always, be the best allies for your short, medium or long distance trails.

In maintenance, to optimize the heart rate part , do not hesitate to take over 30 days Stimium GABA and/or Stimium OMG which can help to progress on this aspect all the same could not be more important in the trail! And obviously, for a complete supply of vitamins, we recommend Stimium MVM with its 13 vitamins and 12 minerals as well as Vital LLR , the only product on the market combining vitamins, minerals, ginseng and tribulus and releasing its active ingredients in 5 minutes, 45 minutes and 8 hours!

Help the entire Stimium community progress in trail running: share your own advice on our social networks!

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Trail running is attracting more and more fans. Every year, a number of runners switch from road to trail running. It must be said that in the great outdoors, the feeling of freedom is enormous...

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