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8 exercises to do cardio without running and without equipment

Posted by Jean Baptiste on

8 exercises to do cardio without running and without equipment

To do cardio, you don't need a gym membership, a home trainer or going for a run. Focus on 8 exercises to try urgently!

Do cardio without running and without special equipment (rope, elliptical bike) to improve your physical condition: follow the program!

Jumping Jack: what if we jumped!

It is certainly one of the oldest known aerobic exercises. The reason for its longevity is very simple: it works very well ! With your feet together, you must jump by raising your arms and spreading your legs. On the next jump, lower your arms and bring your legs back. Do this exercise several times and you will feel your muscles and lungs burning, your heart rate racing. It's too easy ? Accelerate! This exercise will prove to you that you can very well improve your cardio without running, and thus gain endurance.

High Knees: raise your knees!

This exercise is the opposite of the heel-butt exercises regularly practiced by home cardio enthusiasts. It is much more intense at the muscular and pulmonary level. Test it: you will realize that lifting your knees rhythmically is not so easy, there is real muscular and cardio work involved. The heart races and the muscles heat up. This exercise is ideal during the warm-up before a race for example, for running addicts.

MountainClimber: taking on the mountain!

This fitness exercise will work your entire body , especially your legs, arms and abdominals. The principle :

  • Place yourself facing the ground, resting on your toes and hands.
  • Your hands are in line with your shoulders as in push-ups, arms and legs are straight.
  • Caution: thighs, pelvis and trunk must be aligned if you do not want to injure yourself! Tighten your abs to hold.
  • Raise one leg bent while keeping the other straight. Stay on tiptoe.
  • Alternately, bring your right knee and your left knee toward your chest.

This relatively simple movement is very effective, especially if practiced with a certain intensity. Without running, it can significantly improve your cardiovascular system via increasing heart rate. It has its place at the start of a cardio program at home .

Burpees: the art of jumping!

Like the MountainClimber, this exercise is complete. Thanks to it, all the muscle chains in the body activate and heat up, a bit like during interval training during endurance work. It also places enormous demands on the sheathing and therefore carries the promise of a wasp waist. How does this ultra-comprehensive activity work?

  • Stand with your feet slightly apart.
  • Your legs should bend and your hands should rest on the ground.
  • Give a slight push and throw your legs back. You then arrive in a plank position: the back is braced, the arms are straight, the body is aligned.
  • Return to the initial position.
  • Get up and start the sequence again!

This exercise should be integrated rather in the middle of the program . There are variations that can help you break away from the monotony of cardio at home. Do not hesitate to ask !

Pumps: timeless!

It is one of the pillars of military training and certainly one of the best known cardio training exercises . Whether you do them on your knees or on tiptoes, you must always take care to protect your back well, if you want to avoid hurting yourself. To practice for 10 to 15 minutes for example.

La Planche: the great classic!

It’s impossible not to include this exercise in a cardio program. As with the pumps, we take care of its sheathing and we don't tremble! Guaranteed effectiveness on runs of 30 to 60 seconds!

The Iceman: for the bravest!

This may be the hardest home cardio exercise to do! It requires agility and coordination . However, once you master it, the results are worth the difficulty. How to proceed ?

  • Stand up, keep your back straight. Your feet are a little apart and your arms at your sides.
  • Then jump on the right side. The right leg is in front while the left goes behind. Your left arm goes forward while your right goes back.
  • Then jump to the left side while performing the opposite movements. To help you, imagine that you are a skater.

To succeed in this exercise, take it slowly. Take your time. It's a bit like split cardio, the exercise that really makes you progress quickly.

Crunchs: for abs that will make you pale!

This is the perfect specific exercise for your abs . It is very well known and exists in many variations. Choose the one that suits you best, but will be useful to both cycling enthusiasts and running specialists.

Doing cardio at home is actually quite simple when you know the exercises to do. It really is a sporting activity in its own right. All that remains is to motivate yourself and include a program made up of these exercises (or their variations) in your endurance or bodybuilding training, two or three times a week to progress more quickly, while taking care of his health. The best way to practice them? HIIT! But you can also opt for LISS. We tell you about these two cardio practices in this article: “how to do cardio at home” .

For these cardio exercises, without running, but nevertheless requiring a large expenditure of energy, we recommend in particular:

- Stimium® PreWorkOut Max to improve resistance to exercise and prepare organisms for muscle strengthening loads,

- Stimium® [C] Whey , Stimium® Iso Hwy or Stimium® VegPro to maintain a good protein intake sustainably during the training phase.

- Stimium® Joint Flex as a treatment to avoid joint problems, during these cardio sessions which put a lot of strain on the joints.

- Stimium GABA , which will notably allow an increase in cardiac output

- Stimium GINGKO , which in addition to improving circulatory functions, stimulates sports performance, via an increase in blood flow allowing an increase in nitric oxide (NO) concentrations,

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to seek advice from a sports professional to help you.

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To do cardio, you don't need a gym membership, a home trainer or going for a run. Focus on 8 exercises to try urgently! Do cardio without running and without special equipment (rope, elliptical bike)...

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