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What a product to run longer!

Posted by Jean Baptiste on

What a product to run longer!

Running for a long time at over 11 km/h for example, it's not that simple, ask a marathon runner or ultra trail runner, or a triathlete.

There are no real secrets to being able to run for a long time, you must have achieved the right equation between TRAINING, MENTAL and NUTRITION.

If you are a good marathon runner, that is to say a person who manages to finish between 3 hours and 4 hours, you already know the 30th kilometer wall in a marathon, but you will discover new barriers with distances starting from 60 /80km (you will notice the difference of 20km which is however far from insignificant, but the definitions still change depending on the federations), generally the start of what we will call ultra trail.

To run for a long time, you have to exceed your physical limits as much as your mental limits. For each of its aspects, appropriate nutrition is necessary to improve its performance.

Concerning the mental part, we will particularly recommend Stimium Bacopa  to take before your race, starting at least 15 days before your race , to train your brain to accept an effort of more than 5 hours. Also Stimium GABA , for its role in regulating cardiac output, its ability to lower muscle tension, reduce muscle spasms while also having an action on improving concentration.

When supporting the runner who wants to run longer, it is obviously necessary to consider a combination of products to take in preparation before, but also during, and finally after the race.

  • In preparation, to run for a long time, you must have accustomed your body to fairly heavy trail loads, while doing muscle strengthening, which is the whole point of a product like Stimium® PreWorkOut Max . We also recommend taking a course of vitamins for at least 1 month before this type of very long effort, with Stimium MVM and its 13 vitamins and 12 minerals or Vital LLR , a unique product combining vitamins, minerals, ginseng and tribulus and releasing its active ingredients in 5 minutes, 45 minutes and 8 hours! Still on this preparation part, taking Stimium BCAA Instant , BCAAs with glutamine will strengthen the muscular structure of the upper and lower body to better withstand long efforts, and help reduce fatigue linked to exercise. Obviously, you will also need to hydrate properly, at the start and during the race with an exercise drink, with Stimium Boost Powder to recharge with carbohydrates and vitamins at the start, and during the first part of the race (the first 2 hours) . Beyond 2 hours, we always recommend hydrating, but rather with an isotonic drink (as a reminder, a drink is isotonic when it contains the same concentration of particles as blood) such as Stimium® Rgn3 Reload or Stimium® Rgn3 Clean-Up to replenish vitamins and minerals after exercise. Still during exercise, it is possible to use Stimium® Mc3 powder, a combination of maltodextrin and citrulline, to best oxygenate the muscles during exercise and reduce the risk of cramps, while Stimium® Mc3 in a sugar-free gel stick, can be used for the production of nitric oxide and ATP both at the end of the race and afterwards during recovery.

Once again, good nutrition without good training will not give convincing results, just as the best training, without a mental match, will not take you to your initial objectives. You must combine training, mentality and nutrition, in association with sleep and optimized recovery, to be able to run for a long time and improve your endurance. We recommend that all runners do an event one day with night courses, the sensations are totally different, the benchmarks change completely, the body itself reacts differently, with the fatigue accumulated during the event, but also with the biological rhythm which should normally lead to sleep. Running for a long time provides a feeling of fullness, releasing endomorphins, which take us towards goals that we thought were unattainable. All that remains is to not let yourself get drunk, and to take regular nutrition and appropriate food before the need arises.

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Running for a long time at over 11 km/h for example, it's not that simple, ask a marathon runner or ultra trail runner, or a triathlete. There are no real secrets to being able to...

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