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Discover the benefits of plants in Sport (2022)

Posted by Jean Baptiste on

Discover the benefits of plants in Sport (2022)

After having developed numerous drugs in the pharmaceutical industry, particularly based on plants or natural active ingredients, it was normal for the Stimium teams to use the power of plants in the product offering, whether more specifically in the Sport range, or more specifically in the health range.


The fruits, roots, leaves and stems have always been known for their soothing and even curative properties. The first known text on plant medicine comes from a clay tablet, written by the Sumerians 3000 years BC. A little more “recent”, the Ebers Papyrus, which dates from the 16th century BC .-C. is considered the first collection dedicated to medicinal plants. In reality, for thousands of years, phytotherapy, that is to say the use of plants for preventive or curative purposes, constituted the main source of remedies against many diseases. Even today, the use of plants remains in the majority, considering that a significant part of the population on earth does not have access to so-called Western medicine. With all the progress in chemistry, it is today possible to use many natural active ingredients and in particular plant extracts, in complete safety, thanks to safer extraction methods, thanks to more advanced analytical methods. (thank you chromatography), guaranteeing the safety of these products as well as respect for the plant itself.

Thus, Stimium Laboratories currently offer:


Stimium Gingko is the use of the ancestral benefits of an Asian tree with effects on concentration, memory, stress management and circulation since gingko has anticoagulant and vasodilator properties, therefore making it possible to thin the blood. . This is one of the reasons why people with circulation problems (crippled leg or numerous bruises) use Stimium Gingko as a treatment. The WHO and the European Union recognize the use of ginkgo biloba on depression disorders and on cognitive functions in general (depression or memory)


Stimium KG is a red Ginseng from Korea, extremely bioavailable, we are the only ones within Stimium Laboratories to use it for France. Ginseng has been used for thousands of years for its effectiveness in reducing tone, immunity in the event of repeated infections, overwork, memory, concentration, etc.). In its "sport" use, Ginseng reduces muscle damage linked to efforts thanks to its strong antioxidant power, by modulating the elevation of blood markers of muscle breakdown induced by physical activity. We recommend a supplement of 500 to 1000 mg per day as a treatment to activate the immune system, during training or competition. The cures will ideally last one to three months, two to three times a year.


Stimium Bacopa is the use of a plant from swamps and wetlands. The use of Bacopa goes back thousands of years; we find evidence of its very strong use in numerous Ayurvedic medicine treatises. Bacopa improves learning, information processing speed and memory consolidation thanks to its active components which are triterpene saponins and flavonoids If you have already seen the film Limitless with Bradley Cooper , Bacopa is a little similar (we would like it to be as powerful as in this fiction though!)


Stimium Ashwagandha is a product that has caused debate within Stimium Laboratories because its effect is very significant. This is what we call an adaptogenic plant which will contribute to emotional balance and general well-being. Ashwagandha, or withania somnifera or Indian ginseng, is a shrub native to India whose root is used for its tonic, revitalizing and fortifying properties of this plant, while its other name somnifera refers to its ability to promote sleep, this broad spectrum of use explains the adaptogenic side of this plant with multiple effects that must be carefully controlled. In sport, consumption of Ashwaganda increases muscle mass and improves recovery.


Stimium Spiru is the desire to put a plant with multiple properties in our portfolio. Our organic spirulina for athletes will give energy thanks to its iron concentration, vitamin B9 will reduce muscle anabolism, the high concentration of vitamins will provide, depending on the type of vitamin, more energy or better recovery, while providing highly concentrated amino acids in our spirulina. Spirulina will boost the immune system and vitality, will improve endurance and resistance thanks to its protein and amino acid content. Spirulina is a superfood containing multiple nutrients including B vitamins for energy production in the body. It is also rich in iron, amino acids, beta-carotene or chlorophyll, allowing you to stock up on antioxidants. It is truly a multi-faceted product, and without any side effects.


Or products containing only natural active ingredients, such as the Stimium Hydro Off draining burner which has been formulated with bitter orange extract (containing the active ingredient p-synephrine ), ketones with Raspberry extract to boost the metabolism of fats and helps with their elimination, green tea extract, a powerful antioxidant, to stimulate heat production and therefore the elimination of calories, or dandelion and horsetail extracts for their draining effect eliminating excess fluid in the body.


Or even products partly comprising plants, such as Stimium Joint Flex,. But also Stimium Thermoshape with green coffee extract (chlorogenic acid) to act as a hunger and blood sugar boost, Indian nettle extract (also called forskolin ) to burn fat, orange extract bitter (also called p-synephrine ) to help eliminate fat, or even cayenne pepper ( capsaicin ) to improve and boost weight loss, as well as Garcinia Cambodia extract ( hydroxycitric acid ) to reduce lipogenesis (fat production) and the accumulation of lipids in the body, which induces weight loss. We also find Tribulus and Ginseng in Vital LLR , the incredible three-layer tablet releasing active ingredients in 5 minutes, 45 minutes and 8 a.m. We also find acerola , a concentrate of vitamin C, in Stimium Kolafex , the ultra-concentrated product in type 1 marine collagen, to resolve joint problems. We can also mention Stimium RGN3 Clean Up, which is not just a simple isotonic exercise drink, but also contains an extract of guarana, a small shrub whose energetic and stimulating properties have been known for millennia. We also use this guarana extract in ProNrj Gums . In ProNrjcaps , if the formula is ultra complete, we find in particular rhodiola rosea , a root with multiple properties, notably as a booster, as a stress regulator and booster of mental performance. Bitter orange extract and raspberry ketones are also found in our PreWorkOut , the training booster to get started, whatever the level of motivation (which is not always at the best, especially in winter !).


There's more to life than just plants, but honestly plants will contribute enormously to our good health. We will continue within Stimium Laboratories to offer products containing only plants, or only certain plant extracts, always in the right dosages, with a good bioavailable form, to provide a healthy and effective product. VS

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