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Cyclo training plan (100 km) in 12 weeks: week 8

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Cyclo training plan (100 km) in 12 weeks: week 8

Rest week with 60km outing | Time spent on the bike: 4 hours 40 minutes

Week 8


Day off :

Rest days are when you recover from your training and get stronger. Try to eat and drink well today without overdoing it, take a nap and sleep early enough in the evening to get at least 10 hours of sleep. If necessary, take Stimium Ashwagandha , the most powerful natural physical stress reliever, with antioxidant properties to help you fall asleep.


Outdoor/indoor 40 minutes

Focus: You should be very familiar with this warm-up by now. Keep the resistance low and focus on smooth pedaling.

Pace the efforts as evenly as possible, don't go too hard and maintain a constant pace. Shift into a lower gear on rev outs to maximize cadence.

Repeat the warm-up twice to reach a 40-minute session.


Day off

Your second day off of the week. Discover some techniques you can use to optimize your recovery.


Outdoor/indoor: 1h00; Spin Out

Focus: It's about cadence, speed and resistance.

Warm-up #2:

  • Increase the pace to the threshold of your maximum level for 30 seconds.
  • Hold the maximum cadence for 1 minute with good intensity.
  • Recover for 4 minutes.

Repeat the sequence 4 times.

At the end of the 4th sequence, replace the 4 minute recovery with a full 10 minute recovery.

Keep your upper body as stable as possible, movements should be limited.


Day off

You have an extra day of rest this week before your weekend bike ride.

Use this time to check your bike and prepare your kits before the weekend ride.

Okay, everything ready? 😊


Flexible day

You will probably need to adapt your training program according to your work and family life.

A flexible day like this serves to give you more flexibility to adapt.

So if you have to move the sessions, try to keep the following structure: 1 day of training on the bike followed by a day of rest or another activity.

Do not ride from one day to the next.


60 km / 3h00 bike ride: improvement of running endurance

Focus: Still endurance, but try to do all climbs in Zone 3.

Warm-up #1:

Rhythm is key. Stay in Zone 1-2. This may seem very easy to achieve at first, but be disciplined and stick to your zones.

Fine-tune your nutrition and hydration strategies during this outing.

There may come a time when you want to go out with friends or members of a cycling club. It's great and you'll learn techniques for riding in a peloton and/or group, but don't be pushed to ride at a pace that's too fast for you.


And our nutrition advice to help you perform:

30 min before each session, take Stimium® PreWorkOut Max (2 spoons diluted in a shaker or a large glass of water). It will help you improve your muscular work capacity, power and resistance to effort, during your preparation, on a classic road bike training as on cross.

During each outing or during an event, take Stimium® boost Powder (1 measuring spoon in 1 bottle, drink a sip every 30 minutes on a classic route) or alternatively our Stimium® boost gums or our Stimium® Pro-Nrj gums (a gum every 30 min) to support the effort and gain speed.

You can also add Stimium® ProBar (1 to 2 low-sugar protein bars to consume during the break) during your sessions, a moment of pleasure to support the effort, fat-free and sugar-free.

For your long outing, Stimium® Pro-Nrj caps (up to 4 capsules 30 min before the race). A stimulating contribution that certain professional teams take on the stages of the Tour

Within 1h30 of your short outing from your training plan, or for any outing longer than 1h30 , take Stimium® Rgn3 Clean-Up (1 measuring spoon in 1 bottle, drink a sip every 30 min) to rebuild your immediate reserves glycogens, vitamins and minerals. And for the long outing, Stimium® Iso Carb (2 pods in 400ml of water or milk) to rebuild muscle fibers and deep glycogen reserves in depth.

If you have some cramps, take 2 sticks of Stimium® Mc3 after your outings and 2 in the evening. Continue for 2, 3 days.

In maintenance, if you feel a little weakness in the cardio part, do not hesitate to take over 30 days Stimium GABA and/or Stimium OMG for the heart rate which can help you to progress in this aspect all the same we cannot do more important !

This training plan is a base, and a base for cycling, we are therefore far from the programs for which Stimium collaborates with Pro Tour teams, combining road cycling, cyclo, mountain biking, muscle strengthening, Strength training, heart rate training, velocity axis training, critical endurance, maximum aerobic sessions... The majority of cyclists in France do cyclos and terminals for pleasure, so this plan is mainly aimed at their.

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Rest week with 60km outing | Time spent on the bike: 4 hours 40 minutes Week 8 Monday Day off : Rest days are when you recover from your training and get stronger. Try to...

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