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Citruline and Aches: Our Effective Advice


Citruline and Aches: Our Effective Advice

Citruline is a great amino acid to help our muscles recover. It also reduces the risk of muscle aches. Many athletes use it as a food supplement. This boosts their physical abilities.

In this article, we tell you everything about citruline. You will learn how it can prevent muscle aches. And what's more, it improves the repair of your muscles.

Main conclusions:

  • Citruline is an amino acid beneficial for muscle recovery.
  • It can be consumed in the form of food supplements.
  • Citruline helps prevent muscle aches and improve physical performance.
  • It is important to consult a healthcare professional before starting citruline supplementation.
  • Citruline has certain contraindications and precautions, especially for people with kidney failure and pregnant women.

What is citruline and where to find it?

Citruline is an essential amino acid that our body produces itself. It is also found in certain foods such as watermelon and melon. These fresh fruits are rich in citruline.

Citruline can also be taken in supplement form. L-Citrulline and citrulline malate are two common types. They are used for their health and sports benefits.

L-Citrulline is the pure version of citruline. It is easy for the body to absorb. This helps you recover better after exercise. Citrulline malate mixes citruline with malic acid. It is good for sport, especially for endurance.

There are many citruline supplements available. They are easy to find. This is practical if you don't often have these foods in your diet.

The benefits of citruline for muscle recovery

Citruline is very good for recovering after exercise. It is crucial to reduce fatigue and avoid aches. This molecule helps make muscle proteins, which boosts muscle mass.

After a big effort, we feel tired. Citruline helps reduce fatigue by increasing the energy of muscle cells. This also improves circulation to the muscles and provides them with more oxygen and nutrients. So we recover better and faster.

She said: "Citruline is an essential amino acid for muscle recovery. It helps reduce fatigue, prevents soreness and promotes protein synthesis. This leads to more muscle."

Citruline activates the creation of muscle proteins. This process is crucial for building and repairing muscles. An increase in protein synthesis improves muscle volume and our performance.

However, citruline alone is not enough. It works well with a balanced diet and regular exercise. It is by combining all these elements that we obtain real results.

The benefits of citruline for muscle recovery

Well done


Reduction of physical fatigue

Citruline boosts the energy of muscle cells. This reduces fatigue.

Prevention of body aches

By improving muscle recovery, it helps avoid muscle aches.

Promotes protein synthesis

It activates the creation of new muscle proteins. It's good for the muscles.

Gain muscle mass

By helping build protein, citruline helps build muscle.

How to use citruline to prevent body aches

Incorporate citruline supplements into your routine. Citruline is an amino acid. It helps to progress in your physical condition, mass gain and endurance. It is important to follow the correct doses.

Recommended dosage

To avoid body aches, take 2 to 6 grams of citruline per day. Spread the dose over the day. This optimizes results.

Setting time

Take citruline when you prefer, before or after exercise. Some use it before to boost their performance. Others take it afterwards to recover. The main thing is to be regular in your intake.

Additional Recommendations

Follow the manufacturer's advice on dosage and intake. Talk to a healthcare professional first. A nutritionist or sports doctor will help you use citruline in the best way.

Recommended dosage table

Training objective

Recommended dosage

A physical training

2-4 grams per day

Weight gain

4-6 grams per day


2-4 grams per day

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Citruline is a great amino acid for preventing muscle aches and boosting muscle recovery. Athletes use it to improve their physical fitness. But, consult a doctor before taking it. This ensures the right dosage and checks if it is safe for you.

Products with citruline are easy to find everywhere. They are a great solution for athletes. But, they do not replace a good diet or regular training.

By adding citruline to your sports routine, you may feel less pain and recover faster. Your performance might even improve. But, always listen to the doctors. Follow their dosage advice carefully. This will help you get the maximum benefit without risk.


What are the benefits of citruline for muscle recovery?

Citruline reduces physical fatigue. It prevents aches and helps build muscles. Studies show that it can also strengthen the heart and combat male problems.

How to use citruline to prevent body aches?

To prevent body aches, take citruline supplements. Take between 2 and 6 grams each day. Take them before or after training depending on your goals.

What is citruline and where to find it?

Citruline is an amino acid produced naturally by the body. It is found in foods like watermelon and melon. You can also take it as a supplement.

What are the precautions and contraindications of citruline?

People with kidney problems, pregnant women and children should avoid citruline. Before you start, always consult a doctor to be sure.

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