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Fitness training plan, tip #3: how to stay motivated

Posted by Jean Baptiste on

Fitness training plan, tip #3: how to stay motivated

Tip #3 How to stay motivated :

When you have a group class or an intense workout planned but your body doesn't seem to be in the mood to do it, you have to know how to react.

Follow a training program consistent with your goals, pay attention to your diet, get good advice from professionals... This makes it easy to get on the right path and have the right project. What is more difficult is to stay motivated over time, every day and this is valid for all athletes.

Being ready and fully ready for each session, giving everything until the last drop of sweat is not easy for everyone. It's like a skill that you have to cultivate over time, so sometimes you have to work on yourself, especially in winter when some weeks will be harder than others.

Here are some tips and tricks to give your best and motivate yourself.

  • Have a global vision:

The level of effort required by intensive training is not everyone's daily routine. This is why it is important to mentally prepare for this session.

You should start preparing your mind for a workout at least 30-45 minutes before your workout: by car, on the subway, or by walking before arriving at the gym. Visualize what you are about to do, why you are going to do it, and how you will feel when you are finished.

  • Watch an inspiring video

Little tip. When you arrive at the gym, what could be more motivating than to sit down for 2 minutes and watch a motivational video? Whether it's the exploits of a high-level athlete or certain advertisements from certain sports equipment manufacturers, the web and social networks are full of videos that will give you the motivation to tackle your training!

  • Have a concrete objective for each session

Ideally, week after week, each session should be better than the previous one in terms of performance. This only works if you have one or more defined Fitness goals and tasks.

You don't have to do better on every set, every rep, than the last, but you should try to improve small things in every session.

  • Allow yourself small deviations…

A beautiful physique is built through consistency:

  • Adapted training
  • Effective movements
  • A healthy diet
  • A consistent life

Over time you learn to know yourself and know how your body reacts. We must maintain this spark of excitement, of pleasure of training, during each session. There are days with and yes, there are sometimes days without, with the stress of professional life, pressure from the company you work for, or on the contrary, a stressful job search, an exam come...

To do this, give yourself rest when it seems necessary to you, the goal is not to give up or feel guilty if you miss a workout, a break is sometimes much more effective to get you going again, than a series of workouts without pleasure.

The advice of our Stimium Coach:

You need to find YOUR Fitness activity, the one in which you will find the most PLEASURE.


  • Team up with someone who will push you

All the tips we listed above are easier to do with a great gym partner. This makes training more exciting, motivating and therefore often provides better results! Being 2 makes it easier to motivate yourself, and to motivate and push your partner.

Working with a friend or a group of friends is the perfect motivation to surpass yourself while having fun at the same time.

Downside: be careful to train with someone who has the same goals and the same motivation as you, a compatible athlete!

Today's training with several activities:

  • Jumping Jack (1')

  • Spider pumps (20)

  • Australian pull-ups (15)

  • Jumping Squats (20)

In addition and in order to maximize your results, we offer the following products:

  1. 30 min before exercise, take Stimium® PreWorOut Max (2 pods dissolved in 250 ml of water). This product will help you perform more repetitions for longer to stay more efficient.
  2. If you want to build muscle, then you will need to add Stimium® BCAA Instant (1 scoop in 250 ml of water 30 min before exercise and 1 more after exercise)
  3. During exercise, remember to hydrate with Stimium ® boost Powder (1 scoop in 250 ml). The product will also provide you with energy and all the vitamins necessary to perform during and after your physical activity.
  4. In 1h30 following our activity and because we have sweated well, we recharge with Stimium® SPIRU which will help to replenish your vitamin and mineral stocks. And as a bonus, spirulina has a strong antioxidant effect, very beneficial for recovery.
  5. If you have cramps after following your somewhat heavy training plans over certain periods, take 2 sticks of Stimium® Mc3 , whose active ingredients will help you eliminate excess lactic acid. Continue to take it for at least 4 days, 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening (optimal course: 8 days)

  6. For those who are on a diet and have a little craving, replace a meal or snack with our low-sugar and low-fat protein bars: Stimium® Probar . To vary the pleasures, we have chocolate, coconut, coffee, caramel, peanut (vegan) flavors.

  7. In the evening, take Stimium® Iso Hwy (1 scoop in 200 ml of water or milk) to complete your protein intake, essential for muscle building. This whey is lactose-free, sugar-free and lipid-free. No stomach ache and we stay in shape!!
  8. Finally, Stimium Bacopa will not make you superhuman with the wave of a magic wand by increasing the faculties of your brain tenfold, but will help you to be even more focused than usual, by acting on strengthening concentration, by allowing you to manage stress, by increasing motivation in order to intensify efforts and increasing the speed of processing information. Staying focused to anticipate the dangers of driving in the rain is obviously more than necessary.

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