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Joint Pain, Osteoarthritis Discover the power of Collagen

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Joint Pain, Osteoarthritis Discover the power of Collagen

We are in the century of back pain. In an ideal world, we eat healthy products every day, we do 2 hours of physical activity every day, we sleep 9 to 10 hours every night and thanks to all of this, we stay in great shape, and we suffer no pain , muscular or joint.

Except that unfortunately, this ideal world does not exist, or perhaps a few weeks in the year when we are on vacation, and we take the time to do everything well.

One of the major problems we face in our daily lives is linked to the appearance of pain, back pain, locking ankles, a stubborn knee, a painful hip, a weak shoulder, a painful wrist. This joint pain can be the result of old injuries, poor posture, overload of activity, and also, it must be said, the aging of our body as well.

This is why we initially launched with Stimium the product Joint Flex , a capsule with a unique and ultra-complete formula including Glucosamine and Chondroitin to reduce inflammation phenomena, L-methionine and vitamin C for their anti-oxidant properties and their roles in the normal formation of collagen for our cartilages, Ginger for joint mobility, turmeric for joint flexibility, hyaluronic acid to gain flexibility at the joint level, and a collagen hydrolyzate, for the flexibility of ligaments, tendons, and bones thanks to its role in cartilage regeneration.

With the extremely positive feedback from our users, we decided that it might be interesting to also offer a collagen-based product, and that's why we also recently launched Stimium Kolaflex .

The origins of Stimium Kolafex

Stimium Kolaflex is first and foremost a product once again made in France, for a French brand and a French laboratory. The main ingredient of our product is a 100% natural ingredient, natural hydrolyzed marine collagen powder, that is to say collagen peptides obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis. All collagens are not equal, the one used by Stimium contains highly bioavailable pure marine collagen proteins. This collagen comes from fish caught in the English Channel and the North Sea, and brought back to Boulogne sur mer, resulting from a sustainable development approach, rigorous manufacturing standards, Friend of the Sea label. Although it comes from fish, our collagen has a neutral taste (no fish aftertaste, rest assured). Incidentally, in a context where we must take care of our planet, this marine collagen from local fish has a carbon impact seven times less than bovine collagen in its extraction.

Our Marine Collagen of French origin

We didn't invent anything with this product. We read and analyzed the bibliography, and only the formulation was the subject of special development. For the rest, a complete reading indicates that collagen has been naturally consumed by our ancestors for centuries, through the consumption of certain parts of animals with high concentrations of collagen, such as skin, cartilage and bones. Even today, Japan, where life expectancy is the highest on earth, consumes a huge amount of marine collagen, thanks to the population's great knowledge of these benefits, as a particularly biocompatible ingredient, with excellent bioavailability.

The collagen used in Stimium Kolaflex is made up of proteins in the form of bioactive hydrolyzed peptides (enzymatic hydrolysis) of natural marine collagen resulting from a sustainable development approach (ASC Aquaculture Stewardship Council, BAP Best Aquaculture Practice, and MSC sustainable fishing labels. This Collagen has a molecular weight of less than 4 kilodaltons (kDa), i.e. a low molecular weight, for optimized assimilation and therefore better effectiveness (we will speak of bioactive peptides if we compare with other collagens). (notably Chinese products of porcine or bovine origin, this collagen before hydrolysis will generally have a molecular weight of between 200 and 300 kDa, i.e. a significantly less bioavailable form. Concretely, at equivalent doses, the effects will be significantly less.

Kolaflex collagen is a natural type 1 collagen, cut (chemically) to provide smaller blocks by enzymatic hydrolysis, in order to facilitate its digestion. These unique specific building blocks of collagen peptides will allow the body to remanufacture collagen of each type more easily and more quickly (1, 2, 3...), because yes, our body has the ability to regenerate collagen, depending on each person's needs (joints, bones, muscles, skin, etc.).

The composition of this Made In France marine collagen is ultra rich, particularly in amino acids - glycine, proline and hydroxyproline which are the main components of our connective tissues (bones, muscles, tendons, skin, etc.) as well as in glutamine, one of the major constituents of proteins.

Our body and collagen

Collagen is a component that our body is capable of regenerating. Collagen is a protein naturally present in our body, mainly in our muscles and bones. This collagen helps support our muscle and body mass and plays an important role in elasticity. If we have some joint stiffness, it is probably because our collagen stock has been overused for a specific joint. Collagen is a bit like car oil for our body, it allows our joints to function without them seizing up! This collagen is considered to represent approximately 30% of the body's total proteins in an adult. But again, as with our muscle mass which decreases quite quickly, it is the same for our natural stock of collagen and its production. Indeed, from the age of 25, the natural production of collagen in adults will decrease by 1.5% per year, it is even worse from the age of 45, since the body will produce approximately 1/3 of collagen. less naturally. This explains why taking Kolaflex is important for athletes, and/or for people aged 40 and over, because Kolaflex, in addition to the direct supply of type 1 collagen, will help reboost the natural production of collagen of each type ( 1, 2, 3...) in our body.

Collagen and Scientific Studies :

Supplementation of 10 grams per day of bioactive fish collagen peptides has demonstrated significant results observed from 6 weeks on different functions:

  • Impact on Joints : Several studies have demonstrated over 12 weeks the benefit of supplementation with our marine collagen to relieve the symptoms of knee osteoarthritis, symptoms such as (with 2 main criteria (1) pain and ( 2) physical capacity or function A 3rd , more traditional criterion was the improvement in quality of life. This study was able to confirm the role of collagen for joint health.
  • Impact on Muscles and Bones : In a 14-week study, a significant increase in muscle mass and muscle strength was demonstrated, as well as a significant increase in bone density, i.e. an overall improvement in the musculoskeletal system. -skeletal in adults based on a daily consumption of 15 grams per day.
  • Impact on beauty and in particular the elasticity of the skin . In a study carried out again over 12 weeks, it was demonstrated (1) a significant improvement in skin hydration (+23%), (2) a significant increase in skin elasticity (+24%). %) (3) and on the 3rd criterion a reduction in wrinkles or a global anti-aging action, explaining the success of our “sport collagen” formula on the skin.
  • Impact on weight . A 12-week study demonstrated that taking collagen peptides at a rate of 10 grams per day helps limit weight and fat gain. This is also explained by the fact that Kolaflex does not contain GMOs but is above all fat-free, carbohydrate-free, sugar-free and preservative-free.
  • In fact, it also helps limit associated health problems such as cholesterol,

We are really proud at Stimium of Kolaflex, a healthy, French product, respecting very high quality standards, with Halal certification, easy to use because it can be mixed in a drink, in a cold dish, in a hot dish, thanks to with its neutral taste. Most of our customers consume it in the morning, in a drink (water or fruit juice), a smoothie, their yogurt, or a compote, while some cook cookies for the week with our collagen since the latter can be cooked, while retaining all these properties (which also explains its heavy use in soups in winter).

No more osteoarthritis problems, joint pain, gain flexibility and mobility by regularly consuming marine collagen, formulated in particular in Kolaflex, with a super bioavailable magnesium salt, citrate to reduce fatigue and improve muscle functioning as well as a natural vitamin C, acerola, which accelerates the synergistic regenerative and protective action of collagen.

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