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Bodybuilding and cycling - an alliance guaranteeing performance

Bodybuilding and cycling: an alliance guaranteeing performance!

Too many cyclists still think that weight training is useless. They only find disadvantages and tend to forget that a muscular body makes all the difference, even on a bike! Technique and bodybuilding must become allies if you want to perform. What can strength training do for cyclists? Follow us, we reveal behind the scenes of an alliance that guarantees performance.

The benefits of strength training for the cyclist

As in any sporting discipline, muscular strength is important in cycling. For what ? Read on!

Cycling is also a story of strength!

In physical practice , we distinguish different types of forces:

  • Maximum strength refers to the maximum weight a person is capable of moving or lifting.

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Increase in work performed, simple and repetitive exercises and muscular adaptation during exercise / reduces the effect of physical and mental fatigue

  • Relative strength is the relationship between maximum force and the person's weight.
  • Explosive strength describes the ability of a muscle to contract in a relatively short period of time.
  • Endurance strength or muscular endurance defines the ability of a muscle to continue an effort for a prolonged period.

These forces have more or less impact in cycling. One thing is certain: to be good, you have to be powerful! The stronger you are, the faster you pedal, the less difficulty you have in maintaining good posture, the more endurance you have. These abilities are essential when you really want to indulge in cycling and attempt to climb mountain passes , run sprints or do accelerations .

How to acquire or improve them? Mix cycling and bodybuilding, discover cycling bodybuilding ! Gaining weight is out of the question, you tell us? Rest assured ! This is not a problem !

Building muscle without gaining weight: it’s possible!

It's better to be light when cycling. This is the very reason why many runners avoid weight training: they don't want to gain weight! This is a false problem. It is possible to build muscle without gaining weight . How ? Work on muscle strength , not mass!

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Select the muscle chains you want to improve. For a cyclist, the quadriceps , glutes , hamstrings are essential, but we must not forget the supporting muscles such as the abdominals or the lower back. To strengthen them easily, opt for sheathing!

Also take advantage of your weight training sessions to rebalance your strength: work your hamstrings to compensate for the quadriceps, which are often more developed, and gain a more precise pedaling action . Guaranteed performance during your high gears!

How to prepare physically when you are a cyclist?

Bodybuilding and cycling can go well together, as we have seen. There remain two problems to resolve:

  • What exercises to implement?
  • When to do them?

Which exercises to favor?

We advise you to favor exercises that work the muscles completely. All of these exercises can be interesting for developing strength or gaining explosiveness. It all depends on how you practice them. With load you emphasize maximum strength, with plyometrics you improve your explosive strength.

The best exercises to use in this context:

  • Sheathing , especially the board, allows you to gain support and protect your back.

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  • The forward lunge is well suited to cyclists. With it, you engage your thighs in depth while working your abdominals. An all-in-one exercise!
  • Pumps ensure perfect upper body balance, which is often neglected when cycling.

Regular practice of this type of exercise inevitably has an impact on your activity. Everything becomes easier. Certainly, but when is it possible to integrate this cycling bodybuilding into your practice?

When to prepare?

Stop thinking that strength work should be limited to the winter break . You have everything to gain from practicing it regularly. We are talking, moreover, in this case, of General Physical Preparation (PPG). If you're planning to compete, it's best to start with maximal strength work and end with explosive strength work. Think about it during your PPS (Specific Physical Preparation) phases. Working on strength regularly is essential, because it decreases quickly when it is not maintained! So, don't ignore the weight room if you really want to progress!

Adopting strength training can be a good way to improve your cycling performance. However, we must be careful not to forget another part of success: food!


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