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Being a mom and sporty - it's possible

Reconciling sport and children is not easy. How do you find time between work, daycare and school to devote to your favorite activity? It's all about organization. One thing is certain: being a mother and a sportswoman is possible. I prove it to you!

Yes, I remained sporty after becoming a mother

Before my children were born, I practiced physical activities regularly. My preference was running, but I also spent time in the pool and in the gym. It was easy. I was unable to continue during my pregnancies because I was unfortunately bedridden, but it was obvious to me that once the birth was over, I was going to get back into it.

With my partner, we quickly discussed an organization and a schedule that would allow me to get back into sport. So I rely on him a lot and he regularly picks up the children from the nanny or school so that I can do my running sessions or take out my treadmill for a home program.

We agreed on a schedule that pleases both of us. This is essential because he is also very athletic. We even decided to share running moments. How do we do ? Whenever we feel like it, we hire a babysitter and put on our sneakers for a run of an hour or two.

Plan according to your needs and desires

When you have a very active life and a particularly demanding job, reconciling sport and children sometimes becomes a real challenge. Indeed, I sometimes find it difficult to deal with the whole pile of files that awaits me on my desk during the day and I make a point of spending time with my children. So add physical practice in there... At first, it seemed complicated to me. Not anymore. I organized myself and listened to my needs and desires.

I'm lucky to have a long lunch break. It's her that I prefer to practice a little sport in the gym. It must be said that the room I prefer is not very far from where I work. In two hours it allows me to do a little weight training, take a shower, and even eat. Afterwards, I attack my afternoon at the office in great shape.

In the evening, I either practice at home or go running when my husband comes home. The sessions I schedule during the week are quite short and range from 30 to 45 minutes. I don't do more because I need to be there early enough to prepare the meal and help with bathing or the little ones' homework.

On weekends, we play sports as a family. As long as the children are young, it is sometimes complicated. You can go running by putting them in the stroller or have a session at the pool by enrolling them in a baby swimming class. The only obligation is that, while one of the two parents swims, the other takes care of the children. When they are older, we will be able to broaden the range of our activities: cycling, trail running, etc.

Change the way you exercise while maintaining your priorities

My priority is to stay fit so that I can make the most of my family life. If one of my children is sick and I have to keep him at home even though I had planned a session, it doesn't matter. I do it at another time or this session simply disappears from my schedule. If I haven't slept all night, I feel tired or I simply want to stay with my family, I listen to myself and I postpone my session. I think it is very important to find a balance between the different facets of my life.

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My sessions have also evolved. They are shorter because I generally lack time, but more intense. I want to be able to maintain performance goals. This is especially true for the times when I take out my mat at home!

My tips for being a mom and a sportswoman

To stay in shape with less time and more fatigue, I had to be cunning and adapt. Here I give you some tips that still allow me to reconcile sport and children today.

  1. I do everything on foot and I avoid elevators and escalators. I'm even lucky enough to be able to go to work by bike when the weather is nice. Thanks to that, I'm always on the move.
  2. I impose two outings per week on myself. To be sure I can do them, I plan one on Sunday and the other once I have a good overview of everything that awaits me at work, but also at home...
  3. I run because it's a simple activity to do (virtually no preparation) and it really oxygenates me.
  4. I practice fitness at home with apps. It's great and easy!

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  1. I don't hesitate to open up to new sporting horizons with my husband and my friends. I can't wait to discover new activities during the holidays.

It's not because you're a mother and active that you have to give up sport. On the contrary, reconciling work, sport and children is essential if you want to stay in shape. With a solid organization, a little listening and a lot of flexibility, it is entirely possible to be a mother and an athlete.