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Fitness training plan, tip #2: choose the right gym

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Fitness training plan, tip #2: choose the right gym

Tip #2 Choose the right fitness room :

Not all rooms are equal! It is not because there is a gym near you that it is the best option, with the best cardio training equipment if sports coaches are only available in during the day while you will only come in the evening from 8 p.m.! Becoming a member of a gym that is in line with your objectives is extremely important to optimize your efforts. We have grouped here the main criteria to remember to make the right choice of where you are going to burn your calories.

  • Identify your goals

Before you walk into any fitness gym or studio, ask yourself what your goals are? If you want to do mainly cardio and you don't like group classes, it's not worth paying a subscription to a gym that offers a weight training park with the latest fashionable machines as well as group lessons at any time. If you are primarily looking for advice from a coach, make sure they are available.

  • Optimize location

Location, location, location. It’s a bit like real estate! The location of your gym is extremely important in maintaining your motivation. If you have more than 30 minutes to travel to the club, from your home or office, there's a good chance you'll miss more sessions than expected. The ideal commute time is within 5 to 15 minutes of your work or home.

  • Try before you buy

Most gyms offer trial sessions and we recommend you take advantage of them. This will allow you to test the machines, the group lessons, and the general atmosphere of the room to see if it suits you. It is a significant investment, the price of a subscription is not cheap particularly in large cities like Paris, Lyon, Marseille or Bordeaux, a low cost room may suit you if you are not looking for specific advice and simply come lifting cast iron or doing the treadmill or elliptical bike, on the contrary, if you want advice, group lessons and more personalized follow-up, you will necessarily have to go for another type of offer.

  • Take inventory

The first thing to do when you enter a fitness room is to take a look at the equipment and the class schedule. You don't need to have the latest fashionable equipment, but it's important to find a space with free weights, guided machines, space to relax and cardio equipment. As for group lessons, check that the lessons offered and their time slots suit you before registering.

  • The atmosphere

When you enter the gym are you motivated and ready to sweat or do you want to lie down next to the coffee machine? Some Fitness clubs lack positive energy and it is important that this does not affect your motivation. Too quiet or on the contrary too noisy with a lot of people, it is important to find a happy medium that suits you.

  • Read the rules

Whether in terms of opening hours or cancellation fees, be vigilant so as not to find yourself trapped with a subscription to a room that you no longer like after 2 months.

  • The cleanliness

There is nothing more unpleasant than working out in a poorly maintained gym. Check the condition of the locker rooms and machines, do members use towels when they train and clean up when they finish?

  • Air quality

We don't necessarily think about it but it is important that the space is ventilated and breathable. When the room fills up it can quickly become hot and humid, which is particularly unpleasant.

Take the time you need before registering and test the rooms that interest you before signing. It's better to leave 2 weeks later than to be committed to a bad gym!

The advice of our Stimium Coach:

“Tell yourself that if a gym is not expensive, then it’s not for nothing! Whether for reasons of conviviality, security or motivation; favor clubs in which you can have access to a local service (presence of coach with or without an appointment). »

Today's training:

  • Alternating lunges (20 total)

  • Mountain Climber (1')

  • Scissors (1')

  • Kettlebell swing (20)

3 complete turns to complete

In addition and in order to maximize your results, we offer the following products for optimal nutrition:

  1. 30 min before exercise and your cross training for example, take Stimium® PreWorOut Max (2 pods to dissolve in 250 ml of water). This product will help you perform more repetitions for longer.
  2. If you want to build muscle, then you will need to add Stimium® BCAA Instant (1 scoop in 250 ml of water 30 min before exercise and 1 more after exercise)
  3. During exercise, remember to hydrate with Stimium ® boost Powder (1 scoop in 250 ml). The product will also provide you with energy and all the vitamins necessary to perform.
  4. In the hour following the end of your last exercises and because you have sweated well, you recharge with Stimium® SPIRU which will help to replenish your stocks of vitamins and minerals. And as a bonus, spirulina has a strong antioxidant effect, very beneficial for recovery and general health.
  5. If you have cramps, take 2 sticks of Stimium® Mc3 , whose active ingredients will help you eliminate excess lactic acid. Continue to take it for at least 4 days, 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening (optimal course: 8 days)
  6. For those who are on a diet and have a little craving, replace a meal or snack with our low-sugar and low-fat protein bars: Stimium® Probar . To vary the pleasures, we have chocolate, coconut, coffee, caramel, peanut (vegan) flavors.
  7. In the evening, take Stimium® Iso Hwy (1 scoop in 200 ml of water or milk) to complete your protein intake, essential for muscle building. This whey is lactose-free, sugar-free and lipid-free. No stomach ache and we stay in shape!!

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