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Getting back into sport at the start of the school year

You took advantage of the summer, you basked in the sun, you hiked with your family and you can no longer count the aperitifs and barbecues you participated in. You have disconnected so much that you have even completely forgotten your favorite sporting activity. Your only watchword was relaxation. Yes, but now, summer is over, it's back to school and it's time to get back to sport. How to do ? Follow our advice.

Returning to sport at the start of the school year: priority given to pleasure

With its share of constraints and time flying by, the start of the school year can quickly become stressful. Exercising is an excellent idea to reduce this influx of negative energy and stay in shape, as long as you find a pleasant activity.

Resumption of sport should not become an additional constraint. Our first advice is therefore to find or discover a physical activity that gives you pleasure. Running, swimming, fitness, gym, dancing: make your own list and get started!

Master your recovery

Before you start, also take stock of your level and physical condition. It's even in your best interest to see a doctor if it's been a long time since you stopped practicing a sport.

Only he is able to evaluate your current abilities taking into account your liabilities and your injuries. Do not hesitate to tell him about your project. He will tell you what he thinks and draw your attention to the conditions you will need to ensure to stay in good health.

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Take your schedule into account

To get back into sport at the start of the school year, it is essential to know how to organize yourself. For what ? Be realistic: you have a billion things to do. You have to prepare the children, take care of homework, manage the house, shine with your boss at work and find time to get active. In other words, you must take your agenda into account before scheduling your sessions.

Doing this is the only way to go the distance. We can imagine that returning to sport is of particular importance to you and that you intend to continue your activity for at least the ten months of the school year.

Avoid overestimating yourself. For a recovery, it is better to take it slowly and favor two outings of around thirty minutes per week and avoid sessions that are too long which risk damaging your body. Please note that many clubs now offer short, intense sessions that fit more easily into the booked schedules of those who work.

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Above all, it’s about listening to your needs and your imponderables. Stay modest!

Surround yourself well

Exercising at the start of the school year can be difficult if you are alone. Unless you are a big loner, it is advisable to practice your favorite activity in a group. Why ? You are more likely to succeed in motivating yourself to go running in the middle of winter if there are several of you. Solo, you will certainly give up very quickly.

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So try to surround yourself well. Room, club, association: many solutions exist for doing sport in a group. To choose the one that suits you best, establish your budget and ask yourself which structure you like.

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There is something for all budgets, but running with a group of friends is certainly the cheapest. So, contact your friends and decide on a date for the next outing!

Set realistic goals

Have you decided to return to sport at the start of the school year? Yes but why ? Ask yourself about the goals you are pursuing. Do you want to tone up, slim down, regain your energy, eliminate stress? Do not chase several hares at the same time. Start by targeting the goals you want to achieve first.

Be realistic. Don't rush and start slowly. You will certainly encounter small difficulties at the beginning. The aches and pains that arise can be unpleasant and spoil the pleasure of returning to sport. Take it easy!

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Integrating sports into your back-to-school schedule is an excellent idea. You gradually get back into shape and you better manage the stress of this tense period. However, don't forget that sport is part of a broader balance which includes nutrition and recovery. Combine all these factors, move a little every day and don't make excuses. Start slowly and accelerate according to your progress: the year will quickly pass!

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