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Skilloot, birth of a health nutrition brand for Esport and Gaming

Posted by Jean Baptiste on

Skilloot, birth of a health nutrition brand for Esport and Gaming

Since 2016, Stimium Laboratories have provided nutrition, sport and health products for professional athletes, amateurs and people looking to take care of their body. We are proud to have supported women and men for all these years by actively promoting the practice of physical activities to preserve their health and take care of themselves, every day.

Not that athletes were no longer enough for us, but over the course of meetings, over the course of our passions, we also realized that certain areas, although experiencing very strong growth, were still underdeveloped from a nutrition and health point of view. We ourselves, our children, the children of our customers spend more and more time on screens, with a professional perspective naturally, but also with more recreational objectives, particularly when it comes to video games.

A quick glance at the nutrition offer for what we will call Gamers, quickly convinced us that it was absolutely necessary to bring a small revolution in this sector of ESport and Gaming, to offer more healthy, better formulated and simply more serious.

This is why we created SKILLOOT in 2022, the health brand for ESport Gaming and Video Games nutrition. Gone are the days (that we ourselves knew) of the console with coke (in the best case scenario) and chips. The population, ourselves, have learned from our mistakes and are now aware of the benefits of a varied, balanced diet, and ideally without consumption of prepared meals. So obviously, we can always indulge in some excesses, we are in fact the kings of paradox in France, we know that we have to eat healthily, we know that we have to sleep regularly and yet, we regularly continue to have sprains. as far as we know! Consuming Skilloot products, food supplements registered in France and Europe with health authorities, will not compensate for the excesses that we may commit, that is absolutely not the objective. Taking a Skilloot gum or a drink, on the other hand, means seeking excellence, trying to become even better, to obtain this faster reaction time, this more precise vision than that which one can have after several hours passed in front of the blue light of our screen. It means consuming a healthy product, with ingredients approved by health authorities, in normal and scientifically proven proportions, it means trusting the work of researchers, doctors, pharmacists who took several years to develop and then manufacture what you will love today.

In the Skilloot range, we will find a MANA gamer drink, our own magic, an energy drink with a unique taste, not limited to providing immediate energy, but also improving vision thanks to lutein for example, or concentration thanks to Bacopa for example. MANA is available in Coca , sour candy , Strawberry Kiwi and Mango flavors! We will also find what makes STIMIUM successful in sports nutrition with our gummies. This time, we have developed 4 different erasers, to use during games or after several hours spent in front of your screen. Skilloot thus becomes the only brand in the world to offer erasers for Esport and gamers. We have taken the recipe for our success within Stimium, with vegan gums, made up of a basic formula with maltodextrin (this natural carbohydrate known for its rapid intake into the body), and which we will find in the RunBoost gums for an ultra-fast boost in a delicious orange flavor or the NRJOne gums which will provide more regular energy with a unique red fruit taste

With Skilloot, we opt for the same quality criteria as with Stimium. Our products are thus developed and manufactured in factories respecting the highest quality standards, the same factories which also manufacture health products including Stimium products. Our objective with SKillot is to put an end to products dedicated to gamers and video game players, which are very questionable in the formulation, often too sweet, and regularly quite basic, with benefits that are questionable in the end. The quality of Skilloot products means that these products comply with the latest anti-doping standard NF EN 17444, just like Stimium products. Skilloot products will be the first in this category to be sold in pharmacies, this is once again totally unique, but it is important that parents can also be reassured to find our products in pharmacies, and to know that their children will be able to take products that will respect their health. Incidentally, products good for vision and concentration will not displease these parents for their relevance to middle or high school!

There you have it, Skilloot is the new adventure of Laboratoires Stimium. Two activities that we consider to be very complementary, because fighting against fatigue, fighting against loss of concentration, improving vision or taking care of your joints for example, is not the sole prerogative of athletes or Esports People. We are also seeing more and more athletes using virtual tools for training, just as we are seeing more and more fitness rooms and fairly sophisticated physical training for professional ESport teams. We are convinced that the Sport and ESport border will tend to shrink, and that our Stimium users could consume Skilloot products, and vice versa. After all, 20 years ago, who would have imagined that an activity like Crossfit could bring together fans of endurance and bodybuilding. The support of video games is used in health (in particular for cognitive disorders), is used in sport (in particular for simulation in certain sports) and conversely, gamers are no longer those teenagers or older teenagers spending their day on the screen without social interactions.

The Gaming revolution is on the market, and Skilloot brings its scientific credibility to offer healthy and effective food supplements.

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