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Training after returning from vacation

Posted by Jean Baptiste on

Training after returning from vacation

Ah Returning from vacation, never the most pleasant period, even if we also appreciate finding our bearings at home. It's a bit the same thing for sport. We were very happy to have changed our sporting rhythm on vacation, but we are also very happy to find our bearings, our gym, our course, our teammates... the fact remains that the return to sport must take place on our return summer, or after the winter holidays, it is often complicated.

Some will return to sport as if they had never stopped, others will remain in vacation mode, and getting back into it will not be so easy. Come on, the hardest part is getting back into it. But once the machine is set, it will be impossible to stop it!

So how do we get back into the swing of things?

He will simply take stock of the weeks or months of vacation and assess his current condition. You can have your connected watch, and it may not lie if you have worn it regularly. The aim of the assessment is to start off on a good basis, to set new back-to-school objectives and to do so, you must be able to know the progress of the last few months and what was achieved during the holidays.

As we are not all super reasonable, some will have spent a large part of the vacation enjoying the sun without paying attention to training or diet). For them, the first objective will be quite simple, return to a “healthier” lifestyle, that is to say eat better, sleep better and resume 2 to 3 sessions per week.

Concretely, how do we do this little assessment? As indicated, we check our watch and compare our energy expenditure during the vacation compared to what it was before leaving. No imprecise estimates here, the figures will be there. Another important and easy to take figure is weight and measurements, considering that we have already taken these measurements before leaving of course. The most significant measurement will be the waist circumference even if other measurements could also be used to determine the gain of fat, muscle or a simple reduction in weight (which is not impossible for those who have worked out). cladding before leaving and resumed a more normal diet during the holidays).

Most people (both men and women, although the latter may also gain weight in the thighs) store fat mainly around the abdominal area. This is why it can be interesting to take measurements of thigh circumference, hip circumference, waist circumference and for those practicing bodybuilding or crossfit for example during the year, shoulder and arm circumference. The scale alone will not necessarily be the best indicator even if they are more and more precise, but coupled with taking measurements, this type of information will provide enormously important data for the summer assessment and short-term objectives. , medium and longer term to be defined. In addition to this information, it is possible to measure fat mass if you do not have a new generation connected scale which very often performs the calculation itself.

Once all this information has been obtained, it is normally possible to know if we have gained muscle or rather gained fat, or if we have lost physical strength or strengthened, for example, the shoulders or quadriceps by having swum for 1 hour every day. in the swimming pool. From there, it is possible to set back-to-school goals.

Some will classify their objectives with a base to achieve, a second level that it would be good to achieve and a 3rd level to seek outperformance. Others will choose to set their objectives chronologically, with short, medium and long term. For example, if barbecue sauces have been too frequent, it is possible that one could have a BMI that is too high and a dryness could be the first goal over 4 to 8 weeks. In this case, we would obviously recommend a protein isolate like Stimium® Iso Hwy supplemented with a fat burner like Stimium Thermoshape to burn fat and/or Stimium Hydro Off the burner drainer to combat excess pounds. Conversely, if you have managed to stay at a healthy weight with less extensive training, it is not impossible that you will have to plan a first phase of regaining muscle mass, depending on the sport you will practice. , with in this hypothesis strengthening before training with a PreWorkout Stimium® PreWorkOut Max to improve resistance to exercise and prepare the organism for muscle strengthening loads, and or creatine Stimium Pwr Creatine , and in addition to a classic WPC type protein concentrated at more than 80% Stimium® [C] Whey or a plant-based protein like Stimium® VegPro with BCAAs Stimium BCAA Instant

You have to pay attention to your training plan, because when you return from vacation, you often tend to overestimate what you can achieve in the short term or in the first phases, and conversely underestimate what you can achieve. can be achieved in the long term or over the 3rd phases. One of the rules that is valid not only when returning from vacation, is to write down your objectives, write them down and be able to view them regularly (on the fridge, on the home screen of your phone, etc.).

Unless you have returned from vacation in a physical condition exactly similar to that before the vacation, you should avoid resuming your old training program, at the risk of not progressing and not recovering properly. Except not recovering from muscle fatigue on a recovery is a virtual guarantee of muscle injury. This is why taking Stimium® Mc3 or Stimium® Mc3 powder for the production of NO and ATP in order to have increased oxygenation of the muscles and avoid cramps is really important.

If stretching and flexibility exercises are necessary all year round, they are even more so in the recovery phase, because the muscles will no longer necessarily be used to workloads, even if well calculated. Practicing 5 to 10 minutes of yoga first thing in the morning, then 10 minutes of stretching after training, is the best way to anticipate the next training session. Some people may have heavy legs when they resume, so we would recommend a venotonic like Stimium GINGKO , which in addition to improving circulatory functions, stimulates sports performance, via an increase in blood flow allowing an increase in nitric oxide (NO) concentrations. ), to avoid the syndrome of poor blood circulation which can notably impact the lower muscular structure (thighs and calves).

Nothing very complicated in the end for a return to activity, just clearly define your objectives in relation to your state of form when restarting training, and motivate yourself to seek an improvement in your performance despite the return to daily life.

Here we go !

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