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Stimium Noerden Competition

Posted by Jean Baptiste on

Stimium Noerden Competition

Stimium Laboratories are very proud to partner with Noerden for a competition allowing their respective community to win the Stimium Hydro Off , Thermoshape , Iso Hwy products as well as the Noerden Sensori connected scale. Competition valid until May 10, 2022, hurry!

Why Noerden? Because like us, Noerden is a French company with such a true slogan, “KISS” for Keep It Simple Stupid, the idea being to offer objects, concentrated in technology, in very simple to use functionalities. Nothing is worse than knowing that you are using 10% of an item's functionality and potential. The portfolio seemed very complementary to our STIMIUM sports nutrition products, including connected scales, smart bottles which is extremely important since good hydration is absolutely key, or even connected hybrid watches. Like STIMIUM which supports athletes in their daily training, or the less sporty in maintaining their health, Noerden allows, via applications which are improved every day by the teams in Paris, Singapore and Shanghai, to support every day, simply and personally their users.

For this competition, we started from a fairly simple premise: Weight is one of the essential factors in the search for performance for athletes, but also in self-esteem for non-athletes. At Stimium Laboratories, we take this subject very seriously, a fundamental element of good health. We have studied the profile and application of Noerden smart scales, and they are definitely very impressive in their tracking and accuracy. The ultimate project we are working on is to advise certain Stimium products via the Noerden application based on the data that will be generated when using Noerden's connected products.

We wish you good luck in this competition and hope that you will be as convinced as we are about the importance of controlling your weight to take care of your health.


To go further, go to the Noerden website

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