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What is Nordic walking?

Posted by Jean Baptiste on

What is Nordic walking?

A booming activity, like trail running, Nordic walking has long suffered from the image of an activity mainly reserved for retirees. This is a shortcut far from reflecting reality, because it is an activity which actually combines endurance and muscle strengthening. We are lucky in France to have a multitude of playing fields (this would not exactly be the case, for example, if you live in the Emirates!). The French natural environment offers a diversity of training and playgrounds that encourage the practice of Nordic walking.

Unlike hiking , which mainly uses the lower limbs, Nordic walking, which is more complete, uses a large part of our muscle mass. As you will have already noticed, the natural movement of the arms back and forth in Nordic walking is achieved using two poles, which help the practitioner to propel their body forward more quickly in order to go faster, thanks to a greater frequency and amplitude, and walk longer. Nordic walking involves both the upper part of the body such as the shoulders, arms or abdominals and the lower part of the body (thigh, calf, knee and ankle). By activating a large part of the muscle mass, Nordic walking generates a large energy expenditure (around twice as much as during conventional walking).

Although this activity is similar to jogging, it is nonetheless much less traumatic for the joints. If some walkers feel some joint, muscular or tendon stiffness , Stimium® Joint Flex in treatment could relieve certain pains and be a relevant solution. Several studies have been published describing the physiological benefits of Nordic walking with an improvement in cardiovascular capacity, in addition, for example, to regular intake of Omega 3 with Stimium OMG . Several reports were also mentioned demonstrating weight loss, all the more significant with taking Stimium Thermoshape to burn fat and/or Stimium Hydro Off to combat excess pounds and have an interesting draining effect. Finally, like many sports practices, particularly outdoors, Nordic walking provides certain psychological benefits with an increase in social bonds or a reduction in stress and anxiety, with a quick and easy apprehension of the activity therefore providing quickly a real pleasure.

In practice, Nordic walking requires acquiring a certain technical skill (development of leg-arm coordination, learning how to support the poles, rolling the ankle and the role of the foot), as well as a physical condition in order to be able to change or maintain certain market appearances. It is obviously possible to practice in a club or freely, it should also be noted that many hiking or trail type races increasingly offer a Nordic walking course in addition. In terms of equipment, if you already do trail running or running, you won't have to invest too much at first, stick to your usual sports shoes, caps, glasses, the only small investment could be buying a stick, but on your first 2 or 3 outings, you can also just rent them, before being certain that this new athletic exercise is made for you.

As with running, there are real training sessions, mixing technical and physical work, it is possible to do interval training in Nordic walking by playing on your VMA. It is an activity often practiced in athletics clubs to work on endurance through sessions different from traditional track training, allowing the strengthening of upper and lower body muscles that are less used in traditional disciplines.

In conclusion, far from the clichés of grandpa's sport, Nordic walking is ultra complete, comparable at a high level to the efforts of very good trail runners. If you have planned days or half days of walking, it will be advisable to take supplements in order to conserve your energy and nourish your muscles, in particular Stimium Boost Powder to prepare before leaving in your water bottle for a complete recharge of carbohydrates and vitamins and our Stimium® Boost and Stimium® Pro-Nrj Gums for fun energy from 1 hour of walking, and of course, for recovery, especially if you do it again in the afternoon or the next day, Stimium® Mc3 or Stimium® Mc3 powder to reduce the risk of cramps and combat muscle fatigue. Finally Stimium® Rgn3 Reload or Stimium® Rgn3 Clean-Up once your course is completed, especially in summer, as an isotonic drink to stock up on nutrients and restore your body to balance. Last product to recommend, in case of feeling heavy legs, because they are very stressed during Nordic walking, Stimium GINGKO , to improve your circulatory functions.

You will never look at Nordic walking the same way again! The French Athletics Federation, in collaboration with the FF Randonnée, manages the discipline, with the support of clubs and committees throughout France. Whatever the age or level, it is an excellent activity to take care of your health, at the cardiovascular level of course, but also to avoid a sedentary lifestyle, and therefore to lose weight by burning calories, improve technique, improve your flexibility, an ultra-complete sport with multiple benefits!

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A booming activity, like trail running, Nordic walking has long suffered from the image of an activity mainly reserved for retirees. This is a shortcut far from reflecting reality, because it is an activity which...

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