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Sightjogging or tourist running

Posted by Jean Baptiste on

Sightjogging or tourist running

Going on a trip means discovering new lands but also new playgrounds for runners . The concept of sightjogging was born in 2005, in Rome. Carolina Gasparetto, sports teacher, wanted to share the love she has for her city. She therefore decided to found a company offering visiting businessmen the opportunity to discover the architectural treasures of Rome while jogging on adapted and guided tours. Since then, sightjogging has spread to many other cities around the world.

It is possible to practice sightjogging in two different ways. The first is in the form of a guided tour, alone or with others. You usually have several routes to choose from and can, in some cases, even request a personalized itinerary. Throughout the race, the history of the monuments and places you pass through is told to you by a city runner tourist guide, obviously this type of service has a price that must be paid for.

If you are the self-taught type, or if running in a group is not your main interest, or if you simply want to run at your own pace, it is also possible to go alone to discover a city. By opting for this technique, the visit will not be as complete as with a guide but you will be able to enjoy getting lost in an unknown city, doing a running circuit among the castles of the Loire to discover their history and their architecture , while doing a little trail in an extraordinary environment, see a local market in the morning where you could be the only tourist present... But keep in mind that a return by train or bus is to be considered when opting for this technique. Indeed, unless you have an infallible sense of direction, it is possible to get lost. But it doesn't matter which method you choose, as long as you enjoy it! There is no right or wrong way, only different points of view and philosophies for the same result.

For the moment, this type of race is offered in Paris, Lyon, Nice, Nantes and even Le Touquet. It is also possible to practice sightjogging in certain foreign cities such as Vienna, Sydney, Singapore or even London, Berlin but also Rome, for example, in order to see the main attractions, during the day and at night, which can make the discovery even more unusual. Do not hesitate to consult the Global Running Tours website for more information and an idea of ​​prices because the support of a guide will mean that this discovery will no longer be free of course. If the French have the reputation of being jokers, they are also excellent guides, even in English, for foreigners wishing to visit our most beautiful cities through a sporty and fun route.

We are fortunate in France obviously to have an exceptional heritage, with a very rich culture, allowing us in our beautiful country to go shopping in each region and discover the treasures of our heritage. What's more, in France, we can even go beyond the discovery of architectural heritage, since many races also offer us the opportunity to discover the culinary treasures of some of our regions (see certain grape varieties!).

However, abroad, there are indeed some pretty fantastic races to be had. At Stimium, we obviously did the New York marathon, but other equally exceptional races exist in Rome, Prague, Amsterdam, Moscow, London. It is always possible to plan a short trip based on an upcoming race, or even a big trip and do the Sydney marathon for example, in the middle of all these islands requiring small cruises to better understand each district.

Obviously if you are going to travel abroad, you will not necessarily find your usual products at the supply stations. So as usual, plan to hydrate hard (especially if you do Dubai or a trail in Siem Rep in the temples of Cambodia where the humidity is 70%.).

Fortunately, the standards that are our Stimium® Boost and Stimium® Pro-Nrj Gums for the immediate energy they provide and the ease of their consumption are very easy to take. And if you can, also take Stimium® Mc3 or Stimium® Mc3 powder for recovery, it would be a shame after the race, not to be able to continue discovering your place of stay through fun and sporting activities! Having sport and culture on the menu for certain trips sometimes allows you to reconcile all the family's desires, it would be a shame to deprive yourself of it!

Enjoy, now it’s up to you to find the right race, in the right place!

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Going on a trip means discovering new lands but also new playgrounds for runners . The concept of sightjogging was born in 2005, in Rome. Carolina Gasparetto, sports teacher, wanted to share the love she...

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